Sports World Reacts Pathetically To NFL Coach’s 11-Year-Old “Racist” & “Homophobic” Emails

Analysts and players cry on television after "offensive" emails leaked

Image Credits: Christian Petersen / Staff / Getty.

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden stepped down from his position on Monday as a response to recently released emails from over ten years ago where he made controversial comments.

The reaction from the sports community has been laughable as anchors and former NFL stars cried on live television over mild remarks made in private over a decade ago.

In the following video, officer Brandon Tatum mocked NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss for shedding tears over Gruden’s emails while on ESPN.

The Blaze‘s Jason Whitlock ridiculed the Randy Moss sobfest as well.

The emails were dug up during an investigation into Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder’s alleged sexual misconduct with multiple former cheerleaders.

At the time the emails were sent, Gruden was working for ESPN and he was messaging then-Redskins president Bruce Allen.

While Gruden’s emails were leaked, leading to his coaching demise, the remaining 650,000 emails related to the Snyder investigation have not been released despite calls to do so by the player’s association.

Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe pointed out how strange it is that Gruden is the only one to get in trouble when the investigation was meant to find wrongdoings by Washington Football Team employees and ownership.

In one of the “insensitive” emails triggering sportscasters and media talking heads, Gruden said Executive Director of the NFLPA (National Football League Player’s Association), DeMaurice Smith, a black man, had “lips the size of Michelin tires.”

NFL legend Tim Brown, also an African American man, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal the coach uses “rubber lips” to refer to liars.

“I’ve heard Jon use the term rubber lips before, meaning that this guy’s double-talking, or he’s doing whatever,” Brown said. “That’s just a term that he uses.”

Gruden also condemned NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for supposedly pressuring a coach to draft a “queer” player and said Goodell is a “faggot” and an “anti-football pussy.”

The former Raiders coach similarly called then-Vice President Joe Biden a “nervous clueless pussy” and criticized Obama.

In response to the drama, Gruden’s former team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers removed his name from their Ring of Honor at Raymond James Stadium.

The coach led the Buccaneers to their first Super Bowl title in 2002.

Popular shoe company Skechers also dropped Gruden as a sponsor, according to USA Today Sports.

The always-triggered sports commentator Stephen A. Smith joined CNN‘s Don Lemon Tuesday to help rile up the angry mob over the coach’s comments.

“He’s offended just about everybody,” Lemon said as Smith nodded in agreement.

Smith added, “He deserves to be shamed, and that’s exactly what happened to him… he had to go.”

A Twitter user noticed Smith had not originally been upset with Gruden’s comments about “Michelin” lips, but drew the line a day later when he learned the coach used the word “faggot.”

Donald Trump Jr. shared a couple of hilarious memes on social media exposing the league’s hypocrisy when it comes to employee punishments and the media’s hypocrisy in covering the coach’s leaked emails but not the obviously more important leaked emails of Hunter Biden.

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