‘Space Helmet’ Adds To Range Of Panic Pods Available For Coronavirus Slaves

Image Credits: Screenshot.

A company based out of Utah has developed a ‘space helmet’ type pod for people too afraid to travel with only a mask for protection, adding to the range of panic pod equipment on offer.

Hall Labs has produced the Microclimate Air helmet, which can be pre-ordered now for just $199 and will begin shipping in weeks.

Here are more picture of slaves people enjoying the pod life, from the Microclimate website:

“We know this new world is not ideal,” the websites notes, in perhaps the understatement of the century, adding  “but when it comes to your safety, we believe nothing is too extreme. And when it comes to air travel, comfort is king.”

Leftists in downtown Austin are confronted with the fact that their compliance with the Covid-19 U.N. World Government power grab has directly starved over 2 million people to death.

Ironically, although it’s called ‘air’, you won’t be able to breathe any fresh air when wearing the device, because that would be DEADLY.

The pod has an internal ventilation system, so you’ll only get preciously cleansed filtered air.

There is no indication of how you actually hear anything going on around you, for example a mack truck hurtling toward you as you cross a busy road, but that is a minor detail, especially given that it “Works well with AirPods” and is chargeable via USB-C.

The company showcases the product by throwing a load of coloured powder at the faces of people who are only wearing puny masks, highlighting how you’ll get covered in deadly scrubber goo unless you don the full head pod:

You can only be fully safe if you encase your face in the plastic helmet. Then you can rest easily. This is your future. Your safe future in the pod.

An article in Fast Company details further plans for the product, including “adding a straw port so you can drink from your personal bubble.”

Lovely stuff.

Numerous different companies have responded to the COVID pandemic by offering pods, upper body visors, or even dog cone-style contraptions.

A company called ViraShield has developed what it calls a “portable pod solution” that caters for people who have “fear of going out” in the age of coronavirus.

NY Post/ViraShield

“In a matter of seconds, the ViraShield unfolds to give users a protective, six-sided barrier between them and their seatmates,” states a promo for the contraption on the New York Post shopping website.

Back in August, the Governor of Maine ordered restaurant staff to wear anti-COVID visors upside down in order to direct breath upwards, despite concerns this would trap infectious particles in air conditioning units.

Toronto-based Protective Personal Equipment firm VYZR Technologies also revealed it had received 50,000 pre-orders for a portable head pod that looks something like an astronaut would wear.

Sophisticated post-pandemic pods have also been designed for use in offices, in addition to dining pods for restaurants.

A video out of Argentina also showed a couple happily wearing entire upper body visors while walking down the streets to protect against coronavirus.

As we previously highlighted, an illustration of life in 2022 by an Italian magazine first published in 1962 depicted pedestrians using motorized pods instead of walking.

As we discuss in the video below, pods are yet another expression of how people are becoming increasingly atomized as society moves towards a “new normal” that resembles a futuristic dystopian movie.