Stand With Trump: Join Infowars For An All-Day Broadcast on Sept. 26

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Join Infowars for an all-day broadcast on Wednesday, Sept. 26 starting at 8am CST and concluding the following midnight:

The establishment elites are moving to kill not only the First Amendment, but also the symbolism of the United States as an sovereign nation which cherishes liberty and justice for all.

If you get too complacent now, it’s all over for liberty in the long-term. We need YOU now more than ever.

Below is the current schedule with the host of each hour. Check back here or at for any updates or revisions:

8am to 11am: Real News with David Knight

11am to 3pm: The Alex Jones Show

3pm to 6pm: The War Room with Owen Shroyer & Roger Stone

6pm to 7pm: Special Reports

7pm to 10pm: Alex Jones
Special Guests: Benjamin Hill, aka ‘Deplorable Hill,’ Matt Bracken and Gerald Celente

10pm to Midnight: Owen Shroyer
Special Guests: Anthony Cumia and Owen Benjamin