Swalwell Says Trump ‘Acts On Russia’s Behalf’ Despite Mueller Conclusion, No Evidence

Democrat presidential candidate continues to gaslight American people

Image Credits: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call.

Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell (Calif.) asserted that President Trump is Russia’s puppet despite Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s conclusive report finding no collusion whatsoever.

“He certainly acts on Russia’s behalf,” Swalwell said Sunday in a CNN interview. “And it’s a claim from someone who also worked as a prosecutor for seven years and had the responsibility of looking at evidence and putting it before a jury.”

He went on to lob accusations against Trump without presenting hard evidence, only talking points.

“He also acts like Russia’s leader,” Swalwell continued. “He attacks our free press. He acts in such a lawless way, and what we’re seeing most recently, telling a Customs and Border official that he would pardon him if he broke the law. And he puts his family in charge and in positions of power.”

In addition to dismissing Mueller’s report, Swalwell also pledged to be the “gun control” candidate in the 2020 field, and even threatened to nuke gun owners last year if they didn’t turn over their firearms to the federal government.

President Trump has stated that there are now investigations into the origins of the witch hunt known as the Russia investigation. Owen Shroyer explains that this has been a long time coming!