Stimulus Memes Explode Following Congress’ Pathetic 2nd COVID Relief Deal

Image Credits: @MattAgorist/Twitter.

After months of stalling by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Republican and Democrat leaders in Congress finally reached a deal over the second round of economic stimulus on Sunday.

The $900 billion COVID relief package will see $600 direct payments to jobless Americans, an underwhelming figure for most Americans suffering through the arbitrary lockdowns.

As such, many dank memes mocking the paltry deal quickly sprung forth on social media.

$600 stimulus check be like

— Omega Rattrap (@ORattrap) December 20, 2020

If it turns out the election was a fraud, and the electors serve to aid the fraud and Vice President Pence does nothing to contest the fraud, then it will to the detriment of Pence when the truth is revealed.