Supreme Court REJECTS Democrat Illegal Immigration Loophole Push in Unanimous Ruling

Decision represents a devastating rebuke of Democrats' attempts to circumvent the law to flood the U.S. with thousands of illegal immigrants.

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The Supreme Court unanimously ruled against an illegal immigrant’s attempt to bypass immigration law with a loophole that would have allowed thousands of illegals to become lawful permanent residents.

Although illegal aliens are under the protection of Temporary Protected Status (TPS), they are not eligible to get a green card and become permanent residents if they first entered the country illegally, the Court ruled in an unanimous opinion written by Associate Justice Elena Kagan.

“Petitioner Jose Santos Sanchez entered this country unlawfully from El Salvador. Years later, because of unsafe living conditions in that country, the Government granted him Temporary Protected Status (TPS), entitling him to stay and work in the United States for as long as those conditions persist,” Kagan, an Obama appointee, wrote.

“Sanchez now wishes to become a lawful permanent resident (LPR) of the United States. The question here is whether the conferral of TPS enables him to obtain LPR status despite his unlawful entry. We hold that it does not.”

This represents a devastating rebuke to the Senate Democrats, who’ve argued that illegal immigrants should be considered “admitted” into the U.S. to obtain LPR status if they left their home country due to violence or “environmental disaster.”

Additionally, Democrat attorneys general from Washington, D.C. and 19 other states argued in favor of Sanchez.

“Respondents maintain that TPS holders cannot adjust their status
to that of permanent resident unless they were inspected when they originally entered the country,” the Democrat AGs had written in March.

“This means that the vast majority of TPS holders, like petitioners, would have to leave the country and attempt to reenter lawfully in order to adjust their status, which, if even possible, could take years.”

The ruling is especially notable given all three liberal justices sided against the Democrats, who are eager to pack the Court with 4 additional Justices.

Constitutional expert Jonathon Turley suggested the Supreme Court’s recent unanimous rulings could be a warning to Democrats that the Court is “not so rigidly ideological as Democratic members and activists suggest”, and therefore not worth packing.

Read the Supreme Court opinion:

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The illegal immigration invasion that the Harris O’Biden Administration is criminally ignoring is growing in dangerous intensity and size.