Student Athletes Now Being Screened For COVID Vaccine Adverse Reaction Risks

Heart inflammation becoming so common in vaccinated athletes that private medical practices are now starting to conduct COVID-vaccine physicals.

Image Credits: andresr/Getty Images.

A physician family practice in New Jersey has begun screening COVID-vaccinated student athletes for risk of “sudden cardiac arrest” before competing.

The Morris Sussex Family Practice announced on its website that in response to worldwide reports of adverse events in vaccinated athletes, student athletes who’ve been vaccinated cannot be cleared to compete until they undergo lab work and a heart imaging test.

Sports physicals are done primarily to make sure you are not at high risk for sudden cardiac death on the playing field.

COVID vaccinations affect your risk.

In response to worldwide experience and vaccine adverse event monitoring, we are adopting a more precautionary sports physical sign off policy.

​If you have received doses of any Covid vaccine, we will not be able to clear you to compete in sports without performing lab work and possibly an echocardiogram to rule out potential heart damage.

The precautionary measures by this practice come as athletes across the world were observed collapsing in the field or during game play since the rollout of the experimental COVID jab, resulting in death in many cases.

Such disclaimers are likely to become more common as the dangerous side effects of the COVID-19 injection, such as myocarditis and pericarditis, continue to be documented.

Alarmingly, a report from pathologist Steve Kirsch found that 1 in 70 students at a private Christian academy in California alone were diagnosed with myocarditis, contradicting the CDC’s estimate of 1 in 13,000 incidence rate.

Additionally, a major study from Scandinavia looking at over 23 million patient records found that in the over-12s populations of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden from the start of the vaccine rollout, severe myocarditis (requiring inpatient hospital admission) was around five times more common in individuals who took the Pfizer shot and 14 times more common after taking the Moderna shot.

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