The victim of a vicious 2018 attack allegedly carried out by MS-13 gang members has been found dead ahead of trial, prompting speculation about new criminal justice reforms which effectively unmask witnesses.

Wilmer Maldonado Rodriguez, 36, was found bludgeoned to death in the Long Island hamlet of New Cassel on Sunday, just days ahead of the projected start of a trial in which he was preparing to testify.

In 2018, Rodriguez intervened on behalf of two boys who were being threatened by MS-13 gang members before he was beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed multiple times, investigators say.

Authorities arrested nine members of MS-13 following the attack.

“This courageous man was prepared to testify against his alleged assailants at an upcoming trial, but he was brutally beaten to death before he could,” Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas told Newsday in a statement.

“This case underscores the importance of safeguarding the identities of witnesses and victims of crime, and our hearts are with Mr. Maldonado’s family and friends as we grieve his loss.”

As Newsday notes, “under the criminal justice reform that took effect Jan. 1, the defense was entitled to have all discovery information for a certain amount of days before a trial.”

“The identity of Rodriguez was originally under a protective order but was later turned over according to a judge’s instruction as part of pre-trial discovery in which the prosecution reveals its evidence so the defense can prepare,” Newsday reports.

The judge in the trial had reportedly forbidden defense lawyers from revealing Rodriguez’s identity to their clients ahead of the trial’s scheduled start.

However, some officials drew a connection between the new laws and Rodriguez’s death.

Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder revealed Rodriguez is the second witness to be attacked ahead of trial, with another being fired upon just days prior to Rodriguez’s death.

“We don’t know if the defense counsel turned that information over to the defendants, but we do know that right after that time period … started this pattern of intimidation,” Ryder said.

“The individuals — whoever did this attack — we believe had received that information,” he asserted, referring to the witnesses’s identities, during a press conference on Wednesday.

Multiple defense attorneys involved in the case have vehemently denied providing such information to their clients.

“I never gave him the name of those people. And he never asked me for it,” said defense attorney Grey Madey.

“I’m offended by the allegation that Denis Pineda had something to do with orchestrating this murder,” Madey continued, referring to his client.

Rodriguez was reportedly homeless at the time of his death.

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Dan Lyman:

The body of a deceased homeless man was discovered by commuters in a New York City subway car on Tuesday night, according to reports.

The corpse was covered in bed bugs, police sources told the New York Post.

“Straphangers reported the grisly discovery and alerted police when the train pulled into Manhattan’s 59th Street-Columbus Circle station around 8:40 p.m.,” the Post reports.

“The man was pronounced dead on the scene, sources said. It was unclear how long he had been dead.”

Winter weather reportedly brings an increase in homeless people dying on NYC trains.

“It’s a sad situation — every winter this is prevalent because you have people seeking shelter on the trains,” said local transit union spokesman Nelson Rivera. “But the police come to take these people and there are no resources and nowhere to take them. They get bounced around.”

Just hours after the incident, the NYC subway system in Queens was plunged into chaos while a control tower underwent emergency fumigation for a bed bug infestation.

“At approximately 4:30pm, our management team requested a fumigation of the Continental Master Control Tower, which we immediately commenced,” the New York City Subway authority tweeted on Wednesday. “All of our personnel were evacuated from the tower.”

Deaths of homeless people in NYC have risen astronomically in the past two years, totaling 404 between July 2018 and June 2019 – a 39 percent jump from the prior fiscal year and the highest since 2006.

“The number of homeless has climbed nearly every year since [Mayor Bill] de Blasio took office, and spending on city homeless services has more than doubled,” the Post reports.

NYC now has its largest homeless population since the Great Depression, with at least 63,000 people living on the streets, according to figures tracked by Coalition for the Homeless.

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Dan Lyman:

The suspect in a vicious attack on a New York Police Department officer was released just hours later, despite the incident being captured on camera, according to reports.

Steven Haynes, 40, allegedly punched an officer and pinned him to the ground in front of a Bank of America in Brooklyn Heights while the officer’s partner attempted to remove Haynes.

Haynes reportedly has at least 24 prior arrests and is now facing a lengthy list of charges, including “assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, disorderly conduct and an alcohol violation,” the New York Post reports.

Haynes “returned to Livingston and Court streets in Downtown Brooklyn — where police say he slugged and brawled with one of New York’s Finest on Thursday — after being cut loose, irritating local merchants who say he’s been a troublesome presence on the block for months,” the Post reports.

Michael Vitiello, manager of a local Italian restaurant, expressed his shock that Haynes is already back on the streets.

“No bail. Three hours, he was back in the same spot,” Vitiello told the Post. “They had a cop sitting there, just watching him. He got his own security ‘cuz he’s a celebrity now.”

“They could have locked him up in Bellevue last night, but they didn’t do it. Now he’s back in the street causing problems.”

New York City judges have reportedly begun releasing defendants facing ‘lower level’ charges ahead of a bail reform measure set to take effect statewide on January 1, 2020.

“The criminal justice reforms don’t take effect until Jan. 1, but the consequences can already be seen,” said former NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. “The laws are seriously flawed thanks to Albany’s rush to pass it in the dead of night without debate. It’s clear the ‘reform’ itself needs to be reformed.”

Infowars correspondent and former GOP delegate Richard Reeves joins The Alex Jones Show to break down how to get Trump re-elected in 2020.

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Dan Lyman:

More than 90,000 packages are disappearing every day in New York City as delivery thefts soar, according to the New York Times.

The city has seen a 15 percent increase in packages failing to reach their final destinations on first delivery attempt due to thieves or other miscellaneous factors, transportation experts say.

“In New York City, where more orders are delivered than anywhere else in the country, over 90,000 packages a day are stolen or disappear without explanation, up roughly 20 percent from four years ago,” the Times reports.

“We’re going to keep reminding you about this throughout the holiday shopping season,” the NYPD warned in a recent tweet detailing a list of steps shoppers should take to protect their purchases.

Police rarely investigate package theft, emboldening criminals and forcing many online shoppers and courier services to take prevention into their own hands.

NYC residents are installing doorbell cameras and replacing outdated mailboxes, or even arranging to have packages delivered to their offices or relatives’ homes.

UPS, FedEx, and Amazon are implementing a growing network of “secure delivery sites” and lockers across the city, while many local businesses are acting as trusted receivers for a small fee.

An estimated 1.7 million packages reportedly go missing nationwide on a daily basis, amounting to more than $25 million in losses.

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Dan Lyman:

A new policy which will soon pave the way for illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses in the state of New York greatly undermines national security and immigration enforcement, a former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official warns.

The “Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act,” otherwise known as the ‘Green Light Law,’ is set to go into effect on Dec. 14, despite strong opposition from voters and some county clerks in the state.

While the law effectively compels the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue driver’s licenses to foreign nationals illegally present in the U.S., it also restricts “what information can be retained and given out on those applying or holding standard driver’s licenses.”

Eric Kirkwood (pseudonym), a retired DHS official, warns the policy will be abused by illegal aliens and criminals, and will also create “serious and unprecedented hurdles for immigration enforcement.”

In a detailed report published by the Center for Immigration Studies, Kirkwood presents four key ways in which the Green Light Law undermines national security:

1. It provides aliens illegally in the United States and/or others with nefarious intentions a method to obtain a legitimate, state-issued document for identification.

2. It requires New York State to issue an identity document based upon information provided by a foreign government with no provision to verify the accuracy of the information.

3. It prohibits Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection from using information maintained by NYDMV.

4. It creates numerous paradoxical law enforcement relationships that inhibit public safety and immigration enforcement.

New York Department of Motor Vehicles employees will now be forced to accept over 600 foreign identity documents, with virtually no protocols in place to verify their authenticity, according to Kirkwood.

“In addition to licensing illegal aliens, the Green-Light law codifies New York’s intent to shield the licensees from detection by immigration enforcement agencies,” Kirkwood explains.

Multiple county clerks in more conservative regions of upstate New York say they will refuse to issue licenses to illegal aliens, and may even report applicants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as Infowars recently reported.

