Sweden: Nearly All Librarians Reject Obligation to Report Illegal Migrants to Authorities

Many say they would risk losing their jobs or seek new profession

Image Credits: Apeloga AB / Getty Images.

Nearly all librarians in Sweden oppose a prospective law which would require them to report migrants in the country illegally to authorities, according to a new survey.

Sweden’s ruling coalition has proposed legislation that would obligate government employees to alert police and immigration authorities when they encounter illegal migrants.

In response, the DIK trade union conducted a poll of librarians to gauge their opinion on the directive and whether or not they would comply.

Just 3% of respondents said the proposal is a good idea, while 93% stood opposed, with many saying they would risk losing their jobs or simply seek a new profession.

A whopping 86% asserted the potential law is “very bad,” while a small minority were indifferent.

“People should not have to be afraid to visit language cafes, search for information, use a computer, take their children to the library, etc. and worry that the staff will check and possibly report them. It is not our job to report undocumented people and I will not accept that it is imposed on me,” one respondent said.

Many polled deemed the policy ‘unethical and inhumane,’ saying it ‘endangers the library as an open and democratic meeting place.’

When the proposal was made public last year, DIK chairwoman Anna Troberg demanded it be withdrawn immediately, claiming “public confidence in democratic society will be shaken to its foundations.”

Many Swedish libraries have been plagued by crime, such as drug dealing, violence, and sexual harassment in recent years, as Infowars has previously reported.

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