State Officials Pledge to Share Coronavirus Checks With Illegals

Elected leaders join Latino advocacy group to promote ‘#ShareYourCheck Challenge’

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A number of elected officials serving in North Carolina’s capital region have pledged to share their coronavirus stimulus checks with illegal aliens in the state, according to local media.

At least one mayor and a handful of council members from the Raleigh-Durham metro area have vowed to redistribute at least a portion their Economic Impact Payments with foreign nationals who are ineligible to receive the funds.

“Durham and Raleigh elected officials have joined a campaign by Latino advocacy group Siembra NC called the ‘#ShareYourCheck Challenge’ to pledge donating all or part of their federal assistance to economically impacted immigrant families,” the News & Observer reports.

Officials identified as having joined the ‘challenge’ include:

  • – Durham Mayor Steve Schewel
  • – Durham Council Member Mark-Anthony Middleton
  • – Durham Council Member Charlie Reece
  • – Durham Council Member Jillian Johnson
  • – Durham Council Member Javiera Caballero
  • – Durham County Commissioner Wendy Jacobs
  • – Durham County Commissioner Heidi Carter
  • – Raleigh Council Member Saige Martin
  • – Raleigh Council Member Nicole Stewart

Martin says he expects more of his colleagues will soon join the pledge, as well.

“I know that if the others had been given enough time to know the campaign they likely would have joined,” he said. “We’re very aware that there are already folks that are simply falling through the cracks without federal support, state support or county support, which isn’t necessarily on purpose … and [immigrants] are people that we rely on every single day to make our country work.”

Additional officials in the state reportedly plan to promote the ‘challenge’ to fellow lawmakers or donate to similar causes.

There are over 317,000 illegal aliens residing in North Carolina, according the New American Economy.

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