A man from Connecticut was arrested and charged with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization as he prepared to embark on a journey to Turkey to join ISIS, officials say.

Ahmad Khalil Elshazly, 22, was apprehended at a marina in Stonington, Conn., while attempting to arrange a sea journey to Turkey, according to charging documents reviewed by the New York Post.

Elshazly had made “numerous statements to others, both in person and through online messaging applications, expressing a desire to travel to Syria and the surrounding area to fight on behalf of ISIS,” a court filing states.

Undercover informants quote Elshazly as saying, “I want to go to the caliphate and fight there. I can kill maybe … like a hundred kaffir [infidels]. I can kill them. A hundred kaffirs.”

“If I do something here how many kaffirs could I kill? One, two, three and then I get shot and I die. It is more benefitting if I go there, I could kill more and will get more faithful rewards.”

Elshazly is reportedly a U.S. citizen, but hoped to see the country “burn.”

“They say, ‘War has started and we are marching to it’ … but all doors are closed, closed. I am talking to myself now, asking myself, ‘How do I get there? How can I help Muslims? How can I do anything?'” Elshazly reportedly told informants.

“God willing! May this country [United States] burn the same way they burned Muslims! May they burn in fire at the end!”

After saving approximately $1,000 to journey to Jordan and Syria to join ISIS, Elshazly reportedly deemed air travel too risky, instead seeking passage on a cargo ship bound for Turkey.

“The National Security Division is committed to identifying and holding accountable those who continue to seek to provide material support to foreign terrorist organizations,” Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers announced in a statement.

Elshazly has been ordered held without bail by a federal judge in New Haven and faces up to 20 years in prison.

In the wake of gun control threats by Gov. Ralph Northam, Virginians are declaring sanctuaries for gun laws.

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Dan Lyman:

A Muslim employee of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has filed a discrimination complaint alleging his requests for special scheduling to accommodate prayer and Ramadan observances were rejected.

The man, identified in the affidavit as a 40-year-old Bengali-American, claims his original request for religious accommodation was honored, but upon filing for an extension with new criteria, as well as additional exceptions for Ramadan, he was denied.

“Since May 4, 2019, I have been forced to choose between my religion and my ability to earn a living,” the man says. “Because I am observing my faith at work, my job is at risk.”

In his complaint, the part-time employee says he was initially granted a three-month period during which he was allowed to use his lunch break to leave for Friday prayers and then return to work.

When it came time to re-apply for the religious accommodation, the Islamic calendar then called for prayer hours that fell outside of his normal lunch break.

The second accommodation request, which included a change in the hours of his Friday lunch break, was reportedly denied.

“We cannot [accommodate] your request to leave during the day on Friday’s for your religious observance,” a DMV representative allegedly wrote. “An essential function of your position is to work certain hours. Altering your schedule poses an undue hardship on the operational needs of the office.”

Additionally, the man requested a specific, constricted schedule for the month of Ramadan (11:30am to 3:15pm), which was also reportedly denied.

“I believe I am being punished and retaliated against because I am observing my religious practice of attending congregational prayer,” he says.

“I believe the foregoing actions were and are based on improper discrimination on the basis of my religion and/or national origin. These actions have caused and will cause great damage to me, including, but not limited to lost compensation and benefits, damaged to my career and reputation; and substantial emotional distress.”

The man says that since May, he has “forced to leave the workplace every Friday at 1:30pm to attend congregational prayers,” but is prohibited from clocking back in.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is representing the man, announced the filing of the complaint on Monday.

Alex Jones breaks down the way leftists plan to pull America into a hot civil war.

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Dan Lyman:

A city council in Australia has voted to scrap funding for an annual Christmas event over supposed concern that not all religions in the community are included, while simultaneously protecting the budget for the annual staff Christmas party.

Mitcham Council in Adelaide has opted to end ‘Carols By the Creek,’ which has been held for nearly twenty-five years.

“People of Muslim faith, and Sikh faith, and the multitude of other faiths we have in our community may not feel included,” Counselor Darren Kruse told local media.

The decision drew backlash from the community, as well as some in Australian media.

“What weak, self-loathing rot. People talk about the culture wars – this is cultural shame, cultural humiliation, cultural embarrassment, it’s even cultural vandalism,” said Sky News’ Chris Kenny. “There’s no shame in continuing your culture, enjoying it, adding to it, and celebrating it.”

“This episode just exposes the intellectual, moral, social, and cultural weakness of the virtue signalers and the green-left poseurs.”

Kenny went on to point out that councilors open every meeting with an acknowledgement that the land upon which they meet is the “traditional land” of the indigenous Kaurna people, whose “spiritual relationship with their country” is respected by local officials.

“So, indigenous spiritual beliefs are deferred to at every council meeting, but it seeks to remove funding from a function tied to Christian beliefs?” Kenny said. “You’re either in to these spiritual beliefs, or you’re not.”

Additionally, while councilors aimed to save $45,000 in canceling Carols By the Creek, they ensured that $12,000 was still budgeted for the staff Christmas party.

“They might not like carols, but they won’t scrap their own prawns and bubbly,” Kenny said.

Outrage from constituents has prompted the council to call a special meeting to revisit their decision.

Alex Jones breaks down how history is repeating itself, and the modern day Democrat crusade against conservatives in America resembles the outrageousness seen during the French ‘Reign Of Terror.’

Dan Lyman:

The winning team of the Football Association Challenge Cup will no longer receive a celebratory champagne gift at the end of the game in deference to players whose religion forbids alcohol consumption.

The FA Cup, the oldest football competition in the world, has traditionally ended with players joyfully spraying sparkling wine on the pitch and drinking it in the clubhouse, but those days have officially come to an end.

