Suspect Charged in Violent Rampage Through Affluent Atlanta Enclave

Jogger shot, man 'intentionally' run over during violent crime spree

Image Credits: Atlanta Police.

Police arrested a man suspected of injuring multiple people during a violent crime spree in an upscale Atlanta district on Saturday morning, according to reports.

Gaelen Newsom, 22, was charged with one count of attempted murder, three counts of aggravated assault, and two counts of possession of a firearm following the bloody rampage in which one man was shot and another run over ‘intentionally.’

Authorities were called to the scene of a shooting in the affluent enclave of Buckhead at around 8:30 a.m

There they found 41-year-old Andrew Worrell suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, according to 11 Alive.

Worrell had been out jogging in his neighborhood when a suspect pulled alongside him and opened fire, striking him in the thigh and in the hip.

Shortly after, two more runners reported being shot at from a vehicle nearby.

Neither of the joggers were struck.

Approximately three hours later, police were called to an apartment complex where a man in his 20s had been ‘intentionally’ run over while taking out the garbage.

“Police said the man was taking out the trash at the Collier Ridge Apartments when a silver sedan hit him and pinned him to an unoccupied pickup truck. He was taken to a hospital and rushed into surgery,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Monday.

“At the scene, police detained the driver of a silver Kia Forte similar to the one described in the earlier incidents . . . The driver was later identified as Newsom.”

Investigators later determined Newsom was the likely suspect in all three attacks.

“It appears based on some ballistic evidence that was recovered from the vehicle that this may in fact be our suspect from the earlier shooting incidents,” said Deputy Chief Charles Hampton Jr. during a press conference.

“He may have been suffering from some mental health crisis,” Hampton said about Newsom.

An explosion of violent crime in Atlanta has spilled into Buckhead, one of the city’s most exclusive districts, prompting residents to seek secession and their own police force, as Infowars reported earlier this year.

Crime in the chic enclave has gotten so bad, officials have been examining their options for breaking away from Atlanta as the city’s police force faces a shortage of about 400 officers.

Buckhead residents say they are “genuinely concerned for their safety” amid a slew of violent attacks, including the shooting death of a seven-year-old girl Christmas shopping with her family in December.

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