Organization pledges to “arrest and purge” corporate leaders who resist.

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Dan Lyman:

County clerks in New York are mounting a revolt against a law which will enable illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses.

The “Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act” is set to go into effect on Dec. 14th, but some county clerks say they will refuse to issue licenses to illegal aliens, and may even report applicants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to the New York Times.

“If you come into my facility and you have done something illegal, it is my obligation to report you to the appropriate authorities, whether you’re a citizen or not,” said Allegany County clerk Robert L. Christman.

At least four county clerks have reportedly announced they do not plan to comply with the so-called ‘Green Light Law.’

“Although in most states the Department of Motor Vehicles is administered by state agents, in upstate New York these duties frequently fall on county clerks, many of whom are elected,” the Times reports.

“If they deliver on their threats, the clerks could face repercussions: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo could remove dissenting clerks from office or yank D.M.V. responsibilities away from their counties, which keep a small percentage of the revenue they collect for handling these services.”

Gov. Cuomo’s office reportedly declined to comment on the matter.

In addition to authorizing the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue driver’s licenses to foreign nationals illegally present in the U.S., the bill also seeks to restrict “what information can be retained and given out on those applying or holding standard drivers’ licenses.”

School Shootings And Suicidal Fish

Authorities are wasting no time in taking advantage of the school shooting in Santa Clarita, demanding less freedom and more surveillance.

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Dan Lyman:

New York City police say they are looking for a man who punched a 53-year-old woman in the head outside a church in Queens.

Video of the attack was shared by NYPD News on social media.

“WANTED for ASSAULT: Do you know this guy? On 10/28 at approx 12:00 PM, in front of 136-76 41st Ave in Queens, the suspect punched a 53-year-old female victim in the head as she was exiting a church,” NYPD wrote on Twitter.

The incident unfolded when the woman exited St. Michael’s Church in Queens and asked the man not to sleep outside the building, according to police.

“He then approached her and punched her in the back of the head before fleeing the scene on foot,” ABC 7 reports.

“The woman was taken to Booth Memorial Hospital in stable condition.”

Police describe the suspect as an Asian male, between 20-30 years of age. He was last seen wearing blue pants and a yellow and blue jacket.

Brian Stelter recently backed ABC’s decision to cover up for notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

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Dan Lyman:

Owners of a food truck have issued multiple apologies following backlash from open borders activists after they served lunch to employees at a federal detention facility in New York.

Lloyd’s Taco Trucks issued an initial apology after being attacked for sending a truck to the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility for the Department of Homeland Security in Batavia, NY.

The company quickly announced it would donate all proceeds from the lunch service to ‘Justice For Migrant Families WNY.’

“Yesterday, we made an honest mistake by serving lunch at the federal detention facility in Batavia. We’re sorry,” Lloyd’s said in a statement.

“We know that words cannot change the past and a donation does not make up for our lapse in judgment. Only time and future actions can show our commitment to being a more thoughtful company.”

Justice For Migrant Families issued an immediate response to Lloyd’s, saying the donation would be used to provide phones and additional food to migrants at the facility.

“While Lloyd’s prides itself on its support of immigrants, this event shows it can still do better,” said Executive Director Jennifer Connor. “It’s not the first time that Lloyd’s has reconsidered business decisions it made, such as partnering with Uber right after they continued service to JFK during the first Muslim ban.”

“Making amends is a good start but for any business that relies on immigrant food and labor, it is important to stand with all immigrants through how values are practiced. In that vein we also invite Lloyd’s management to join us for our next training on immigrant detention.”

However, Lloyd’s came under additional fire for caving so easily.

ICE issued a statement of their own on the matter, revealing that most of the migrants detained at the facility are actually criminal aliens who have committed additional offenses while already in the United States illegally.

“The men and women who work at the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility are Detention Officers, Deportation Officers, administrative support staff, Doctors, Nurses, Judges, Attorneys, and maintenance staff,” said ICE Field Office Director Thomas Feeley.

“Each and every one of them is entrusted with the safety, security, and care of the detainees here. Almost 50% of the staff are Veterans. Families are not detained here nor has any child been here.”

“Further, an overwhelming percentage of the detainees detained at this facility are criminal aliens, meaning, they continued to commit more crimes after illegally entering the United States,” he continued. “We are doing our jobs, enforcing the laws passed by Congress. Just like we have for many Presidents. We will not apologize for doing this, not even to a food truck that now chooses to discriminate against us.”

Lloyd’s has since issued a follow-up apology, saying they responded to criticism too quickly.

“Chris and I want to fully and sincerely apologize for our past statement after our truck’s visit to the federal detention facility in Batavia last week,” said company co-founder Pete Cimino at a press conference. “Our statement was hastily made, and we reacted too quickly to criticism we received for that visit.”

“We make tacos, not war.”

Justice For Migrant Families now claims they are not sure if they will receive the donation from Lloyd’s and have not heard from the company since the initial statement.

Constitutional lawyer Norm Pattis joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the fate of freedom of speech in America.

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Dan Lyman:

A female bystander was shoved head-first into a New York City subway car by a hostile man, according to a video posted to social media.

The man appears to be engaged in a dispute with other men on a train platform in Brooklyn before he attacks the woman, who does not appear to have any connection to the original altercation.

“What? What?” the man can be heard repeatedly yelling at his opponents as he engages them physically.

Eventually, he sets his sights on the woman, who has her back turned to him and appears to be walking towards the open train door.

He shoves her forcefully from behind with both hands, causing her to slam head-first into the sidewall of the subway car.

“It happened around 7:40 p.m. on the southbound platform of the Dekalb Avenue D/M subway station, police said,” Pix11 reports.

“Authorities responded to the scene, but the people involved had dispersed, police said.”

In replies to the tweet containing the original footage, one man claims he had already encountered the suspect in the video previously.

“I’ve seen this man before,” wrote user Alex Levy. “He did the same exact thing a few month back on the actual train. He barrelled into a dozen people and started saying “So! So! SO! I NEED MY MONEY!”

Police are now investigating the incident and attempting to determine the identity of the alleged perpetrator.

Alex Jones breaks down the way leftists plan to pull America into a hot civil war.

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Dan Lyman:

A Muslim employee of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has filed a discrimination complaint alleging his requests for special scheduling to accommodate prayer and Ramadan observances were rejected.

The man, identified in the affidavit as a 40-year-old Bengali-American, claims his original request for religious accommodation was honored, but upon filing for an extension with new criteria, as well as additional exceptions for Ramadan, he was denied.

“Since May 4, 2019, I have been forced to choose between my religion and my ability to earn a living,” the man says. “Because I am observing my faith at work, my job is at risk.”

In his complaint, the part-time employee says he was initially granted a three-month period during which he was allowed to use his lunch break to leave for Friday prayers and then return to work.

When it came time to re-apply for the religious accommodation, the Islamic calendar then called for prayer hours that fell outside of his normal lunch break.

The second accommodation request, which included a change in the hours of his Friday lunch break, was reportedly denied.

“We cannot [accommodate] your request to leave during the day on Friday’s for your religious observance,” a DMV representative allegedly wrote. “An essential function of your position is to work certain hours. Altering your schedule poses an undue hardship on the operational needs of the office.”

Additionally, the man requested a specific, constricted schedule for the month of Ramadan (11:30am to 3:15pm), which was also reportedly denied.

“I believe I am being punished and retaliated against because I am observing my religious practice of attending congregational prayer,” he says.

“I believe the foregoing actions were and are based on improper discrimination on the basis of my religion and/or national origin. These actions have caused and will cause great damage to me, including, but not limited to lost compensation and benefits, damaged to my career and reputation; and substantial emotional distress.”

The man says that since May, he has “forced to leave the workplace every Friday at 1:30pm to attend congregational prayers,” but is prohibited from clocking back in.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is representing the man, announced the filing of the complaint on Monday.

Alex Jones breaks down the way leftists plan to pull America into a hot civil war.

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Dan Lyman: