The body of a deceased homeless man was discovered by commuters in a New York City subway car on Tuesday night, according to reports.

The corpse was covered in bed bugs, police sources told the New York Post.

“Straphangers reported the grisly discovery and alerted police when the train pulled into Manhattan’s 59th Street-Columbus Circle station around 8:40 p.m.,” the Post reports.

“The man was pronounced dead on the scene, sources said. It was unclear how long he had been dead.”

Winter weather reportedly brings an increase in homeless people dying on NYC trains.

“It’s a sad situation — every winter this is prevalent because you have people seeking shelter on the trains,” said local transit union spokesman Nelson Rivera. “But the police come to take these people and there are no resources and nowhere to take them. They get bounced around.”

Just hours after the incident, the NYC subway system in Queens was plunged into chaos while a control tower underwent emergency fumigation for a bed bug infestation.

“At approximately 4:30pm, our management team requested a fumigation of the Continental Master Control Tower, which we immediately commenced,” the New York City Subway authority tweeted on Wednesday. “All of our personnel were evacuated from the tower.”

Deaths of homeless people in NYC have risen astronomically in the past two years, totaling 404 between July 2018 and June 2019 – a 39 percent jump from the prior fiscal year and the highest since 2006.

“The number of homeless has climbed nearly every year since [Mayor Bill] de Blasio took office, and spending on city homeless services has more than doubled,” the Post reports.

NYC now has its largest homeless population since the Great Depression, with at least 63,000 people living on the streets, according to figures tracked by Coalition for the Homeless.

Alex Jones breaks down what is really going on as a patent for a coronavirus vaccine is filed amid a global outbreak.

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Dan Lyman:

Prominent physician and media personality Dr. Drew Pinsky says he has given serious thought to challenging Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff for his congressional seat due to the shocking deterioration of Southern California.

Pinsky asserts that despite a deep reluctance to enter the world of politics, he is “constantly morally mobilized because of the condition of what’s going on here in California.”

“I wake up every day and drive through this town and I am morally moved where I feel like I have to do something,” Pinsky told The Hill. “We have people literally dying in our streets.”

The celebrity doctor and former “Loveline” host says his level of concern has been mounting for some time, but seeing Schiff and fellow Democrats completely wrapped up in the impeachment of President Trump pushed him over the edge.

“I was watching all the impeachment proceedings and I was going, ‘Oh my God, our Congress is tied up and we’re dying out here in California. What are these people doing?’” Pinsky said.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, I have to run for that office at least just to get him to start participating in the governance of this region,'” he explained, alluding to Schiff.

Pinsky, a Pasadena resident, contends he would likely run as a Democrat, but describes his personal politics as “very moderate.”

“The fact that I keep thinking about it tells me how profound the problems are; that I feel obliged to maybe turn my life upside down just to get things governed out here,” Pinsky said.

Schiff is a 10-term congressman who won the 2018 election with 78 percent of the vote.

Alex Jones reveals deep state operatives found inside the State Department are manipulating the U.S. media.

Dan Lyman:

A major annual technology conference has been relocated to Las Vegas after decades in San Francisco, with organizers citing “poor street conditions” in the Bay Area as a determining factor.

OpenWorld, a tech confab presented by Oracle, has been hosted in San Francisco since 1996, but will be moved to Sin City in 2020 for at least three years.

The conference has become one of the biggest events of its kind in San Francisco, and its departure will reportedly deal a $64 million blow to the tourism and hospitality industry there.

“Oracle stated that their attendee feedback was that San Francisco hotel rates are too high,” the San Francisco Travel Association (SFTA) explained to its members in an email seen by CNBC. “Poor street conditions was another reason why they made this difficult decision.”

“The estimated economic impact of each of the above is $64,000,000, a huge loss for our city.”

OpenWorld reportedly attracts over 60,000 Oracle customers and partners every year, and the decision to pull the convention out of San Francisco has raised questions about the decaying city’s capacity to host major events.

“The move has prompted concern over whether the city, facing soaring hotel costs and homelessness, open drug use and incidents of violence on the streets that alarm visitors, can hold onto the big-business events that have long been a mainstay of its tourism and travel industries,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

The SFTA says it is “sorry to see Oracle OpenWorld move to Las Vegas after more than 20 years in San Francisco,” but claims it will book alternate events to “fill that space in the future.”

Owen Shroyer’s arrest for confronting Jerry Nadler during the treasonous impeachment hearings against Trump has inspired Americans everywhere to stand up to the criminal politicians infesting the U.S. government.

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Dan Lyman:

The city of San Francisco has removed boulders placed along a side street by residents to deter vagrants and drug use, with officials saying they have become a safety issue and hassle.

The San Francisco Public Works Department cleared approximately two dozen large rocks which had been strategically deployed in a grassroots effort funded and planned by local residents of the Mission Dolores neighborhood, who say bums and drug addicts were camping out in tents and makeshift shelters.

However, agitators quickly targeted the project and turned it into a debacle.

“Over the weekend, protesters gathered to drink Rolling Rock (no, really) and engaged in a cat and mouse game, rolling rocks into the street that Public Works crews would haul right back on to the sidewalk,” the San Francisco Examiner reports.

Public Works director Mohammed Nuru says the boulders had to be removed because they “were not big enough,” but claims he supports residents’ efforts to fund a solution.

“We’re at the drawing board now. We’re definitely going to look at some of the things we have learned,” Nuru told CNN. “It could be bigger boulders, it could be some kind of landscaping, it could be something different, but we’re going to work with the neighbors on something they want.”

Despite investing over $2,000 into the boulder project via GoFundMe, Nuru has indicated residents of Mission Dolores will likely be on the hook for at least part of the removal costs.

Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli join The Alex Jones Show to uncover the real problems with homelessness and Democrat policies collapsing societies.

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Dan Lyman:

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson revealed that planning is underway for an intervention into the “emergency” homeless crisis in California.

Carson asserted that it should not be the federal government’s role to intercede in such localized issues, but that the situation necessitates it, as concerns with broader implications are in play.

“The president is extremely concerned about this because of the epidemic that could occur and so we’re looking at both short term and long term,” Carson told Fox News host Harris Faulkner.

Carson asserted that the homeless must be moved from the streets into housing facilities, but that it is important to “get these people out of dependency,” as many are either mentally ill or addicted to drugs.

As Faulkner pointed out, the homeless crisis is not confined just to Californian cities, but is spreading rapidly across the U.S., with over 60,000 vagrants in New York City, over 11,000 in Seattle, and over 6,500 in Washington D.C.

Carson pointed to some successful policies being implemented in San Diego, where he says onerous regulations and bureaucracy are being rolled back in order to unshackle the housing markets, and asserted that he hopes they can serve as a good example to other cities mired in homelessness and related issues.

San Francisco residents have reportedly become so exasperated by tents being pitched on their sidewalks, they have begun placing boulders along curbs to deter hobos.

President Trump recently blasted leadership in San Francisco, indicating the EPA could soon punish the city for allowing rampant homelessness, drug abuse, and filth to spiral out of control, affecting natural resources in the area.

“If you look at San Francisco, it’s a total disaster what’s happening — they’re going to ruin those cities,” President Trump told reporters during a visit to the southern border in California. “We’re going to get involved very soon on a federal basis if they don’t clean up their act.”

“You have tents all over the place. You really have a sanitary condition because this water is rushing into the ocean, and this is supposed to be storm water. It’s not supposed to be sewage.”

“They have to clean it up,” he continued. “We can’t have our cities going to hell.”

Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli join The Alex Jones Show to uncover the real problems with homelessness and Democrat policies collapsing societies.

Dan Lyman:

A popular Sacramento river is contaminated with dangerous levels of E. coli bacteria due to human feces being introduced by vagrants, according to reports.

Testing conducted this summer by the Sacramento Bee revealed that the water is being tainted by hundreds of homeless living in camps that “line the banks” of the American River, which is having a negative effect on swimming, angling, and other recreational activities.

“Water samples reviewed by The Bee showed dangerous E. coli spikes this summer when swimmers were present at Tiscornia Beach, a popular summertime gathering spot where the American and Sacramento rivers converge north of downtown. There, a swirling effect from the currents causes any bacteria washing from upstream to linger,” the Bee reports.

Thirteen out of 15 weekly water samples taken at the beach since June exceeded state and federal standards, records show. Those estimates determine when at least three out of every 100 swimmers would be expected to suffer ailments such as diarrhea from coming in contact with feces-fouled water.”

The Bee found that E. coli levels were as much as six times higher than the safety threshold during peak swimming season.

There are few public restrooms near the river, and officials reportedly refuse to add any more as they will likely be trashed or destroyed by vagrants, or used for drug abuse or prostitution.

Additionally, officials refuse to pin the E. coli contamination on the homeless, and instead have commissioned a multi-year study with a price tag of up to $800,000 to determine its origins.

“You don’t need a Ph.D. to say, ‘There’s somebody pooping in the river. Let’s put a bathroom out,’” Stanford University professor and water quality specialist Alexandria Boehm told the Bee, adding that she would not swim in the tainted river or allow a child into the water.

Sacramento County reportedly spent $50 million on ‘homeless services’ in 2018.

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Bolton’s replacement, Cupperman, is on record thinking the US could win a nuclear war.

Dan Lyman:

A San Francisco business owner says he is considering closing his store after a series of incidents involving vagrants and drug addicts, including two separate attacks in which he was bitten.

Gilles DeSaulniers says his sister was assaulted by a homeless man as they attempted to drive him out Harvest Urban Market for the second time that day.

The man then bit DeSaulniers in the arm when he intervened, the second time he has been bitten by an aggressive bum in the past four months.

“I was holding onto him and he twisted his head and he bit my arm,” DeSaulniers told KRON4.

Police later charged Adam Aschebrock, 29, with aggravated assault and battery.

DeSaulniers says he was also bitten while attempting to thwart a shoplifter in June.

He says aggressive homeless people are running rampant and destroying his neighborhood and business, and that he will soon need to replace his back door as it is rusted out from repeated exposure to urine.

“They create a lot of garbage. There is feces on the sidewalk. People piss on back door. It smells; it’s a public health nuisance,” DeSaulniers said. “The public health department wants us to keep everything nice, but when you walk outside the door, it’s like the plague all over again.”

“About every half hour to hour, we have some kind of incident — theft, violence, crazy people walking around, people who need mental health [help]. There’s needles everywhere. People have threatened me with a needle.”

DeSaulniers says he often finds people selling or doing drugs in his bathroom, as well as homeless encampments around his store.

“Police can’t really do much, we call all the time and it feels like our voices aren’t being heard,” Desaulniers said. “Nothing’s changing, everything is just getting worse and worse and worse.”

“It’s just not worth it. You know, we pay taxes to the city. The police can’t do anything. The laws have changed.”

Owen Shroyer and Will Johnson join The Alex Jones Show to discuss violent, mindless zombies being allowed to roam the streets.

Dan Lyman:

Residents of Portland, Oregon, are growing desperate as the homeless crisis and related issues spiral out of control.

Locals and business owners have reached their breaking point, with even the “most liberal of bleeding hearts” becoming hardened by the chaos and decay playing out in their city, according to a new report by Fox News.

“Residents, the homeless and advocates say they’ve lost faith in their elected officials’ ability to solve the issue,” Fox reports. “Most of the cities have thrown hundreds of millions of dollars at the problem only to watch it get worse. This is what we saw in Portland.”

Portlanders say expensive solutions have not produced results, and mental illness is rampant and untreated.

“How safe is it to have mentally ill homeless people walking around on the streets?” said Naomi Oliver. “Is it better to throw them in jail? Isn’t that what they are doing now?”

Drug abuse is also a key contributor to the issues plaguing Portland and other West Coast cities.

“I have had people literally running into my store saying ‘I do not feel safe’ and that’s the thing that flipped my switch,” said gift shop owner Michael Kirby. “Portland needs to fix this.”

Kirby says a homeless man recently “shot up” in front of his store.

“He had a needle in his arm and was passed out,” Kirby said. “What could we do? We literally cannot do anything as business owners.”

Another local business owner says her store has been vandalized and she regularly has to clean up feces and dirty needles in front of her building.

“It’s definitely an enormous problem,” she said. “It’s a terrible thing for someone from out of town to see. It’s not a good face for the city.”

Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies joins The Alex Jones Show to discuss microdosing culture and the spying eyes of Silicon Valley.

Dan Lyman:

Thousands of homeless and destitute Maine residents are being brushed aside as officials scramble to instead accommodate ‘asylum seekers’ who have recently arrived in the state from points around the globe.

Dozens of homeless Mainers, including veterans and families with children, expressed their frustrations to local CBS affiliate WGME, however most reportedly refused to go on record for fear of facing retribution or penalties as they await government aid.

“The I-Team found more than 18,000 Mainers are on a waiting list for Section 8 and that’s just one program to help low-income families get affordable housing,” WGME reports.

“Many of those people are homeless and hungry and have already been waiting years for their number to be called.”

Meanwhile, some 200 ‘asylum seekers’ who have been living in an emergency shelter at the Portland Expo center are now being moved quickly into temporary housing, while another 150 who arrived in June have already been relocated to units around the state.

The city of Portland has allocated some $870,000 from a donation fund to cover housing and food expenses.

“Of course when the asylum seekers come up here they offered them free housing. How do they have a place for them but not for us?” said Zanetta Smith, who spent five years in her car and now lives in a friend’s storage shed in the woods without toilet, shower, or running water.

“It was pretty tough in the wintertime,” said Smith, who reportedly lost her apartment after a serious illness that prevented her from being able to work. “You fall into bad times, and sometimes it’s hard to get out of it.”

Dan Brennan, director of the Maine State Housing Authority, claims the issues pertaining to Maine homeless and ‘asylum seekers’ are completely separate.

“There simply is not enough supply of units available for people who need them,” Brennan told WGME. “The asylum seekers are a very unique situation in which it’s a temporary situation for them, it’s not permanent housing. They’re not getting a housing opportunity that someone on the waiting list would be afforded.”

“We fully feel this short period of assistance will help the folks as they become self-sufficient and begin to settle here in Maine.”

Governor Janet Mills has reportedly assigned $172,303 from the Governor’s Contingency Account to cover a year of rent expenses for ‘asylum seekers.’

In June, when hundreds of Congolese migrants were unloaded in Texas after arriving at the southern border, San Antonio Assistant City Manager Colleen Bridger revealed that many of the new arrivals had been slated for relocation to Maine, but Portland officials reportedly begged out of the arrangement.

“The plan was 350 of them would travel from San Antonio to Portland,” Bridger told a local CBS station. “When we reached out to Portland, Maine, they said, ‘Please don’t send us anymore. We’re already stretched way beyond our capacity.'”

FLASHBACK: The U.S. southern border is as porous as ever and now unvetted migrants from Congo are being released onto the streets of the America.

Dan Lyman:

Los Angeles is on the verge of a significant disease outbreak in the coming months, according to prominent physician and media personality Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Pinsky issued the ominous warning during an appearance on the The Brian Kilmeade Show, citing the city’s stunning homeless crisis, growing rodent and insect infestation, and deplorable sanitation conditions.

“I live in the great state of California, the utopia that is California, which is a nightmare,” Pinsky said. “I want to give you a prediction here: There will be a major infectious disease epidemic this summer in Los Angeles.”

“We have tens and tens of thousands of people living in tents. Horrible conditions. Sanitation. Rats have taken over the city. We’re the only city in the country, Los Angeles, without a rodent control program. We have multiple rodent-borne, flea-borne illnesses, plague, typhus.”

“We’re going to have louse-borne illness,” Pinsky continued. “If measles breaks into that population, we have tuberculosis exploding. Literally, our politicians are like Nero. It’s worse than Nero.”

Earlier this year, officials began planning to remove all carpets from L.A. City Hall amid concerns about a typhus outbreak brought on by a rat infestation in the building.

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Pinsky said. “I feel like I’m on a train track waving at the train and the train is going to go off the bridge. The bridge is out.”

“Here’s what I want to do, I want to take away qualified immunity from the politicians so we can go after them for reckless negligence.”

Longtime Los Angeles business owner Karen Hix recently appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to shed light on the conditions in her city, sharing disturbing photographs of homeless encampments and garbage piles lining the streets of downtown.

“Some of these pictures are almost too disgusting to put on the screen, but we have a number of them, of RVs – people are living those full-time?” Carlson asked.

“Yes, people are living in them full-time,” Hix confirmed. “You’ll notice there is raw sewage that is coming out. This raw sewage ends up in one place – in our gutters, which go down to our ocean. It’s more than an environmental crisis, it’s a health crisis down in this area.”

Tucker Carlson interviewed Los Angeles resident Karen Hix the trash and raw sewage lining the streets of LA.

Dan Lyman: