Orange County, California, has seen a 38 percent spike in repeat offenses by criminals present in the U.S. illegally due to the state’s ‘sanctuary’ policies, according to Sheriff Don Barnes.

In a press release, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department documented crimes committed by illegal aliens after their release from custody for previous offenses, including rape, domestic abuse, robbery, and assault.

“SB54 has made our community less safe. The law has resulted in new crimes because my deputies were unable to communicate with their federal partners about individuals who committed serious offenses and present a threat to our community if released,” said Sheriff Barnes.

“The two-year social science experiment with sanctuary laws must end. Rather than protect our immigrant community, the law has enabled offenders to be released, often times back into the immigrant communities they prey upon, and create new victims.”

California officially became a sanctuary state on Jan. 1, 2018, with the implementation of SB 54, which protects illegal aliens from federal immigration enforcement and severely restricts communication between police and agencies such as ICE.

“The senate bill restricts law enforcement from notifying, transferring and communicating with federal immigration authorities regarding certain offenders,” the O.C. Sheriff’s Department explains. “The implementation of this bill also effectively ended the Sheriff’s Departments 287(g) program, which allowed custody deputies to place detainers on undocumented individuals in the Orange County Jail.”

“Deputies do not ask for immigration status in the performance of their duties, and they do not make arrests for violation of federal immigration laws. However, in a custody setting, sharing information is critical to public safety and serves as a valuable tool to ensure those harming others are removed from the community.”

Mike Adams reveals why scientists believe the border crisis may leave American sanctuary cities vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Dan Lyman:

The acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has penned an op-ed staunchly defending the agency’s mission and ripping into leftist protesters pushing for lawlessness and open borders.

Matthew Albence says he is “appalled and perplexed” by propaganda designed to cripple and demoralize law enforcement efforts, both across the United States and in Portland, Maine, where recent demonstrations against ICE took place.

“These ignorant, inflammatory efforts to block enforcement of this nation’s criminal statutes by hardworking, patriotic Americans who live in the same communities they serve, stand only to put these communities – and the entire city of Portland – at risk,” Albence writes. “These protesters are advocating for dangerous criminals to roam our streets with impunity.”

“In addition to the Jan. 3 protests in downtown Portland, a mock fence cage was displayed with a sign urging ‘No kids in cages.’ This is a gross mischaracterization of our agency’s standards of care at well-run detention facilities nationwide, especially family facilities.”

Albence points out many ICE agents are military veterans who work closely with police to target criminals who commit heinous crimes, including child traffickers operating in Maine and the surrounding region.

“This inaccurate, baseless rhetoric further ignores the agency’s efforts in New England, including the rescue of 70 child exploitation victims, since 2017,” Albence asserts.

“These are the real kids in cages, victimized by heartless criminals who force them into prostitution and servitude, tragically leaving them with permanent mental and physical scars. And these kids are in addition to the 25 trafficking victims Homeland Security Investigations Portland rescued, conducting these investigations from office settings just like the one targeted in the misguided protests.”

Albence touted ICE’s record number of arrests in 2019, revealing the agency removed over 150,000 criminal aliens from the U.S., including 8,000 gang members.

Project Veritas has released new footage of Bernie Sanders’ campaign field organizer Kyle Jurek admitting the ‘free education’ program is a ruse designed to initiate reeducation camps for Americans he would deem ‘Nazis.’

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Dan Lyman:

An illegal alien is suspected in a brutal murder and sexual assault of a 92-year-old woman in New York City, prompting federal officials to place blame on Mayor Bill de Blasio and his city’s protection of criminals.

Reeaz Khan, a 21-year-old illegal alien from Guyana, was roaming free despite facing charges stemming from an attack on his own father in late November.

Khan, who allegedly used a broken mug to slice his father during a dispute at their home, was charged with misdemeanor assault, harassment, and criminal possession of a weapon, but “released without bail after being slapped with a temporary order of protection for his dad,” according to the New York Post.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued a detainer for Khan, which NYPD allegedly ignored due to the city’s ‘sanctuary’ policies.

Maria Fuertes, 92, was out for a customary evening walk near her home in Queens when she encountered Khan, who is suspected of strangling and sexually assaulting her.

Fuertes was discovered hours later, lying in the street with her clothes pulled above her waist.

Her injuries included a broken spine, rib fractures, internal hemorrhaging, and tears in her vagina, the New York Daily News reports.

Khan initially told investigators he had found Fuertes lying on the ground, but when he tried to help her, he “fell down, his belt broke, his pants fell down and his penis fell near her vagina.”

He later reportedly admitted to killing Fuertes and that he “did lift up her skirt and tried to put his penis inside of her,” according to Assistant District Attorney Joseph Grasso.

Khan has been charged with second-degree murder and first-degree sexual abuse.

“It was a deadly choice to release a man on an active ICE detainer back onto the streets after his first arrest included assault and weapon charges, and he now faces new charges, including murder,” Thomas Decker, a New York field-office director of enforcement and removal operations for ICE, told the Post.

“New York City’s sanctuary policies continue to threaten the safety of all residents of the five boroughs as they repeatedly protect criminal aliens who show little regard for the laws of this nation.”

NYPD claims it never received the detainer for Khan, but ICE says it has a receipt confirming transmission of the request via fax.

“Maria Fuertes’ blood is on Mayor de Blasio’s hands,” a retired Brooklyn detective told the Post. “It was only a matter of time before this would happen.”

Project Veritas has released new footage of Bernie Sanders’ campaign staffer admitting the ‘free education’ program is actually a ruse designed to initiate re-education camps for Americans he would deem ‘Nazis.’

Dan Lyman:

United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents arrested a Guatemalan national with a previous rape conviction after he illegally re-entered the country via the southern border.

Jose Jose Baltazar was discovered hiding in a cave near Presidio, Texas, along with 11 other illegal aliens who had recently crossed into the U.S. and were hiking north.

“On Saturday, November 30, at approximately 9:00 p.m. agents assigned to the Presidio Station discovered footprints of several individuals near the Rio Grande River,” CBP explained in a statement.

“On Sunday, at approximately 1:45 p.m., Presidio Agents with the assistance of the CBP Alpine Air Unit using helicopter AS350 encountered 12 individuals hiding in caves. The individuals were dressed in camouflage and had carpet on the soles of their shoes. The carpet attached to the shoes is used to help hide footprints while traveling through the desert.”

Upon processing, it was discovered that Baltazar had a prior rape conviction in Jackson County, Indiana, in 2015.

“The apprehensions made by our agents in the desert of West Texas have a direct impact on the safety of the communities in which we live and work,” Big Bend Sector Chief Patrol Agent Matthew Hudak said.

“They also have a direct impact on the communities in the interior of the United States, this individual previously pleaded guilty to rape and he will not be going back to that community.”

Baltazar was sentenced to five years in prison following the conviction, and was deported back to Guatemala on January 23, 2019.

CBP recently apprehended two convicted murders re-entering the U.S. illegally during separate incidents just three days apart, as Infowars reported in November.

Alex Jones has launched a $5,000 music video contest for the new hit song “Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” made by the Infowars crew.

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Dan Lyman:

A new policy which will soon pave the way for illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses in the state of New York greatly undermines national security and immigration enforcement, a former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official warns.

The “Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act,” otherwise known as the ‘Green Light Law,’ is set to go into effect on Dec. 14, despite strong opposition from voters and some county clerks in the state.

While the law effectively compels the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue driver’s licenses to foreign nationals illegally present in the U.S., it also restricts “what information can be retained and given out on those applying or holding standard driver’s licenses.”

Eric Kirkwood (pseudonym), a retired DHS official, warns the policy will be abused by illegal aliens and criminals, and will also create “serious and unprecedented hurdles for immigration enforcement.”

In a detailed report published by the Center for Immigration Studies, Kirkwood presents four key ways in which the Green Light Law undermines national security:

1. It provides aliens illegally in the United States and/or others with nefarious intentions a method to obtain a legitimate, state-issued document for identification.

2. It requires New York State to issue an identity document based upon information provided by a foreign government with no provision to verify the accuracy of the information.

3. It prohibits Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection from using information maintained by NYDMV.

4. It creates numerous paradoxical law enforcement relationships that inhibit public safety and immigration enforcement.

New York Department of Motor Vehicles employees will now be forced to accept over 600 foreign identity documents, with virtually no protocols in place to verify their authenticity, according to Kirkwood.

