Survivor Of Communist China Issues Dire Warning About The True Purpose Of Critical Race Theory And Woke Culture

'The radical left are using the playbook of communist China,' he warns.

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Mike Zhao, a Chinese-American author running for a Florida House seat, joined “The American Journal” with Harrison Smith on Tuesday to warn the country about “woke” culture and its similarities to Chairman Mao’s cultural revolution in communist China.

Zhao’s father who spoke out politically during the cultural revolution was tortured and placed in a forced labor camp for over five years by Mao.

His grandparents were also forced out of their farm and made to live in a poor city.

Speaking about his latest book, Zhao explained he wrote it because “The radical left are using the playbook of communist China during the cultural revolution to destroy America.”

The book, titled, “Critical Race Theory and Woke Culture: America’s Dangerous Repeat of China’s Cultural Revolution,” focuses on how both Mao and the modern American left are using Marxist tactics to pit groups of citizens against each other.

This “divide and conquer” tactic has been used for centuries.

Censorship and cancel culture also took place during Maos’ revolution just as we are seeing in America.

Another similarity Zhao pointed out is the modern left’s attacks on American history, as the Chinese revolutionaries took down statues and erased their cultural heroes.

Zhao said even marriage certificates under Chairman Mao warned citizens to watch out for their partners because they might be in another economic class.

Political violence and the “defund the police” movement also remind the Chinese-American author of the Chinese cultural revolution.

To prevent America from suffering the same fate as China, Zhao suggests we get back to the fundamental principles of our founding fathers.