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Image for Owen Shroyer Arrested for Silent Protest As Globalists Test Internet Kill Switch

Owen Shroyer Arrested for Silent Protest As Globalists Test Internet Kill Switch

War Room host arrested during silent protest

1 hour ago By Infowars.com

Image for Watch Live: Dems Attempt to Ban Owen Shroyer From Nation’s Capitol For Reporting on Hoax Impeachment Scandal

Watch Live: Dems Attempt to Ban Owen Shroyer From Nation’s Capitol For Reporting on Hoax Impeachment Scandal

Liberal politicians try to get back at reporter for exposing their witch-hunt

1 day ago By Infowars.com

Watch On-The-Ground Coverage of the Impeachment Trial From Washington D.C.

Defeat Big Tech's censorship by sharing this link!

1 day ago By Savanah Hernandez | Infowars.com

Day 1 Impeachment Coverage From Washington D.C.

Democrats try to hijack Senate to push through their coup against President Trump

2 days ago By Savanah Hernandez | Infowars.com

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Jan 21, 2020

Watch Live: Armored Truck Confronts Corrupt Democrats on Impeachment Scam

Infowars is on the ground to expose the Deep State's hoax impeachment trial.

Jan 21, 2020

Richmond Rallies Against Ralph Northam

Patriots explain why they gathered in support of the Second Amendment

Jan 20, 2020

Kaitlin Bennett Owns Pink Hat Ladies

Liberal protesters get schooled on the Second Amendment

Jan 20, 2020

Is America Turning Into a Socialist Hellhole?

A woman attending the Virginia pro-gun march wants to stop America from becoming Cuba

Jan 20, 2020

Watch Live: Tens Of Thousands Descend Upon Virginia to Peacefully Support the Second Amendment

Violence nowhere to be found to disappointment of mainstream media

Jan 19, 2020

Extreme Feminist Calls For Castration Of Men

'I say we castrate them all!' she proclaims

Jan 16, 2020

Watch Live: Radical Communist Bernie Sanders Campaign Worker Arrested For Drug Paraphernalia Charge

Violent Sanders team member arrested weeks before he was exposed by Project Veritas

Jan 15, 2020

Watch Live: Democrat Party in Shambles after Flopped Debate and Project Veritas Video

As the Texas government issues warning that the "incel rebellion" is an emerging domestic terrorist threat

Jan 15, 2020

Special Report – The Era of Treason Exposed

Learn how the bureaucracy operates and how it can be dismantled

Jan 14, 2020

Watch Live! Democrat Debate a Ghost Town as Thousands Gather Outside Trump Rally

Trump supporters have been lined up for hours outside his Tuesday night rally in Milwaukee, Wisc.

Jan 14, 2020

Kaitlin Bennett Goes Undercover

'I haven't bathed in 5 days,' says triggered college liberal

Jan 14, 2020

Austinites Exposed To The Reality Of Vaccine Dangers

Citizens react to UN scientist admitting truth in leaked video

Jan 13, 2020

English Translation of Iranian Opposition Group Issuing Ultimatum to Tehran

Clearly RESTART is following Trump's lead by saying no one should be harmed, and Infowars hopes for a peaceful resolution and does not want the US involved in Iranian regime change

Jan 13, 2020

Volcanoes Erupting Worldwide! Massive Earthquakes! Geopolitical Realignments! Watch Live!

Impeachment is going to the Senate and California school children are being taught to drink blood. This is some ‘end of the world’ hysterics! Tune in!

Jan 12, 2020

Biggest Medical Scandal In History Breaking! UN Comes Clean, Admits Vaccine Death / Damage Coverup

This bombshell report reveals WHO scientist laying out massive vaccine dangers -- share this critical link across all platforms!

Jan 12, 2020

DEATH TO THE REGIME! Iranians Demand Justice After Ukrainian Flight PS-752 Shot Down

President Trump warns Ayatollah not to harm or kill protesters in front of the world

Jan 11, 2020

Iran Fails To Cover Up Plane Massacre

Iranian Revolutionary Guard admits to shooting down Ukrainian airliner

Jan 11, 2020

Top U.N. Scientist Admits Vaccines Killing People During ‘Vaccine Safety Summit’

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan publicly defended vaccine safety just days earlier

Jan 10, 2020

Tune In: Dems Have Impeachment Fears as Another Trump Rally Reaches Ten Thousand

Trump 2020 momentum gains steam, as Democrats can barely fill a high school cafeteria

Jan 09, 2020

Watch Live: Senate Says Impeachment Trial May Start Next Week

Plus plane shootdown in Tehran, major economic news, Epstein revelations and more!

Jan 08, 2020

Democrats Admit To National Gun Confiscation Plan

Leftists plan to make law-abiding Americans victims

Jan 08, 2020

Trump Calls For De-escalation With Iran in National Address – Watch Live

Alex Jones will be breaking down all the various facets of this geopolitical crisis and will be taking your calls

Jan 06, 2020

Trump 4D Genius: U.S. Military Says It Will Withdraw from Iraq

Neocon dreams for World War 3 have been dashed

Jan 06, 2020

Why Trump Killed Soleimani

Learn what was behind the historic decision

Jan 06, 2020

AOC’s Impending Eviction From Congress

Could the young Democrat be out of office soon?

Jan 05, 2020

Exclusive! Trump Struck Iran To Stop Globalist WWIII Plot

Qassam Soleimani was killed to thwart larger regional war

Jan 05, 2020

Professor Epstein Says He Is Not Suicidal After False Reports Of His Death

'I am STILL NOT suicidal! Hear that, Google? Hear that, Hillary?' Epstein tweeted

Jan 04, 2020

Watch: Hezbollah Sleeper Cells In The USA

Will Iran activate them as part of an asymmetrical response to death of Soleimani?

Jan 04, 2020

CIA Expert Breaks Down Iranian American Conflict After Soleimani Strike

President Trump re-orienting U.S. foreign policy in Middle East to dismay of establishment

Jan 03, 2020

Experts Warn Iran Crisis Could Trigger WWIII as the US & Israel Brace For Sleeper Cell Attacks

Will this escalate into World War 3? Tune in and find out all the details! Share this link!

Jan 02, 2020

UN Plan to Confiscate Guns Inside the United States Goes Viral – Watch Live!

The second live show of Alex Jones in 2020 is going to be jampacked with too many subjects to name. Tune in!

Jan 01, 2020

Watch Live: Alex Jones Enters 2020 With Bombshell Broadcast

The worldwide revolution against the globalists is spreading!

Dec 31, 2019

Alex Jones Issues Emergency Message to President Trump in Final 2019 Broadcast

As the world awakens to the Chinese takeover, Jones reveals critical new information!