Susan Rice Claims America “Under Assault” by Trump Admin

Former Obama national security advisor joins propaganda war against president

Image Credits: Mike Theiler -Pool/Getty Images.

President Obama’s former national security advisor claims the United States is ‘under assault’ from the Trump administration.

Appearing on “CBS This Morning,” Susan Rice, who also served as the ambassador to the United Nations, unloaded on the president, while also praising former Vice President Joe Biden and exonerating him of any wrongdoing.

“For the first time that I can remember, our democracy is under assault,” Rice said. “Our country is, in effect, under attack, and that attack is coming now from within. It’s coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And for all of the security threats I saw as national security adviser, all the challenges we faced, I never thought I’d see that.”

Asked for her reaction to President Trump stating that Ukraine and China should open investigations into the Biden family and their potentially illicit business dealings in both countries, Rice asserted, “There is no evidence of any corruption.”

Rice also claimed she does not think Trump himself even believes there is any reason to suspect Joe and Hunter Biden “are potentially corrupt.”

“Even if he did, what we see consistently out of this president is that he is putting his personal political interests above the national interest.”

“Joe Biden was doing what he was asked to do by the president of the United States, consistent with serving our policy interests,” Rice asserted. “President Trump, on the one hand, is asking Ukraine for a favor that benefits him personally and politically. Joe Biden, on behalf of President Obama, the United States, and the Western world, was asking and pushing for the removal of somebody [former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin] on behalf of our policy, on behalf of our national interest.”

Rice’s claims are directly contradicted by Shokin himself, and also hundreds of pages of internal memos and documents obtained by The Hill reporter John Solomon.

“These documents show… that the very day that Joe Biden managed to get that Ukraine prosecutor fired, that very day, his son’s company’s lawyers, the American company lawyers helping Burisma trying to fight this investigation, were trying to urgently reach the new prosecutor, the replacement prosecutor,” Solomon explained during an appearance on “Hannity.”

“In that meeting, according to the official record from the prosecutor, the lawyers for Hunter Biden’s company stated to the replacement prosecutor, ‘We know that the information calling Mr. Shokin was corrupt and was false information distributed by U.S. government officials and other figures. We would like to make this up to you by bringing you to Washington. You are not corrupt and you instigated numerous reforms.’ That is the official record of the meeting Ukrainian prosecutors kept.”

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