Stella Assange Tells Bolton To His Face He Should Be Brought Up On War Crime Charges

Mrs. Assange slams neocon warmonger on live television

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Legendary whistleblower of U.S. government corruption Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, faces being extradited to America where he’d face serious charges.

During a recent airing of “Piers Morgan Uncensored” on Fox Nation, Assange’s wife Stella had the opportunity to confront notorious conservative American warmonger John Bolton about his views on her husband.

Bolton laughably told Stella Assange that her husband would receive “due process” if extradited to America before cruelly telling her he hopes Julian “gets 176 years in jail for what he did.”

Stella responded, saying the former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. is basically “the ideological nemesis to Julian” as he’s repeatedly undermined the international legal system.

Continuing, Mrs. Assange said that Bolton has ensured the U.S. is not “under the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction,” joking that if America was under the jurisdiction of the ICC, Bolton “might be prosecuted.”

“He was one of the cheerleaders of the Iraq war, which Julian then exposed through these leaks, so he has a conflict of interest here,” she added.

Bolton smirked sheepishly as he was publicly exposed on air.

While sovereign nations should not be subject to international laws or international courts that would usurp their domestic constitutions and legal systems, Stella’s point about Bolton taking part in America’s violations of these agreements is accurate.

Additionally, the WikiLeaks founder’s wife was absolutely correct in noting Bolton’s conflict of interest and incentive to attack Julian.

The establishment pawns of the Military-Industrial Complex are being exposed more every day as humanity begins its great awakening.