The city of San Francisco has removed boulders placed along a side street by residents to deter vagrants and drug use, with officials saying they have become a safety issue and hassle.

The San Francisco Public Works Department cleared approximately two dozen large rocks which had been strategically deployed in a grassroots effort funded and planned by local residents of the Mission Dolores neighborhood, who say bums and drug addicts were camping out in tents and makeshift shelters.

However, agitators quickly targeted the project and turned it into a debacle.

“Over the weekend, protesters gathered to drink Rolling Rock (no, really) and engaged in a cat and mouse game, rolling rocks into the street that Public Works crews would haul right back on to the sidewalk,” the San Francisco Examiner reports.

Public Works director Mohammed Nuru says the boulders had to be removed because they “were not big enough,” but claims he supports residents’ efforts to fund a solution.

“We’re at the drawing board now. We’re definitely going to look at some of the things we have learned,” Nuru told CNN. “It could be bigger boulders, it could be some kind of landscaping, it could be something different, but we’re going to work with the neighbors on something they want.”

Despite investing over $2,000 into the boulder project via GoFundMe, Nuru has indicated residents of Mission Dolores will likely be on the hook for at least part of the removal costs.

Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli join The Alex Jones Show to uncover the real problems with homelessness and Democrat policies collapsing societies.

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Dan Lyman:

A Seattle police officer was exposed to an “an extremely dangerous man-made toxin” while cleaning up a homeless camp in the city, according to a $10 million lawsuit.

Timothy Gifford was reportedly assigned to assist city workers in clearing illegal vagrant encampments around Seattle.

He says he came in contact with “high concentrations of the toxic chemical compounds polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) during the Jan. 8 cleanup of the camp in a gravel lot along Denver Avenue South near First Avenue South,” the Seattle Times reports.

“As a result of the alleged exposure, Gifford claims, he has been diagnosed with early onset Type 2 diabetes and now generally suffers from poor health. The 5-foot-6, 159-pound officer previously had been in good physical health, managing a lifelong liver condition during his more than seven years in police work, said his attorney, Lincoln Beauregard.”

Beauregard says Gifford now “faces ongoing medical care,” as his susceptible liver has been further damaged due to PCB exposure.

Gifford’s suit says he “was neither warned or trained of the associated hazards or issued appropriate protective gear.”

Testing conducted at the site revealed that PCBs were found in concentrations as high as 40,300 parts per million.

The FDA considers concentrations above one part per million as a safety concern, according to an EPA toxic cleanup project coordinator.

“Now assigned to the police department’s Harbor Patrol Unit, Gifford was among the city’s Navigation Team of police officers and outreach workers assigned to coax homeless campers into shelters and remove encampments the city has deemed unsafe,” the Times reports.

“The city formed the team in February 2017 as it intensified efforts to clean up and remove dozens of homeless encampments — from small one- and two-shelter camps to those with multiple tents — as part of a strategy to address Seattle’s homelessness crisis.”

Globalists are scrambling to reclaim the narrative in order to defeat President Trump.

Dan Lyman:

San Francisco is moving forward with plans to establish a dedicated parking lot for homeless people living in their cars, according to local media.

Free bathrooms, showers, and other services will be offered at a “triage lot” near the Balboa Park BART station where the homeless can park vehicles such as vans or RVs.

“Officials hope to replicate this one-year pilot program, if it’s successful, in other areas of the city, where people are increasingly using their vehicles for shelter,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports. “The city’s most recent survey of the homeless showed that 35% of unsheltered homeless people lived in vehicles, up from 13% in 2015.”

The overall homeless population of the city has reportedly exploded by 30 percent since 2017.

“When we have this option, we can say to people, ‘we have an option for you’ and ‘where you are right now is not safe,’” said Supervisor Ahsha Safaí. “And they can say yes or no. And if they say no, they will not necessarily be able to stay where they are.”

Officials are reportedly working to have the lot operational by winter, with an affordable housing complex to be built on the site shortly after.

