Sportscasters Link Soccer Stars’ Heart Issues to Covid Boosters

Soccer show panelists question whether Covid booster could be causing rise in soccer player heart issues.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Sports broadcasters on Australian television had a candid conversation questioning whether the Covid vaccine could be causing soccer players to develop heart issues that ultimately take them off the pitch.

During Channel Nine’s “Sunday Footy Show,” panelists discussed how Port Adelaide player Ollie Wines, 27, was removed from a match against Melbourne last Thursday, with the team blaming unexplained “heart irregularities.”

“Is there a lot of this going on in world sport at the moment, Damo? A lot of athletes have got these issues?” panelist Nathan Brown asked show host Damian Barrett.

“Are you referring to the booster shots and the contracting of Covid?” Barrett inquired.

Brown confirmed, “I was referring to the booster shots, that’s obviously the word going around.”

“Look, it’s being discussed,” Barrett told him.

“I haven’t been able to get an official line on that from anyone attached to Ollie Wines at this stage, but yeah, the question is being asked and put to me and others, including yourself, by a lot of people, about the possibility of that,” he added.

At this point another panelist joined in highlighting the recent Bell’s palsy diagnosis of co-panelist and former soccer star Matthew Lloyd, who agreed there’s a rise in adverse effects linked to booster jabs.

“It’s not just the heart issues, without delving into your private affairs but you’ve got Bell’s palsy at the moment which hopefully you’re on the back end of, but there’s a bit of that getting around as well,” co-panelist Nathan Brown asked Lloyd.

Lloyd concurred, “Heart issues and Bell’s palsy have gone through the roof since the boosters and Covid issues, so no doubt.”

The former Essendon player proceeded to give an anecdote from a colleague who claimed he visited a hospital ward filled with people suffering similar issues.

“We had Michelangelo Rucci on on Friday night and he said that there’s a ward filled with people with similar symptoms to Ollie Wines – nausea, heart issues – so there has to be something more to it,” Lloyd said.

Admitting the panel are not experts, Brown concluded by urging health officials to investigate the high number of heart issues and Bell’s palsy cases and their suspected link to Covid vaccines and booster jabs.

“We’re not anti-vaxxers, we’ve all done our due diligence and boosters and all of that but there is going to have to be some study done on this, not just in a sporting sphere, but a community sphere,” he said. 

The show segment has apparently stirred controversy.

On Monday, Wines – who was removed 27 minutes into last Thursday’s game for experiencing nausea and dizziness – emerged claiming he was “100 percent back to normal” and that his heart condition had “resolved itself.”

Wines told reporters that doctors where he was treated told him his issue was not related to the vaccine.

“Nothing to that, completely unrelated,” Wines said, according to

“It was more a heart rhythm issue in elderly people and elite athletes,” he said, adding, “Once it was explained to me it was really reassuring and there aren’t too many long-term effects.”

“The prognosis is really positive. I’ve got a few more tests to come and to see the cardiologist again but at this stage it’s not a big issue.”

Despite being back to “100 percent,” Wines will sit out his team’s upcoming match Saturday against Carlton Football Club.

Infowars has exhaustively reported on the topic of young, healthy athletes at the top of their game suffering debilitating and sometimes deadly side effects many suspect are linked to the experimental Covid mRNA vaccines.

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