Student Suspended After Rejecting LGBT Version of Military Tribute Pin

High school student accused of ‘hate speech’ for pushing back against altered tribute

Image Credits: Alberto Pezzali/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images.

A Canadian high school student was suspended and accused of ‘hate speech’ for openly voicing her opposition to pro-LGBT adaptations of a traditional tribute to military personnel killed in battle, according to reports.

The 17-year-old girl, identified as ‘Natalie’ by the Post Millennial, says fellow students and teachers had suggested wearing rainbow-colored ‘Remembrance Poppies,’ in place of traditional black-and-red pins worn leading up to Remembrance Day in November.

Natalie says she decided to print and post a selection of quotes from people who opposed the pro-LGBT alteration of the poppies — which the Royal Canadian Legion states is a sign of disrespect.

“I typed up papers on a computer, printed them off, and taped them up in the halls,” Natalie told the Post Millennial.

“As I was putting them up, teachers were taking them down. I watched as they took them to the office and gave them to the secretary.”

Natalie says she was soon called to the principal’s office, where Principal Jason Calissis and Vice Principal Bryce Baldwin aggressively berated her for posting “hate speech.”

“They accused me of hate speech and endangering the physical safety of the group of individuals,” Natalie says. “They asked me what I was thinking, and I told them everything … I said I was just voicing my beliefs and morals.”

“I got to the point of almost crying but I didn’t. I had to be the voice for all those families who were greatly disrespected and offended.”

She says she attempted to record audio of the confrontation, but her cell phone was confiscated and she was informed she was suspended until after Remembrance Day (Nov. 10).

“So I asked why? Why am I being suspended and punished for expressing my feelings?” Natalie says. “And they said everybody is entitled to their own beliefs, opinions, and way of life. So I asked, why am I not?”

Natalie’s parents have reportedly confirmed her suspension, saying the school cited “hate speech” as the reason.

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