Prominent physician and media personality Dr. Drew Pinsky says he has given serious thought to challenging Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff for his congressional seat due to the shocking deterioration of Southern California.

Pinsky asserts that despite a deep reluctance to enter the world of politics, he is “constantly morally mobilized because of the condition of what’s going on here in California.”

“I wake up every day and drive through this town and I am morally moved where I feel like I have to do something,” Pinsky told The Hill. “We have people literally dying in our streets.”

The celebrity doctor and former “Loveline” host says his level of concern has been mounting for some time, but seeing Schiff and fellow Democrats completely wrapped up in the impeachment of President Trump pushed him over the edge.

“I was watching all the impeachment proceedings and I was going, ‘Oh my God, our Congress is tied up and we’re dying out here in California. What are these people doing?’” Pinsky said.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, I have to run for that office at least just to get him to start participating in the governance of this region,'” he explained, alluding to Schiff.

Pinsky, a Pasadena resident, contends he would likely run as a Democrat, but describes his personal politics as “very moderate.”

“The fact that I keep thinking about it tells me how profound the problems are; that I feel obliged to maybe turn my life upside down just to get things governed out here,” Pinsky said.

Schiff is a 10-term congressman who won the 2018 election with 78 percent of the vote.

Alex Jones reveals deep state operatives found inside the State Department are manipulating the U.S. media.

Dan Lyman:

Michelle Obama would lead all Democrats vying for the White House in 2020 if she entered the presidential election race, according to respondents of a new Franklin Pierce University – Boston Herald survey.

Democrat voters in New Hampshire were asked who they would support in February’s key primary election.

When selecting from the field of declared candidates, respondents gave nearly equal support to Elizabeth Warren (25%), Joe Biden (24%), and Bernie Sanders (22%).

Sanders lost considerable ground since September, when he garnered 30% support in the same poll.

However, when presented with hypothetical candidates, voters indicated they would prefer another contender altogether.

“The poll included questions speculating what would happen if other Democrats were to enter
the race, including Former First Lady, Michelle Obama and Disney CEO, Bob Iger,” senior research fellow R. Kelly Myers explains in the poll memorandum. “Iger remains largely unknown among Democratic voters and only 4 percent indicated that they would vote for him if he were to enter the race.”

“But if Michelle Obama were to enter the race, it would change things dramatically. Twenty-six percent of Democrats would vote for her, making her the new front-runner. Under this scenario, Obama (26%) would lead Warren (20%), Biden (20%)and Sanders (15%). She would take away 4-points from Warren, 4-points from Biden and 7-points from Sanders.”

The former first lady has repeatedly stated there is “zero chance” she would run for president in 2020.

“There are so many ways to improve this country and build a better world, and I keep doing plenty of them, from working with young people to helping families lead healthier lives,” Obama told Amtrak’s The National magazine in August. “But sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office will never be one of them. It’s just not for me.”

A CNN employee was caught in undercover video by Project Veritas admitting that the network doesn’t cover shootings in “minority communities” the way they would in white areas because it doesn’t get good ratings.

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Dan Lyman:

(Natural News) As reported yesterday at Natural News, it looks increasingly likely that Rep. Adam Schiff fabricated the existence of the so-called “whistleblower” and wrote the complaint himself:

Adam Schiff may have fabricated the existence of the whistleblower himself, in effect projecting his own complaint onto a fictional persona that he is now going to question in a private, closed-door congressional session where he will essentially be questioning himself.

This entire “whistleblower” hoax has been masterfully orchestrated by a combination of deep state intelligence players, left-wing media hacks and Democrat legislators. They are all playing their roles as crisis actors, feigning outrage over a non-crime “crime,” even resorting to completely fictionalizing a whole new “transcript” of what they hope Trump said on a phone call with Ukraine’s President (which Adam Schiff read into the congressional record a few days ago to try to gaslight the entire nation about what Trump really said).

It’s all staged. Everything pushed by the Democrats, the tech giants and the media is theater for your mind. Everything is a false narrative, a hoax or a false flag operation. Nothing they tell you is rooted in reality.

I’ve put together an emergency video update that explains how the Democrats are falling right into Trump’s trap with this “whistleblower” fiasco, which looks increasingly likely to blow up in the Dems’ faces and utterly destroy the credibility of their party and their chances for winning elections in 2020. Once the sheer depth of Democrat deception is finally revealed, no one will trust the Democrats for a generation. The DNC will be in ruins, and the complicit left-wing media will lose any last shred of credibility to which they are currently clinging.

Watch my emergency broadcast video for more details:

Read more news about the treasonous Democrats at

And share this meme about shifty Adam Schiff:

Mike Adams joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the real possibility that Adam Schiff has fabricated a whistelblower story in a half-witted attempt to attack President Trump.

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Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson revealed that planning is underway for an intervention into the “emergency” homeless crisis in California.

Carson asserted that it should not be the federal government’s role to intercede in such localized issues, but that the situation necessitates it, as concerns with broader implications are in play.

“The president is extremely concerned about this because of the epidemic that could occur and so we’re looking at both short term and long term,” Carson told Fox News host Harris Faulkner.

Carson asserted that the homeless must be moved from the streets into housing facilities, but that it is important to “get these people out of dependency,” as many are either mentally ill or addicted to drugs.

As Faulkner pointed out, the homeless crisis is not confined just to Californian cities, but is spreading rapidly across the U.S., with over 60,000 vagrants in New York City, over 11,000 in Seattle, and over 6,500 in Washington D.C.

Carson pointed to some successful policies being implemented in San Diego, where he says onerous regulations and bureaucracy are being rolled back in order to unshackle the housing markets, and asserted that he hopes they can serve as a good example to other cities mired in homelessness and related issues.

San Francisco residents have reportedly become so exasperated by tents being pitched on their sidewalks, they have begun placing boulders along curbs to deter hobos.

President Trump recently blasted leadership in San Francisco, indicating the EPA could soon punish the city for allowing rampant homelessness, drug abuse, and filth to spiral out of control, affecting natural resources in the area.

“If you look at San Francisco, it’s a total disaster what’s happening — they’re going to ruin those cities,” President Trump told reporters during a visit to the southern border in California. “We’re going to get involved very soon on a federal basis if they don’t clean up their act.”

“You have tents all over the place. You really have a sanitary condition because this water is rushing into the ocean, and this is supposed to be storm water. It’s not supposed to be sewage.”

“They have to clean it up,” he continued. “We can’t have our cities going to hell.”

Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli join The Alex Jones Show to uncover the real problems with homelessness and Democrat policies collapsing societies.

Dan Lyman:

The South Dakota Democratic Party (SDDP) is closing its last two offices in the state amid a stunning financial collapse.

The party will now have no physical presence in the entire state, and operatives will be forced to work remotely.

“The state party is closing its offices in Sioux Falls and Rapid City at the end of September, and party staff will begin working remotely due to the party’s dwindling finances, according to SDDP Chair Paula Hawks,” the Argus Leader reports.

“The party is also canceling a Black Hills fundraising event scheduled for next month. No layoffs related to the party’s financial situation have taken place, Hawks said.”

The party’s cash supply reportedly dwindled to just $3,181 by the end of July, down from $31,267 at the beginning of the month and a meager $88,127 at the start of the year.

Hawks blamed “extreme mismanagement and lack of oversight” for the party’s lack of funds, distancing herself from shouldering blame for the shocking debacle.

“Chairwoman Hawks is doing her best to try to shift the blame for her party’s finances and misreporting to the Federal Elections Commission, but maybe should have spoken to her own leadership team first,” said South Dakota Republican Party Chair Dan Lederman.

The SDDP was found to have grossly misreported its financials to the Federal Elections Commission, indicating that the party “likely violated fundraising regulations,” according to the Argus Leader.

“The office closure announcement comes on the heels of a draft audit by the Federal Elections Commission revealing the party understated disbursements by $2.5 million, receive impermissible contributions totaling nearly $24,000 and failed to disclose debts and obligations to vendors totaling nearly $47,000 during the 2015-16 election cycle.”

Hawks claims she is dedicated to rejuvenating the SDDP and correcting its trajectory moving forward.

“Our current financial situation is really unfortunate and truly very unexpected to me and to Stacey Burnette, our new executive director,” Hawks said. “We both kind of stumbled into this and discovered some things that we didn’t realize were going on so now we’re cleaning it up.”

The FEC / FCC want to meddle in elections by regulating the speech of conservative voices on the internet.

Dan Lyman:

A former pro football player says he asked President Trump to highlight the decay of Baltimore and Rep. Elijah Cummings’ (D-Md.) role in allowing the city to fall apart.

Ex-NFLer and businessman Jack Brewer recently met face-to-face with Trump following a visit to Baltimore which left him shocked and dismayed.

“I had a chance to meet with President Trump, and I told him, ‘Please call out Elijah Cummings and Baltimore.’ I asked him to do that three weeks ago and he did it,” Brewer said during an appearance on Fox Nation’s Deep Dive.

“I’m seeing these kids that don’t have any core, no culture within them. They don’t have anyone teaching them and training them.”

Brewer blasted Cummings for being at the “front and center” of a corrupt political machine which focuses solely on “issues that help them raise money.”

“We look and see all the hype over El Paso — my heart goes out to these people, my heart goes out to Dayton, Ohio,” Brewer said. “But the same weekend, 51 people were shot between Chicago and Baltimore and no one says anything and these are the same lives.”

President Trump went on to oblige Brewer’s request, unleashing a scathing attack on Cummings in a series of statements that caused predictable backlash from leftists and the mainstream media.

“Rep. Elijah Cummings has been a brutal bully, shouting and screaming at the great men & women of Border Patrol about conditions at the Southern Border, when actually his Baltimore district is FAR WORSE and more dangerous,” Trump tweeted in late July. “His district is considered the Worst in the USA.”

“As proven last week during a Congressional tour, the Border is clean, efficient & well run, just very crowded. Cumming District is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. If he spent more time in Baltimore, maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous & filthy place.”

Mike Adams breaks down the leftist takeover of America and what you can do to preserve your Second Amendment rights in case of authoritarian crackdown.

Dan Lyman:

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) unleashed a fresh attack on fellow 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) by doubling-down on accusations she made during the most recent Democrat debate against the former California attorney general and her dubious record.

Gabbard shared video of a post-debate appearance she made on NBC, slamming Harris for effectively basing her campaign on being a ‘woke’ progressive while ruling with an authoritarian streak during her time in office.

“Kamala’s entire campaign is based on a lie — that as AG of California, she was a fighter for the oppressed and for criminal justice reform,” Gabbard wrote. “But her criminal justice record shows that her policies exemplified the worst aspects of our criminal justice system.”

Gabbard’s assertions echo those which propelled her to national prominence during the second round of Democrat debates last week, when she unleashed a scathing attack on Harris that left the front-running candidate reeling.

“Senator Harris says she’s proud of her record as a prosecutor and that she’ll be a prosecutor president, but I’m deeply concerned about this record,” Gabbard said during the debate.

“There are too many examples to cite, but she put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana.”

Following the debate, many leftists began spreading the notion that Gabbard, a U.S. combat veteran, is a Russian operative aiming to take Harris down.

Alex Jones examines the viral video of Beto O’Rourke laughing about the news of the El Paso shooting.

Dan Lyman:

Author and scholar Heather Mac Donald has warned that radical leftists are making a power play for control of the United States, and if successful, will bring about the end of civil society.

Addressing the insurgency by revolutionaries within the Democrat party and its broader implications, Mac Donald asserted that racial politics have been weaponized in academia and are now being deployed at full force on the political and cultural battlefield.

“I think what we are witnessing is the most dangerous import from the academy into the real world,” Mac Donald told Tucker Carlson on his television show.

“Students are taught from the moment they arrive on campus two things and two things only, which is that the most important thing about themselves is their group identity, defined reductively by gonads and melanin, and that racism and sexism based on those defining features are the basis of American society.”

Mac Donald cited examples in the corporate, academic, and political spheres where mere accusations of racism and bigotry affect massive financial and policy responses.

“The question is, is it going to work on the rest of us? And if it does, civil society is over, because this is a totalitarian power play,” she said. “It is an attempt to shut down any kind of dialetical search for truth and to occupy the sole allowable ideological ground, and that is a recipe for a society to halt dead in its tracks and go in reverse.”

Asked how average people can fight back against totalitarian thought and speech policing, Mac Donald said, “The average person has to simply reject the ‘racism’ charge.”

“Racism is no longer the predominant characteristic of America – if it ever was,” she concluded. “We have to fight back against this narrative, because if they win, we lose our civilization, we lose meritocracy, and we lose freedom.”

Lauren Chen of Blaze TV joins Alex Jones to discuss that data shows conservatives have stayed consistent while Democrats have moved too far to the left.

Dan Lyman:

MSNBC pundit Donny Deustch sparked aggressive pushback from fellow analysts after he asserted that none of the 2020 hopefuls who participated in the first night of Democrat debates could topple President Donald Trump.

Deutsch’s staunchest opponent, commentator Lawrence O’Donnell, even dismissed Deutsch’s assessment as having “zero value,” sparking a heated row between the stalwart leftists.

“I do not believe Elizabeth Warren, on stage with Donald Trump, beats him, and I think if we are honest with ourselves and we look hard at ourselves, a lot of people agree with me,” Deutsch said. “I also think, when you can label somebody a ‘socialist’ — 57 percent of this country thinks that word is un-American.”

“When he can blanket Elizabeth Warren as a socialist and he’s on stage with her, the Democrats lose.”

Deutsch expressed his admiration for Warren, calling himself a “big fan,” but conceded “she just doesn’t have what it takes to beat this president.”

Assured by anchor Nicole Wallace that he was in a “safe space,” Deutsch was asked who his ideal candidate is to take on Trump.

“I’m still sticking of an idealized version of the Joe Biden we want,” Deutsch replied. “I still, in my heart of hearts, don’t see anybody on that stage tonight who can beat Trump.”

O’Donnell interjected immediately in disagreement.

“Let’s just identify this for what it is: pure guesswork, a year and a half away,” O’Donnell said. “It has — Donny, I say this respectfully — zero value.”

A seemingly incensed Deutstch drowned O’Donnell out, responding, “Don’t tell me it has zero value. Don’t tell me it has zero value. It’s understanding human behavior, and I guarantee you, 90 percent of our audience agrees with me.”

“I am understanding Donald Trump and the way he connects with this country and the strength he exudes. We need to exude a stronger strength. It’s not a policy discussion.”

Alex Jones details what was behind the numerous technical and talent gaffs at the ‘Clown World’ Dem debates.

Dan Lyman:

San Francisco is in societal and structural free-fall while simultaneously becoming one of the most expensive cities in the United States, thanks to socialist policies implemented by Democrats at the local and state level.

A new report by veteran journalist John Stossel offers the latest look at the tragedy befalling the Golden City.

“San Francisco’s homeless problem is awful — partly because government doesn’t enforce basic laws,” Stossel tweeted alongside his report. “Last year, there were more than 30,000 car break-ins in SF and police made an arrest in less than 2 percent of cases.”

In 2017, there was an average of 85 auto break-ins per day, and out of 81,000 such offenses from 2011 to 2017, only 13 arrests were made, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Stossel likens parts of San Francisco to slums found in third world countries, showing the squatters and mentally unstable vagabonds who have taken over the streets.

“San Francisco is generous. It offers street people food stamps, free shelter, train tickets, and 70 dollars a month in cash,” Stossel notes.

“They’re always offering resources,” one drifter tells Stossel. “San Francisco is just a good place to hang out.”

Meanwhile, politicians have been promising to fix the city’s problems for many years, throwing more and more money and resources into the black hole – while things only get worse, frustrating local residents and business owners.

“The extra funding hasn’t worked,” Stossel explains. “The number of street people has grown most every year.”

Meanwhile, San Francisco’s largest homeless shelter was just approved to open in the upscale Embarcadero neighborhood amid a backlash from residents who raised over $100,000 on GoFundMe to oppose the project, citing concerns about safety and drug use.

Government watchdog organization Open the Books recently mapped out all the “human waste reportings” in San Francisco since 2011, and the results were shocking.

Leftist Democrats, Hollywood, and the media constantly promote division and identity politics in an attempt to demoralize patriots.

Dan Lyman: