‘MAGA Republican’ Police Arrest Woman For Having Abortion in Bizarre Ad By Swalwell

"MAGA Republicans want women arrested for having an abortion. This is what that looks like," claims California Democrat.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot/@ericswalwell.

A ridiculous campaign ad released by Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell (Calif.) depicts police officers, at the direction of Republicans, arresting a woman for having an abortion.

“MAGA Republicans want women arrested for having an abortion. This is what that looks like. #LockHerUp,” Swalwell tweeted Monday with the attached video.

The ad shows a family of four sitting for dinner when police lights appear, followed by bangs on the door by two police officers.

The mother answers the door, only for the officers to declare she’s being put under arrest for the “unlawful termination of a pregnancy.”

“That is my personal business,” the mother tells the officers.

One officer replies, “That’s for the courts to decide, ma’am. Your medical records have been subpoenaed and Dr. Landers is already in custody.”

The situation quickly devolves into chaos as the officers tell the mother to turn around to be detained while a nearby baby starts screaming.

“Why is this happening?!” the daughter whines.

“We’re just enforcing the law here,” the arresting officer says.

The scene fades out, followed by large text that reads “Elections have consequences. Vote Democrat on November 8th.”

As one critic noted, there is currently no law on the books that authorizes the arrest of women who’ve had an abortion.

But that fact didn’t come to mind for Swalwell’s followers, who praised the delusional ad.

One ill-informed user even called the ad an “incredibly accurate representation” of what life will be like if Republicans retake Congress.

Ironically, the only mass arrests happening in America related to the abortion issue are against peaceful pro-life advocates by the FBI in the last few weeks, such as author Mark Houck and an 87-year-old concentration camp survivor.

Despite Democrats’ best attempts to drum up hysteria over the abortion issue following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v Wade earlier this year, numerous polls show the top issues concerning the American people are inflation, crime, and immigration, all issues the Democrats can’t run on given Joe Biden’s policies made them worse.