South Africa Heading Toward Communist Disaster, Says Winemaker

Economy already crumbling as government begins land seizures

Image Credits: Hoberman / UIG via Getty Images.

An award-winning South African winemaker foresees a potential catastrophe as government steers the country from socialism to a communistic failed state.

Josef Dreyer of Raka Wines addressed the developing land expropriation process and the danger South Africa faces if it further cripples private industry and entrepreneurs who are barely propping up a populace heavily dependent on tax dollars being contributed by a precious few.

“We are one of the countries with a wide gap between the rich and the poor, where 13 percent of the South African population of 56 million people are the ones paying income taxes,” Dreyer said in his interview with RT. “Yes, 13 percent make the country run. 18 million of the 56 million is reliant on social grants, and unemployment is at 37.5 percent, so yes it is much easier to hand out land as the money is drying up.”

“Why would I work hard and create jobs if it is to be shared among all? It is the government’s job to create a corruption-free environment that is favorable for investment.”

When asked if he believes land expropriation targeting white ownership will affect wineries, Dreyer says he still holds faith in current laws protecting his industry, but that the tide could quickly change.

“There is no historic ‘land ownership’ that was taken away in the winelands area. But if the constitution is amended, it might as well happen,” the South African native asserted. “It can go both ways. For now we believe in the law as is, and continue investing.”

“We might end up where the government owns all land and we must rent it from them,” Dreyer continued. “Remember: the possible beneficiaries are unschooled, uneducated, how must they run a business.”

Reports surfaced last week that nearly 200 white-owned farms had already been selected for seizure by the ruling African National Congress, and subsequent reports have emerged that such seizures have already commenced.

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