South Florida Hispanics Reject ‘Communist’ Kamala Harris, Threaten to Boycott Restaurant She Visited

Trump surging with Latino voters in critical swing state

Image Credits: CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images.

Hispanic residents in South Florida mounted a staunch rejection of Democrat vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris during and after her visit to Miami, even threatening to boycott a restaurant she stormed through for a photo op, according to reports.

Harris and her husband landed in Miami last Thursday and immediately paid an unannounced visit to Amaize Latin Flavors in Doral, an area known for the largest concentration of Venezuelans in Florida.

Despite mainstream media initially whitewashing the campaign stop as a rousing success, backlash against Harris and her representation of the Democrat ticket was fierce, culminating in a massive pro-Trump rally in the streets of Miami.

“They told her in very clear terms that she was not welcome in Doral,” a Miami resident told Infowars. “Many of them, especially Venezuelans and Cubans, said they love Trump and that she needed to leave.”

Harris and her team were reportedly protested during their visit to Amaize and the restaurant was bombarded by angry locals and customers who threatened to boycott the establishment.

Andres Garcia, president of the board of directors of Amaize Latin Flavors, says Harris showed up at the eating establishment without warning, adding that he would never allow the business to be used for political reasons and expressing his displeasure at her visit.

“We don’t use the company for political reasons,” Garcia told NBC 6. “In respect to our stakeholders, we would not support that. If they would have asked, we would say, ‘No, we are not going to do it.'”

An increasing number of Hispanics in South Florida are negatively associating the Democrat party and its current trajectory with familiar scenes from their homelands – particulary in Cuba and Venezuela.

“Venezuelans hate communists and socialists,” another Miami native told Infowars.

Latest polling indicates President Trump has taken a lead over Biden among Hispanic voters in Miami-Dade County.

Biden’s de facto army is burning down the West coast under the guise of climate change and critical race theory indoctrination while President Trump doubles down on his efforts towards world peace.

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