“In addition to licensing illegal aliens, the Green-Light law codifies New York’s intent to shield the licensees from detection by immigration enforcement agencies,” Kirkwood explains.

Multiple county clerks in more conservative regions of upstate New York say they will refuse to issue licenses to illegal aliens, and may even report applicants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as Infowars recently reported.

Organization pledges to “arrest and purge” corporate leaders who resist.

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Dan Lyman:

An illegal alien charged with killing another motorist in Oregon has reportedly fled to Mexico after the local sheriff’s office ignored a detainer issued by immigration authorities.

Alejandro Maldonado-Hernandez was engaged in a high-speed road race in Aloha, Oregon, when his vehicle struck an uninvolved car, severely injuring the driver and killing his wife, Janace Ator, according to a Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office report.

Maldonado-Hernandez was subsequently arrested and charged with felony manslaughter in the second degree, felony assault in the third degree, and misdemeanor reckless driving.

“On July 16, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers encountered Maldonado-Hernandez while he was being held at the Washington County jail and lodged an immigration detainer,” ICE explained in a press release.

“On August 8, the jail failed to honor the detainer and released Maldonado-Hernandez back into the community he had previously victimized.”

Weeks later, Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office announced Maldonado-Hernandez had fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution.

“The decision to rebuff immigration detainers and not to hold dangerous individuals until ICE arrives to pick them up is a costly one,” said Nathalie Asher,” Seattle field office director for ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations.

“There is nothing that should prevent local law enforcement officials from making a simple phone call to notify ICE that a criminal alien is being released. The decision to continue to cite misguided sanctuary laws that allow dangerous criminals back on the streets, and many times the opportunity to flee prosecution, is irresponsible and jeopardizes public safety.”

“It is real slap in the face to the victims friends and family when criminal aliens, in this case a man who has caused the death of a woman and severe injuries to her husband, are released into the community due to dangerous sanctuary policies,” she continued. “How many lives have to be lost before politicians are more concerned about public safety than their own political agendas?”

Nick Fuentes joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the attacks of fake conservatives trying to silence those telling the truth.

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Dan Lyman:

A University of Florida instructor implied students in an Intro to Cultural Anthropology course could receive failing grades if they used ‘disrespectful’ terms such as ‘illegal immigrants’ or ‘illegal aliens,’ according to reports.

Course documents secured by Campus Reform reveal that students were warned by instructor Max van Oostenburg against using common phrases related to illegal immigration, and that consequences for doing so could be stiff.

For one assignment, students were asked to address discussion points pertaining to ‘irregular migration,’ ‘globalization,’ and ‘ethnography.’

“Please be sure to participate to this discussion in a respectful way,” van Oostenburg wrote. “I ask you not to use terms like ‘illegal immigrants,’ ‘illegal aliens,’ and ‘the illegals.’”

Van Oostenburg also linked to a 2012 CNN article titled, “Why ‘illegal immigrant’ is a slur.”

“When you label someone an ‘illegal alien’ or ‘illegal immigrant’ or just plain ‘illegal,’ you are effectively saying the individual, as opposed to the actions the person has taken, is unlawful,” the article claims. “The terms imply the very existence of an unauthorized migrant in America is criminal.”

“The term ‘illegal immigrant’ was first used in 1939 as a slur by the British toward Jews who were fleeing the Nazis and entering Palestine without authorization.”

A copy of the course syllabus was also obtained by Campus Reform, and the repercussions for offending van Oostenburg are clear.

“You will receive 0 points if your posts are disrespectful, offensive, or contains racial/ethnic slurs,” the syllabus warns.

The phrase “illegal alien” is formal term still used by the United States government to describe foreign nationals illegally present in the U.S.

President Trump declares war on the Mexican drug cartels.

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Dan Lyman:

An illegal alien convicted of “felony death by motor vehicle” was released in a North Carolina sanctuary county, despite a detainer issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), prompting the agency to publish a scathing statement.

Jose Barajas-Diaz, a Mexican national, was arrested on Jan. 29, 2019, by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and charged with driving while impaired and felony death by motor vehicle.

“Mr. Barajas-Diaz was convicted of felony death by motor vehicle in North Carolina Superior Court for Mecklenburg County on October 24, 2019, and given a five-year suspended sentence with credit for time served,” ICE explained in a press release. “The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office then refused to honor the ICE detainer and instead released him back into the community.”