“Winning teams will be awarded with non-alcoholic ‘champagne’ for their celebrations in all FA competitions, starting from this year’s Emirates FA Cup Final,” an FA spokesman told the Daily Mail.

“This is to ensure that we are as inclusive as possible to players and communities who may be prohibited from alcohol, as well as any players who are under 18.”

The Mail reports that the decision was not a result of complaints or outside pressure, but an internal one that has been planned for some time.

“FA chiefs had considered implementing the change sooner but were concerned that they would be branded as ‘party-poopers,’” the paper was told.

Representatives of British Islamic groups praised the decision in statements provided to Sportsmail.

“Such a move can only be seen as a positive step in the direction of inclusiveness and opening the game to everyone whilst accommodating for their different backgrounds and beliefs,” said Anas Altikriti, president of the Muslim Association of Britain.

“We have all recently seen high profile discriminatory incidents in men’s and women’s football towards players from many diverse communities, including those from the Muslim faith,” the Muslim Council of Britain announced.

While many media outlets have tip-toed around the implications of the policy change, Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes published a grim headline that could prove unwittingly prescient down the line:

“Out of respect for Islam, champagne disappears.”

Could the Notre Dame cathedral fire signal the grand finale of the Islamic takeover of France?

Dan Lyman:

A popular YouTube content creator from Egypt has announced his exit from Islam, citing “racism and cruelty” fueled by the ideology as driving factors for his decision.

Shady Srour, 24, currently boasts over 4.4 million YouTube subscribers. He recently broadcast his departure from Islam in a viral Facebook post that has garnered over 102,000 comments at the time of this writing.

“I left Islam because of racism and cruelty in the hearts of people who are supposed to believe in god, but in fact, they are a bunch of insincere hypocrites,” Srour wrote in Arabic on Facebook.

Srour also asserts that cyber-bullying by fellow Muslims nearly drove him to suicide last year, saying it pushed him to a high level of “psychological torment as a human being.”

Top comments on the post have garnered up to 46,000 reactions, ranging from sentiments of support to aggressive denunciation.

“Srour is one of YouTube’s top earners in the region,” notes RT. “His case has highlighted a growing trend of Egyptians turning against Islam, many suggesting the religion has played a role in the social chaos plaguing the country.”

In a follow-up video released after his Facebook statement, Srour reportedly explains his belief that those who had harassed him in the past were not “true Muslims” and that Islam was not to blame in those instances.

Dan Lyman:

Muslim Community Patrol vehicles are now patrolling the streets of New York City and many are now calling out the creeping agenda to enact sharia law in America.

Premier François Legault has rejected calls for a ‘national day to combat Islamophobia’ in the Canadian province of Quebec.

Islamic groups have reportedly lobbied for the specially-designated day, but Legault shot the idea down after his deputy premier Genevieve Guilbault seemed to entertain the possibility.

Geneviève was careful in saying that we were going to look at that,” Legault said during a press conference. “We looked at it, and there won’t be any, that’s clear.”

“I don’t think there is Islamophobia in Quebec, so I don’t see why there would be a day devoted to Islamophobia,” Legault responded when pressed further by reporters.

Canadian leftists and mainstream media have spun the matter into a ‘controversy,’ slamming Legault for being allegedly insensitive to the issue two years after a shooting at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre left six dead.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims reportedly blasted Legault, calling it “an absolute insult to the families of the victims” of the mosque shooting.

Legault has since issued an explanation of his original comments, but is holding firm on his overall position.

“Mr. Legault wanted to say there is no current of Islamophobia in Quebec,” a statement from Legault’s office explains. “Islamophobia exists in Quebec, xenophobia, racism and hatred, but not a current of Islamophobia. Quebec is not Islamophobic or racist.”

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage has recommended that Jan. 29th be designated a “national day of remembrance and action on Islamophobia and other forms of religious discrimination.”

Dan Lyman:

Political correctness in the UK has reached unprecedented levels of insanity as the left eats itself alive. Paul Joseph Watson breaks down 3 must see stories that will shock all liberty lovers.

Anyone in Italy found celebrating the deadly attack in Strasbourg, France, will be arrested in an effort to crack down on proponents of radical Islam and terrorism, says Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

Salvini issued the warning during a visit to Israel as Italian authorities raised counter-terrorism alerts and checks to their highest levels, according to Ansa.

This is a situation for utmost attention from north to south for all radicalized, terrorists and returning extremists,” Salvini said. “We need to identify, search, block, and stop by all means — verify who comes in and who leaves the country. This is not a right but a duty for the defense of the territory and borders.”

Our post police are on the cutting edge and they are scouring the web to look for the infamous people who are celebrating the death of someone else,” he continued, vowing the “immediate arrest of anyone in these hours who is rejoicing online.”

Salvini also tweeted an image of himself praying for the victims of the attack, in which two people were killed and 13 injured.

“A prayer for the victims from Jerusalem, where I am now,” he wrote. “But it is not enough. Total is my commitment, as a man and as a minister, that the terrorists are blocked and eliminated, in Europe and in the world, by any lawful means.”

Suspected terrorist Cherif Chekatt, 29, a French citizen of Moroccan origin, is still on the run at the time of this writing, and authorities say he likely slipped across the open border into Germany, where he also holds a criminal record.

“Despite the gunman being a known extremist, he was able to flee the country by exploiting Europe’s lack of any border controls between France and Germany,” reports Infowars. “While ISIS has not yet claimed last night’s attack in Strasbourg, the group’s supporters were celebrating the incident as soon as it was reported.”

Dan Lyman: