State Department Reveals Strategy to Thwart Chicom Takeover

Image Credits: Barcroft Media / Contributor / Getty.

“Grounded in America’s founding principles and constitutional traditions… served by government officials who understand the American people and the American political system, recognize the diversity and common humanity of the peoples and nations of the world… will enable the United States to secure freedom.”

Amidst America’s struggle to fight off a globalist attack and reject a Chinese blackmailed Biden presidency, a new report from the State Department outlines a plan that could push back the advancing Asian world order.

The report begins by stating:

“To understand China’s peculiar form of authoritarianism and the hegemonic goals to which it gives rise, it is necessary to grasp the intellectual sources from which China’s conduct springs: the CCP’s Marxist-Leninist beliefs and the party’s extreme interpretation of Chinese nationalism.”

Ten tasks are outlined that could enable America to over-ride the Communist Chinese plan to establish a tyrannical Asian world order, some of which include:

…the United States must educate American citizens about the scope and implications of the China challenge because only an informed citizenry can be expected to back the complex mix of demanding policies that the United States must adopt to secure freedom

…the United States must secure freedom at home by preserving constitutional government, promoting prosperity, and fostering a robust civil society…

…the United States must reevaluate its alliance system and the panoply of international organizations in which it participates to determine where they fortify the free, open, and rules-based international order and where they fall short.

…the United States must champion the principles of freedom — principles that are at once universal and at the heart of the American national spirit — through example; speeches; educational initiatives; public diplomacy; foreign assistance and investment…

Big Tech is betting on a Chinese win, moving its business to the Communist country and silencing opposition to the takeover. Apple recently lobbied to soften laws against slave labor in China, yet another example of the anti human, freedom crushing force that is sweeping the globe.

Should America survive after 2020 with President Trump serving a second term, America has an opportunity to launch a new renaissance that could lead to a new golden era.

A Biden Presidency will be a Chinese presidency. Chinese state media has praised Biden, saying that his “worldview runs parallel to Beijing’s.”

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