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Image for Monkeypox – How Bad Is It?

Monkeypox – How Bad Is It?

New viral threat or overhyped?

6 hours ago By Paul Joseph Watson | INFOWARS.COM

Big Sis is Big Sad

Queen of disinfo gets dethroned.

1 day ago By Paul Joseph Watson | INFOWARS.COM

Viral City Council Comedian Visits Infowars

Meet the comedian taking the nation by storm by invading city council meetings

1 day ago By The Alex Jones Show

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May 19, 2022

Doctor on Good Morning America Admits Covid Jab Can Cause VAIDS

ABC News Senior Medical Contributor Dr. Jennifer Ashton subtly admitted vaccine-induced AIDS exists during a recent edition of “Good Morning America.”

May 19, 2022

The Secret Game Plan For The Collapse Of America Discovered

Learn the hidden agenda designed to destroy freedom

May 18, 2022

May 18, 2022

Disinfo Diva or Dangerous Double Agent: Who is Nina Jankowicz?

This is the type of person Biden wants in power

May 18, 2022

VIDEO: Is There A Satanic Portal Hanging Over The White House?

If so, it could explain the nation's decaying morality

May 18, 2022

May 17, 2022

Crazed Leftist Says She’ll Eat Her Aborted Babies – Video

'I kill babies and I'm proud,' a woman wildly screams

May 17, 2022

BREAKING: Democrats Introduce Bill To Put Americans In Quarantine Camps

Share this bombshell interview that's loaded with intel globalists DO NOT want the masses to know!

May 17, 2022

May 17, 2022

They Just Won’t Stop

Cognitive development disorders in children caused by lockdowns and masks explode.

May 16, 2022

Meet Your New Race-Obsessed Press Secretary

The left is infatuated with identity politics

May 16, 2022

Abortion Activists Go Wild In Austin, Texas When American Flag Rides By

Infowars takes the battle tank to the streets to redpill liberals about Biden policies, with predictable results.

May 16, 2022

Learn the Truth About the Coming Food Riots as The Great Reset Hits Communities Worldwide

Don't let globalists watch the world burn from their distant redoubts! Share this link to help stop the coming calamities!

May 16, 2022

The Bio-Digital-Nano Revolution | Episode 16

Learn about the nanotech industry and the scientific dictatorship of the future

May 16, 2022

May 15, 2022

Deceptive Media Hides Or Twists the Truth As FBI, Disinformation Board Target Real Journalism

The corporate media's role is to provide cover for the abusive Biden administration's efforts to chill free speech.

May 14, 2022

THE PLAN: WHO Plans For 10 Years of Pandemics, From 2020 to 2030

WHO virologist whistleblower reveals how COVID-19 was just a warm-up for more more deadly pandemics and oppressive lockdown policies to come.

May 14, 2022

Biden Admin Caught Lying to Hide Engineered Collapse

Press sec stumbles over herself trying to explain away the baby formula shortage she says doesn't exist but is at the same time the fault of greedy hoarder mothers.

May 13, 2022

Russian Military Report Proves Big Pharma Running Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine

Major pharmaceutical companies implicated in massive scheme that sets the stage for WW3!

May 12, 2022

BOMBSHELL Compilation: When The 1st World Collapses, The 3rd World Dies

Bombshell compilation reveals today's food & energy crises were designed by globalists YEARS in advance!

May 12, 2022

May 12, 2022

Finland To Join NATO, Pushing World Closer To Nuclear Conflict

The globalists are pushing for a worldwide conflict to further the "Great Reset"

May 11, 2022

Covid Hysteria Collapsing As Humanity Wakes Up To Medical Tyranny

The Covid scam could be backfiring on the elite

May 11, 2022

How Russia Could Defeat NATO And Launch The Great Reset With Only One Nuke

The United States declared victory over the Japanese with two nuclear attacks, here is how Russia could defeat America with one.

May 09, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: MTG Responds to Failed Challenge of Her Eligibility for Office Simply for Questioning ‘Stolen Election’

Congresswoman delivers comments on her latest victory against Democrats as well as exclusive intel on Americans' fight against election fraud.

May 08, 2022

COVID Whistleblower Nurse Goes Head-On With N.W.O.

Undercover nurse Erin Marie Olszewski reveals how she recorded hospitals in Cuomo's NYC murdering COVID patients.

May 07, 2022

Abortion Activists Go Berserk When Confronted With Images Of Babies They Want To Kill

Protesters in Austin, Texas talk a big game until they face the reality of the consequences that abortion brings.

May 07, 2022

Supreme Court Sideshow Exposes Narrative Breakdown

Media's full-throated defense of unprecedented illegal leak highlights its political bias in favor of Democrat causes.

May 07, 2022

Peace Love & Justice If You Want It

Prepare yourself for the final test of courage -- resist the depopulation agenda of the New World Order.

May 06, 2022

Bill Gates Launches Corporate Medical Tyranny Takeover with New ‘GERM’ Team

Billionaire globalist reveals his Hell-on-Earth plan for humanity.

May 05, 2022

The Last Exorcism (ft. The Demoncrats) – Watch

The evil nature of many Americans is being exposed

May 04, 2022

Biden Says War In Ukraine Is “Good For American Jobs”

POTUS brags of profiting from death and destruction

May 03, 2022

Learn Why the SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Ruling Leaked

America's ENTIRE legal system has been weaponized! Learn what you can do to help stop this perfect storm of censorship and tyranny today!

May 03, 2022

Baby Killers Big Mad

Shitlibs in the mud.

May 03, 2022

The Return Of Alex Jones???

Elon Musk buys Twitter to bring free speech back to the platform and the left melts down while we all await the return of Alex Jones...