Recent projects to accommodate the city’s urgent homeless crisis have included a planned 200-bed shelter in the upscale Embarcadero district, which has drawn heavy protest from locals.

San Francisco workers recently began a trend of setting up desks in parking spots in an effort to demonstrate that too much prime real estate is being dedicated to cars.

Alex Jones and Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers dissect the violent mob tactics of the left and how they will fold when they get the response they are begging for.

Dan Lyman:

A Mexican human smuggler was arrested after U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discovered 33 illegal migrants locked inside an extremely hot trailer.

Border Patrol agents flagged a tractor-trailer for secondary inspection at an immigration checkpoint on Interstate 19 near Nogales, Arizona, on Tuesday night.

“A search of the trailer filled with produce from Mexico, led agents to discover 33 foreign nationals from Mexico and El Salvador hiding inside,” CBP announced in a statement. “The group concealed inside the trailer included 12 juveniles in age from three to 17, a pregnant female, and a convicted felon.”

“The interior of the trailer was nearly 100 degrees, causing imminent danger to the people locked inside with no means of egress. Although the trailer was equipped with a refrigeration unit, the driver did not have it turned on.”

The driver, a 37-year-old Mexican national, was taken into custody and charged with felony human smuggling.

The migrants were taken into CBP custody and are being processed for immigration violations.

“In an effort to prevent fatalities at the hands of smugglers, Department of Homeland Security has recently launched ‘Operation Safeguard’ to educate the public and the trucking industry on the life-threatening dangers involved in using commercial conveyances to smuggle humans,” the agency said.

The group profiting from the migrant emergency centers is openly backing the left’s play to swell immigration numbers.

Dan Lyman:

An American Catholic bishop staged a protest against U.S. immigration laws and enforcement by escorting Central American migrants across the Lerdo International Bridge into Texas on Thursday.

Surrounded by media and activists holding large images of migrant children, El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz slammed the federal government in both Spanish and English for “inhumane” treatment of migrants pouring illegally into the United States.

“Standing here at the U.S.-Mexico border, how do we begin to diagnose the soul of our country?” Seitz said. “A government and society which view fleeing children and families as threats. A government which treats children in U.S. custody worse than animals. A government and society who turn their backs on pregnant mothers, babies and families and make them wait in Ciudad Juarez without a thought to the crushing consequences on this challenged city.”

“This government and this society are not well.”

Seitz and a Mexican priest reportedly prayed over a Honduran family while escorting them across the international bridge to make an asylum claim with U.S. authorities.

“The family was initially stopped in the middle of the bridge, as tempers flared between reporters and border officers who were momentarily unclear about whether to allow journalists to cross into U.S. territory as temperatures topped 100 degrees,” the Dallas Morning News reports. “The family was finally taken into custody by U.S. officials.”

The Diocese of El Paso issued a statement explaining the “Faith Action” protest staged by Seitz, saying it was necessary to draw attention to “actions taken to criminalize migration at the U.S.-Mexico border, including the expansion of the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, the deployment of security forces of both countries to the border, the ongoing deaths of migrant families in the Rio Grande and grave conditions in migrant processing centers.”

Seitz published a “Pastoral Letter on Migration” in 2017, condemning the Trump administration and calling for a “moratorium” on deportations of illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigration won the evening at the Clown World Democrat debate.

Dan Lyman:

A Mexican national who was previously deported after serving a lengthy prison sentence for attempted murder in the U.S. was arrested while attempting to illegally cross back into the country, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Pedro Tiempo-Garcia, 45, was apprehended by border agents assigned to the Eagle Pass South Station in south Texas after he illegally crossed the Rio Grande River last week.

“During processing, records checks revealed that Tiempo-Garcia was arrested in Rocksprings for murder in 2001, was subsequently convicted of attempted capital murder, and sentenced to 22 years incarceration,” CBP said in a statement.

“He was deported in February 2019 after serving 18 years of his sentence.”

Tiempo-Garcia has been charged with Reentry After Deportation and faces a maximum of 20 years in prison if convicted.

“Our agents are committed to stop all threats that attempt to enter the United States,” said Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Raul L. Ortiz. “The arrest of this criminal alien is especially significant due to the severity of his crimes within the Del Rio Sector communities.”

CBP also revealed that a previously convicted and deported child molester was arrested last week after entering the U.S. embedded in a “group of family units.”

“Record checks revealed that 41-year-old Juan Rojas-Rodriguez, a previously deported Mexican national, was convicted of sex with a minor under 14 years of age in California in 1996,” CBP said in a report.

“Rojas-Rodriguez was last deported in 2008 after immigration officials encountered him at the Lompoc Federal Correction Institution in California.”

Tucker Carlson called out the Koch brothers for their influence on a political party they actively do not agree with.

Dan Lyman:

The catastrophic surge of migrants on the U.S. southern frontier could be slashed by up to 90 percent if Congress made changes to a pair of key asylum laws, according to Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan.

McAleenan also asserted that the migration crisis may effectively never end if current laws are not changed.

During a border security hearing held by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) presented legal proposals to McAleenan as part of Graham’s “Secure and Protect Act.”

Graham asked McAleenan what reduction in the migrant surge might be expected if migrant families could be detained for up to 100 days while they await asylum hearings, and if asylum applications could only be filed in migrants’ countries of origin or Mexico.

“I believe the vast majority would stop,” McAleenan asserted.

“So if we made those two changes – extend the Flores decision to 100 days, so that we would have time to process these people and not release them into the interior of the country, and changed our asylum laws, do you think 90 percent of this flow from Central America would stop overnight?” Graham asked.

“I think between 70 and 90 percent would stop, yes,” McAleenan responded.

McAleenan also revealed that 90 percent of migrant ‘family units’ are skipping their asylum hearings, according to findings of a pilot program which monitored some 7,000 cases.

During the same hearing, Sen. Graham echoed a warning issued by McAleenan months ago, asserting that the border has effectively collapsed.

“There has to be a breaking point,” Graham said. “We’ve reached the breaking point at the border. I cannot imagine what it’s like to go to work every day, where half the people are dedicating their time to dealing with family members, minors, and all that goes into trying to deal with 600,000 people in your custody.”

“The breaking point has long passed at the border. This is not sustainable.”

Radical leftists now promote open borders policies in the name of social justice, despite the danger of spreading disease.

Dan Lyman:

The United States immigration system is long past its breaking point amid a crisis driven by the lucrative business of human trafficking, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) warned at a border security hearing on Tuesday.

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan arrived to testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee on the catastrophic migrant surge on the U.S. southern frontier and to discuss legislation proposed by Sen. Graham titled, “The Secure and Protect Act: a Legislative Fix to the Crisis at the Southwest Border.”

Sen. Graham opened the hearing by presenting charts detailing the fees human traffickers charge migrants depending on their preferred method of entering the U.S., and their respective increases in recent years to match an explosion in demand.

“The word is out in Central America… that if you make it to America, your chances of staying are pretty darn good if you ask for asylum or bring a minor child with you,” Graham said.

“How much does it cost to cross the border? In 2016, it was $3,000 to $8,000, and in 2017, it was $8,000 to $16,000, walking through the mountains. If you take a boat, it’s gone from $10,000 to $20,000. Small plane, $16,000 to $30,000. A vehicle utilizing documents belonging to another person is $20,000 to $25,000. A vehicle utilizing an accomplice immigrant agent is $20,000 to $25,000.”

“The market shows the demand has increased, the prices are going up, and people are walking through hell to get here, dealing with smugglers of every known fashion,” Graham continued.

Later in the hearing, Graham echoed a warning issued by Acting Secretary McAleenan months ago, asserting that the border has effectively collapsed as hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants pour across from Central and South America, Mexico, and even Africa.

“There has to be a breaking point,” Graham said. “We’ve reached the breaking point at the border. I cannot imagine what it’s like to go to work every day, where half the people are dedicating their time to dealing with family members, minors, and all that goes into trying to deal with 600,000 people in your custody.”

“The breaking point has long passed at the border. This is not sustainable.”

Reports of migrants that may be carrying ebola are now being confirmed and the result may be a form of medical tyranny such as forced ebola vaccinations.

Dan Lyman:

A vehicle transporting illegal migrants crashed while evading Texas police, leaving six dead and eight injured, authorities say.

Officers attempted to stop the speeding SUV in Nueces County, Texas, at around 10 p.m. on Tuesday night, but lost track of the vehicle during a chase when it disappeared into an area of dense brush, according to Robstown Police Chief Erasmo Flores.

Hours later, a woman called the Nueces County Sheriff’s office to report an injured man who had appeared at her home.

Deputies reportedly discovered two more injured men walking along a road in the area, and the SUV was located shortly after in a field, having crashed into a drainage ditch at approximately 50 mph with at least 14 passengers inside.

“Robstown police, EMS, the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office, the Coast Guard and Texas DPS responded to the fatal crash and spent several hours at the scene,” the Corpus Christi Caller Times reports. “Border Patrol also responded because the group of about 14 are believed to be undocumented immigrants from other countries, including El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico, sheriff’s officials said.”

Nueces County Sheriff J.C. Hooper indicated that incidents related to illegal migration and human smuggling are common in the area.

“It has a classic appearance of human trafficking,” Hooper said. “We are a pipeline. We are on a corridor to Houston, Texas and these first responders deal with it every day.”

The crisis at our southern border has now reached unprecedented levels, yet for months the MSM and the left have pushed the false narrative that President Trump was “making it up.”

Dan Lyman:

Trial is beginning for a U.S. activist charged with harboring illegal aliens and conspiring to transport them.

Scott Warren, a volunteer with No More Deaths, faces 20 years in prison if convicted of three felony counts in a case that could set future precedent for what assistance U.S. citizens can provide to illegal migrants who cross the border.

“U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested Scott Warren in a January 2018 raid near Ajo, Arizona, after they found two migrants hiding in the shower of a ramshackle building used by humanitarian groups,” Reuters reports.

“Warren was indicted after former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions instructed prosecutors to prioritize cases involving the harboring of migrants. The crackdown was part of President Donald Trump’s ‘zero-tolerance’ policies meant to deter illegal immigration.”

Warren’s lawyers argue his apprehension was a retaliatory move in response to a report published by No More Deaths denouncing Border Patrol for destroying water provisions left out for migrants by the group’s volunteers.

“After a dangerous journey across Mexico and a difficult crossing through the Arizona desert, someone told Jose and Kristian that they might find water and food at a place in Ajo called the Barn,” Warren explains in an article published by the Washington Post. “The Barn is a gathering place for humanitarian volunteers like me, and there the two young men were able to eat, rest and get medical attention.”

“As the two were preparing to leave, the Border Patrol arrested them. Agents also handcuffed and arrested me, for — in the agency’s words — having provided the two migrants with ‘food, water, clean clothes and beds.'”

In the piece, Warren goes on to slam the Trump administration for “warehousing asylees, separating families, caging children.”

While Warren’s attorneys argue their client was exercising his religious rights to provide aid to migrants, prosecutors are expected to assert the activist “went beyond humanitarian aid and helped migrants enter the country illegally,” according to Reuters.

The United States is experiencing one of the worst illegal migration surges in the nation’s history, as hundreds of thousands of migrants flood the southern border.

“Border Patrol’s apprehension numbers are off the charts,” CBP tweeted in mid-May. “Nearly 520,000 people have been apprehended on the SW border this FY.”

“In the past 7 days, agents have averaged 4,500+ arrests per day. USBP has already surpassed the TOTAL SW border apprehensions of every FY since 2009.”

Owen Shroyer analyzes C-SPAN footage of a caller reacting to Robert Mueller’s statement to demonstrate how Trump Derangement Syndrome works on the mind of a Democrat voter.

Dan Lyman: