SpaceX Delays Tourist Trips to the Moon

Time to make new vacation plans

Image Credits: Joshua Lott/Getty Images.

Looking for Elon Musk to fly you to the moon? Be prepared to wait a while. Rocket company SpaceX has announced that it would be delaying plans for a flight to take tourists into space and circle around the moon.

The flight was scheduled to go up in late 2018, but plans have changed, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Reasons behind the delay were unclear.

SpaceX originally announced its plans for the novelty tourism flight in early 2017. The private citizens involved in the flight had put down a hefty deposit to launch from the Earth in a Falcon Heavy rocket and then ride in a Dragon Crew spacecraft around the moon.

This isn’t an outright cancellation, however, especially with other private citizens interested in booking similar flights in the future.

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