Student-Led BLM Protest Hits University of Texas – “Defund the Police”

'Hey hey, ho ho, racist cops have got to go!'

Footage out of Austin, Texas shows University of Texas students rallying in support of defunding the police.

The BLM demonstrators chanted, “Hey hey, ho ho, racist cops have got to go!”

One speaker claimed, “Black people cannot do anything without people calling us names, slurs or anything at all.”

“So recognize that as much as you have privilege, make sure you use it to the benefit of black people as much as possible,” she continued. “Help us in any situation that we can.”

The next speaker alleged over 50% of the city’s budget goes to funding police, calling it a “crime against humanity.”

She ended her rant by bragging to the crowd that only two seats are needed for the Austin City Council to become a “progressive majority.”