“By releasing an illegal alien with a serious felony criminal offense resulting in death, Mecklenburg County chose to release a serious public safety threat into the Charlotte community where he was free to potentially harm others until his capture by ICE.”

ICE agents apprehended Barajas-Diaz one week later during a targeted enforcement action.

Acting ICE Director Matt Albence also issued a strong rebuke of sanctuary policies, saying, “This is yet another example of a clear public safety threat being released into North Carolina communities rather than into ICE custody due to local sheriff policies on ICE non-cooperation.”

“Continued decisions to refuse cooperation with ICE serve as an open invitation to aliens who commit criminal offenses that these counties are a safe haven for persons seeking to evade federal authorities, and residents of Mecklenburg County are less safe due to these misguided sanctuary policies.”

ICE says over 500 detainers for criminal foreign nationals were ignored by local authorities across North Carolina during FY 2019.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has release the first of a set of videos exposing a directed cover-up of Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes by ABC.

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Dan Lyman:

An illegal alien charged with killing three members of a family in a drunk driving crash in California was arrested by federal immigration agents after he was released on bail.

Ismael Huazo-Jardinez, 33, is suspected of hitting a trailer home in Sutter County at a “high rate of speed,” while under the influence of alcohol, police say.

A 10-year-old boy and his parents were killed in the wreck, while an 11-year-old daughter survived, sustaining major injuries.

Shortly after being released on $300,000 bail, Huazo-Jardinez was apprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Fugitive Operations Team members.

ICE spokesman Paul Price told the press Huazo-Jardinez had already been caught illegally in Arizona in 2011. He reportedly returned to Mexico of his own volition at the instruction of authorities, but found his way back into the U.S.

“Ismael Huazo-Jardinez was arrested on suspicion vehicular manslaughter after officers with the California Highway Patrol said he chose to drive drunk in the Knights Landing area right at the Yolo-Sutter county line. He missed a curve on Highway 113 and plowed into a trailer,” Fox40 reports.

“Jose Pacheco, his wife, Ana, their 10-year-old son, Angel, and their 11-year-old daughter, Mariana, were all asleep in their beds when Huazo-Jardinez came crashing through their trailer.”

Witnesses say Huazo-Jardinez attempted to flee the scene on foot, but was tackled and restrained by bystanders until police arrived.

Huazo-Jardinez reportedly already had a conviction for reckless driving on his record, and California Highway Patrol pushed for his bond to be set at $1 million, but a judge ignored that request, setting bail at $300,000.

“It’s probably unusual that a person is able to pay that, at least this quickly,” a district attorney told KCRA.

California officially became a ‘sanctuary state’ for illegal aliens in January of 2018.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Los Angeles resident Karen Hix about trash and raw sewage now piling up in the once great streets of L.A.

Dan Lyman:

A previously-deported illegal alien was arrested in Louisiana and charged with 100 counts of possession of child pornography, one count of production of child pornography, and one count of sexual battery of a juvenile under the age of 13.

Miguel Martinez, 44, had been deported in 2005 and is a registered sex offender in the sanctuary state of California, according a press release issued by the Louisiana Department of Justice.

“Internet crimes against children continuously inflict damage,” said Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. “Every time one of these videos or images is viewed, the child is re-victimized.”

Homeland Security has reportedly placed a detainer on Martinez and it is expected he will face additional charges pending further investigation.

AG Landry used occasion to issue a distress signal to Washington and voice his support for the building of a wall on the Southern border.

“This arrest should serve as a wake-up call to Congress,” Landry said. “By not securing our borders and properly vetting those coming into our Nation, we have seen lives lost and destroyed.”

“Illegal immigration has real-life consequences – countless numbers of needless crime victims, including too many Louisiana families and children. For their sake – I again urge Congress to realize the national emergency we have at our Southern border, support President Trump, build the wall, and help us make our communities safer.”

In this exclusive video, border patrol vans are seen pulling up to a Catholic respite center near McAllen, Texas, where a worker then warns that shooting video endangers the illegal aliens in the vans because they could be recognized and extorted by human traffickers or anybody they “borrowed money from.”

Dan Lyman: