Tufts University has announced it will host a temporary art project during which signs mimicking fire escape plans will be posted in buildings to inform illegal aliens how to flee potential Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids.

The “ICE Escape Signs” will be unique to each building in which they are placed, featuring floor plans and emergency exit routes.

Started by artist Jenny Polak, the project will be featured at Tufts during the coming school year as part of a broader year-long series designed to be displayed outside the art galleries called, “Walls Turned Sideways: Artists Confront the Justice System.”

“Polak will work with the Tufts community to create a series of site-respondent signs throughout campus beginning in the fall as part of her ongoing series – ICE Escape Signs. A decentered public art project, ICE Escape Signs are designed for specific floorplans and draw attention to the fact that people are living in daily fear of being caught in a raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement,” the Tufts University Art Galleries website explains.

Venues that have already hosted the project include NJIT School of Architecture, Newark, NJ; Tompkins County Public Library, Ithaca, NY; Seven Hills Conference Center, CA; Queens Central Library Gallery, Jamaica, NY; and the Copenhagen Central Library, Denmark, according to Polak’s website.

“She’s been doing this project since the late 90s, where she’s created ICE escape signs,” Chief Curator Dina Deitsch told Tuft’s Daily. “On the visual level, it looks like a fire escape sign, but talks about immigration politics and policies, and it’s just called ‘ICE Escape Signs.’”

“For populations that are not at risk, but then also for communities that are at risk, how do you create an empathetic or sympathetic, forward-thinking space about it?”

Asked for comment by Campus Reform, Tufts University spokesman Patrick Collins said the “exhibits that are highlighted by Tufts University Art Galleries are meant to provoke and encourage thoughtful, constructive dialogue, an important aspect of Tufts’ commitment to promoting civic engagement in the lives of its students and community members.”

“As a university, we recognize the power of art to stimulate conversation about difficult issues of the day. Inclusion of artwork for exhibition does not indicate university support for the views expressed.”

An AP report sheds light on the inner workings of the migrant camps where children are well cared for.

Dan Lyman:

A Ukrainian man who reportedly arrived in the U.S. as a refugee has been charged with killing seven bikers in New Hampshire, and now Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has filed a detainer with local sheriffs.

Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, 23, was recently given permanent resident status in the U.S. despite an extensive criminal record, including multiple arrests for drunk driving, a DUI conviction, and a drug conviction.

Zhukovskyy is suspected of “driving erratically and crossed the center line” on a two lane highway before plowing head-on into a column of motorcyclists near Mount Washington, New Hampshire, on Friday night, killing seven, including five Marine veterans and a married couple.

State police say they confiscated “wax packets containing a residue suspected of being heroin” from Zhukovskyy, and additional charges could be brought against him if they test positive.

A judge ordered him held after he pleaded not guilty to seven counts of negligent homicide.

Zhukovskyy holds a lengthy record of convictions, arrests, and driving-related incidents, including at least two which occurred in the past two months.

On May 11, Zhukovskyy “failed a sobriety test after someone called the cops to tell them that someone was revving a truck engine and druggedly jumping around outside of a Walmart, according to the police report from the incident,” the Boston Herald reports. “The officers who showed up arrested Zhukovskyy and were so alarmed by his ‘suicidal comments and extreme behavior’ that they turned him over to medics and sent him to the hospital.”

On June 3, a tractor-trailer Zhukovskyy was driving near Houston, Texas, flipped over during a violent crash which he blamed on another driver who had allegedly cut him off and caused him to swerve, according to police.

“In that same Texas town, cops arrested him four months earlier on Feb. 11, when at 2 a.m. at the local Denny’s, Zhukovskyy was sitting at the counter ‘talking to himself and acting strange,'” the Herald reports. “Police searched him and found a crack pipe, charging him with possession of drug paraphernalia.”

Despite this troubling record, Zhukovskyy maintained a valid Massachusetts license as well as a commercial trucking license.

Emerging details surrounding the New Hampshire crash has prompted Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles chief Erin Deveney to resign.

“The state Registry of Motor Vehicles chief has resigned over the case of the trucker charged with killing seven bikers in New Hampshire, after the agency admitted it failed to suspend the 23-year-old driver’s truck license following a drunken driving arrest in Connecticut last month,” according to the Boston Herald.

The fallen riders all belonged to the Marine JarHeads motorcycle club, which has established a GoFundMe for victim and family support.

Tucker Carlson called out the Koch brothers for their influence on a political party that they actively do not agree with.

Dan Lyman:

Border authorities have released stunning new data indicating that agents are detaining some 2,400 families every day, while discovering more than 25 percent of family claims are fraudulent.

U.S. Border Patrol chief Carla Provost also revealed that tens of thousands of migrants are being released into the interior of the country due to overloading of federal agencies and current asylum policies.

“In April, Border Patrol apprehended an average of over 2,400 families and children EACH DAY and ICE & HHS lack the capacity to keep up,” Provost tweeted. “Because of these capacity issues, USBP has had to directly release more than 33,000 people since March 19.”

“I informed Congress today that our apprehension numbers are off the charts. As of April 30, we’ve apprehended over 460k people on the [Southwest Border]. Only 7 months into the fiscal year & we have surpassed the TOTAL southern border apprehensions of every year since 2009!”

“I testified that for the first time in Border Patrol history, nearly ½ of the adults we caught in April brought children,” Provost continued. “Migrants know single adults will be detained, but that if they bring a child, they will be released. Congress must address these vulnerabilities.”

Meanwhile, Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Matthew T. Albence has sounded the alarm about adult migrants and human traffickers exploiting children in order to game current family asylum laws.

Albence told Breitbart News that Homeland Security Investigations teams have been deployed to audit family claims in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

“The results have been staggering thus far,” Albence said. “In just a couple of weeks, we’ve interviewed 256 family units and identified 65 fraudulent families. Almost three out of every ten families we’ve interviewed have become fraudulent.”

“Within the first week of the operation, we found a little seven-year-old girl from Guatemala, her mother rented her three times in the past year to be brought here to this country so that the adult can be released.”

Albence explained that children are regularly brought into the U.S. and then trafficked back to their home countries to be “recycled” and used again to escort more unrelated adults across the border.

“If they changed the laws to allow us to detain these families as a unit together for a short period of time as we go through the immigration process, this would almost stop,” Albence asserted.

“It happened before when we set up family detention in 2014-15 the numbers plummeted. The same thing would happen again.”

A new viral video from Kaitlin Bennett reveals the level of indoctrination that white people have been subjected to as they agree to pay reparations for the role they played in slavery in America.

Dan Lyman:

Cities that have opted to declare themselves as welcome zones for illegal aliens “deserve” to be targeted by President Trump’s proposed migrant dumping scheme, according to former acting director of U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Thomas Homan.

Homan asserted that migrants from around the world are seeking entrance to the U.S. in the hopes of landing in ‘sanctuary cities,’ which they hope will shower them with benefits and protection from federal authorities.

“I think they deserve to see the results of their failed polices,” said Homan.

“He played a smart hand. He knew most of these people were already going to sanctuary cities, but what he did was pull the curtain back on Democratic leadership.”

Homan called out the “pure hypocrisy” of Democrat lawmakers who push for open borders while projecting outrage when it is brought to their doorsteps.

“Because of these sanctuary policies, this is one of the reasons they come to this country,” Homan said. “They think they can enter this country illegally, move to a sanctuary city where they are provided free services, free social services, free college tuition, in-state tuition, driver’s licenses…”

“I’ve been fighting sanctuary cities for the past several years and I’ve talked about it in front of Congress and talked about with the media,” he continued. “Sanctuary cities are dangerous for the community because they knowingly release criminal aliens back into the public to re-offend… and over half will re-offend in the first year.”

“It’s dangerous for the officers of ICE, who… rather than arrest a guy in the safety of the county jail — now we have to go to the neighborhood and find the rest of them,” Homan said. “It doesn’t protect the immigrant community because ICE goes into the community to find the bad guys, and they’re mostly likely going to find others that weren’t even on the radar.”

The lack of criticism from the left of Ilhan Omar and AOC is evidence of the left’s double standards.

President Trump’s selection for the acting head of Department of Homeland Security (DHS), following the departure of ex-chief Kirstjen Nielsen, has triggered dissenting reactions from two former officials with intimate knowledge of the challenges at the southern border.

Former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director Thomas Homan and former Arizona sheriff Paul Babeu, both of whom are known for strong positions on border security, have offered divergent assessments of the appointment of former Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Kevin McAleenan as acting DHS head.

“He knows border issues, and he can hit the ground running,” said Homan. “He knows the border… He will start day one.”

“He will think outside the box,” he continued. “He will put his foot on the gas.”

In contrast, Babeu, who served as sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona, until the end of 2016, does not see eye-to-eye with Homan, effectively calling McAleenan a globalist operative in a recent tweet.

“Deep state McAleenan to replace Nielsen at DHS?” Babeu wrote. “McAleenan is known as the architect of Obama’s ‘Catch and Release.’ This is almost unbelievable!”

McAleenan recently held an emergency press conference in El Paso, Texas, to warn that the U.S. immigration system had reached the “breaking point,” amid an unprecedented surge of migrant families seeking to penetrate the border.

“Two weeks ago, I briefed the media and testified in Congress that our immigration system was at the breaking point,” McAleenan said on March 27. “That breaking point has arrived this week at our border.”

Infowars’ Owen Shroyer made a visit to deliver avocados to his local chapter of the Democratic party.

The national emergency unfolding at the U.S. Southern border is a “meltdown” of unprecedented scale, according to correlating statements made by a former Border Patrol chief and a current director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Mark Morgan, who led Customs and Border Patrol under President Obama, asserts that this is the worst immigration catastrophe in U.S. history.

“This is a question that people really need to pay attention to: I am saying, based on 30 years of public service, that the crisis we face right now along the Southwest border is actually the worst we’ve ever experienced in our history — the worst,” Morgan told Tucker Carlson.

“People want to talk about the numbers back in the 2000s, 1.5 million — it’s the demographics, Tucker. Back then, 90 percent — the overwhelming majority — were Mexican males and we were deporting them. Now it’s family units and unaccompanied minors, and because our laws are broken, we’re allowing them in.”

Morgan explained that roughly 65% of those who attempt to enter the U.S. illegally or via asylum loopholes end up staying.

“We’re going to reach a million this year — that means we’re going to allow 650,000 into this country, much of which we don’t know who they are and we’ll never hear from them again,” Morgan said.

Concurrently, acting ICE director Ron Vitiello offered a grim assessment of the status of America’s Southern frontier.

“It’s an absolute crisis down there, it has humanitarian aspects, it has border security aspects — this policy can’t continue,” Vitiello told Fox News. “The system is in a meltdown. It’s just getting worse day by day.”

Vitiello revealed that over 130,000 migrant families have been released into the interior of the United States since December alone.

Commenting on President Trump’s imminent visit to Calexico to meet with officials, Vitiello said, “What he is going to see is this unbelievable flow at the border and no way for us to legally address it without Congress acting.”

Alex Jones issues an emergency message to President Trump, suggesting that he must close the U.S. southern border, finish building the wall, and stop the flow of illegal immigration to stop America’s collapse.

Democrats are serving as public relations agents for criminals south of America’s border, according to Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan.

Homan was responding to a Fox host reporting that 42 million Latin Americans are watching the southern border to determine the “best time” to infiltrate the U.S.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t they? If there’s no consequence, no deterrence — Look, these criminal organization, the cartels, they’re getting fat with money and the Democrats are helping them,” said Homan.

“They don’t need a PR campaign. They got the Democrats doing it for them.”

Correspondingly, if Democrats get what they want, ICE will have to release 30,000 criminals from detention, Homan added during his Monday talk on Fox and Friends.

“I’ve been saying for almost a year that I don’t think they’re ever going to accomplish the ‘abolish ICE’ that they’ve been saying they’re going to do,” he said. “But I’ve been saying what they’re going to do is bankrupt ICE to make them ineffective.”

“They’ll take their money away so they can’t do their job.”

Homan detailed how Dem’s are exploiting ICE’s caps on detention beds to effectively force the agency to release tens of thousands.

“The number they put on the table, like 32,000 cap beds,” he said. “Understand ICE is currently at 47,000, which means there’re 15,000 over the cap. Now we’re halfway through the year. To get to that 32,000 by the end of year they’re going to have to go 15,000 below 32.”

“So that means if they’re 15,000 above, they have to go 15,000 below — ICE will have to release 30,000 people from custody.”

Furthermore, during President Trump’s state of the Union address, Democrats revealed their priorities to the nation by not applauding Trump when he said he was going to bankrupt the drug cartels and target sex trafficking on the southern border.

Alex Jones explains how this may bring about actual collapse of civilization.