Sorry, Biden: There’s No Breaks Every 30 Minutes When You’re President

Biden's "30 minute break" request reveals he would be a puppet president with others calling the shots

Image Credits: SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images.

The Biden campaign’s odd request for a break every 30 minutes during Tuesday’s debate that’s not longer than two hours indicates how a Biden presidency would work, with handlers “filling in” for the president who’s not always present in the moment.

Presidents generally don’t get a break every 30 minutes while in office, unless they’re a figurehead president – and remember how Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris accidentally referred to a Biden presidency as the “Harris administration.”

If the hypothetical President Biden needs a break every 30 minutes – or a lot of breaks in general – then someone else will be calling the shots.

In other words, demanding a break every 30 minutes during a debate is what you’d expect out of someone who’s going to be a puppet president at best.

“Biden has made innumerable verbal slip-ups and gaffes during 3 minute television interviews, so how he will perform over a 90 minute debate is open to question,” reported Paul Joseph Watson.

It’s presumed that Biden’s team wanted a break every 30 minutes so they can make Biden last longer in front of the camera with as few “gaffes” as possible.

Biden has also already received the debate questions in advance, according to radio host Todd Starnes which, if true, would be a huge advantage to the his team as Biden is well-known for making rambling, incoherent responses:

Biden’s team has also reportedly refused a once-agreed-upon request from the Trump campaign for inspections of electronic ear pieces used during the debates, which is another advantage for Biden if his campaign decides to feed him debate responses through an ear piece.

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