The suspect in a vicious attack on a New York Police Department officer was released just hours later, despite the incident being captured on camera, according to reports.

Steven Haynes, 40, allegedly punched an officer and pinned him to the ground in front of a Bank of America in Brooklyn Heights while the officer’s partner attempted to remove Haynes.

Haynes reportedly has at least 24 prior arrests and is now facing a lengthy list of charges, including “assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, disorderly conduct and an alcohol violation,” the New York Post reports.

Haynes “returned to Livingston and Court streets in Downtown Brooklyn — where police say he slugged and brawled with one of New York’s Finest on Thursday — after being cut loose, irritating local merchants who say he’s been a troublesome presence on the block for months,” the Post reports.

Michael Vitiello, manager of a local Italian restaurant, expressed his shock that Haynes is already back on the streets.

“No bail. Three hours, he was back in the same spot,” Vitiello told the Post. “They had a cop sitting there, just watching him. He got his own security ‘cuz he’s a celebrity now.”

“They could have locked him up in Bellevue last night, but they didn’t do it. Now he’s back in the street causing problems.”

New York City judges have reportedly begun releasing defendants facing ‘lower level’ charges ahead of a bail reform measure set to take effect statewide on January 1, 2020.

“The criminal justice reforms don’t take effect until Jan. 1, but the consequences can already be seen,” said former NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. “The laws are seriously flawed thanks to Albany’s rush to pass it in the dead of night without debate. It’s clear the ‘reform’ itself needs to be reformed.”

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Dan Lyman:

An off-duty California police officer was nearly beaten unconscious by a mob of teens after he intervened to assist a woman who said they had stolen her cellphone, according to reports.

Two teens have been arrested and police are seeking at least eight more suspects following an attack on an unidentified female victim and a California Highway Patrol officer at a shopping center in Emeryville.

The officer, who asked to only be identified as Greg B., told KTVU he sensed a “very bad situation” developing after a lone female approached a group of teens regarding her stolen mobile phone.

Officer Greg B. says he attempted to snap photos of the group, but when they found out, they turned on him and things quickly escalated.

“It was a melee. It was chaotic. It was a really scary situation,” he said. “It should have never gotten to this point.”

After being ambushed by multiple assailants, Greg B. attempted to run away, but was surrounded and beaten, and nearly choked to unconsciousness, he says.


Greg B., a former San Quentin Prison correctional officer, says he opted not to draw his firearm, despite suffering a concussion, broken finger and bruising.

“I think this just came down to me not being able to look away and let this happen,” he said, adding that this is the third such incident in which he has intervened at the same shopping center.

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Dan Lyman:

An officer has been investigated by superiors to determine why he flashed an ‘OK’ hand sign during a heated climate change protest in Melbourne, Australia.

An image of the officer was shared on social media by leftists who accused the him of signaling support for ‘neo-Nazism’ and ‘white supremacy.’

“Hey Victoria Police it’s one thing to assault and injure activists. Not ok ever,” wrote one user who included the image in her tweet. “But quite another for a cop to feel comfortable using a white power/nazi hand signal. Are you ok with overt nazis assaulting ppl to protect fossil fuel interests?”

“This violent cop at #BlockadeIMARC has been spotted flashing the same white power symbol used by white supremacist murderer Brenton Tarrant earlier this year. We know what side the cops are on,” wrote a group called Campaign Against Racism and Fascism.

Victoria Police addressed the matter in a statement on Twitter.

“We are aware of an image circulating of an officer from yesterday’s protest,” Victoria Police wrote. “We have spoken to the officer and have confirmed he was signalling ‘are you okay’ to two protesters who were caught in a large crowd looking unwell.”

“The protest activity is extremely dynamic with megaphones, sirens & loud chanting making it difficult to hear so hand signals are often used. Any suggestion to indicate the member was signaling anything else is completely untrue & Victoria Police considers this matter closed.”

The ‘OK’ sign became a popular political meme among Trump supporters mimicking the president’s signature hand gestures, and was later used in a trolling psyop devised by 4Chan users.

The Anti-Defamation League recently added the gesture to its list of “hate symbols.”

A man dressed as a demonic woman simulates the murder of a child by cutting a doll out of a pocket in the gut of his outfit while drinking the fake blood.

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Dan Lyman:

A Virginia police officer has been suspended and blasted by his chief for detaining a suspected illegal alien with an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) warrant who was involved in a traffic accident.

According to a description of events about the incident, which occurred on September 21, an unidentified Fairfax County Police Department officer discovered that a driver involved in a multi-vehicle collision did not possess a Virginia Operator’s license, and upon further investigation, learned the driver was wanted by ICE for failure to appear at a deportation hearing.

An ICE agent responsible for the case immediately dispatched to the scene, and the officer held the suspect until custody could be transferred to the ICE agent.

The officer has since been placed on administrative leave and is under investigation for allegedly violating department policy to not detain offenders solely due to their immigration status.

Police Chief Edwin Roessler Jr. issued an official statement about the matter, slamming his own officer and touting the ‘diversity’ of Fairfax County.

“As a matter of full transparency to our community – our police officer violated our longstanding policy and deprived a person of their freedom, which is unacceptable,” Roessler wrote. “We have been informed by ICE that the driver was released after three hours and issued an ankle monitor. When I learned of this event, I directed an immediate internal investigation to look at all factors in this matter to ensure that all are held accountable for this violation.”

“Our county is one of the most diverse counties in the nation and no one should have the perception that FCPD is acting as a civil immigration agent for ICE. This matter damages our reputation and the longstanding policy that I have stated many times that our officers shall not act as immigration agents. The officer involved in this event has been relieved of all law enforcement duties pending the outcome of this investigation. It is my duty to enforce our FCPD – and Fairfax County – policies and hold all accountable for their actions.”

Roessler offered additional comments regarding disciplinary measures being taken against the officer to the Washington Post.

“This is an unfortunate issue where the officer was confused,” Roessler said. “We have trained on this issue a lot. This is the first time we’ve had a lapse in judgment, and the officer is being punished.”

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Dan Lyman:

A Tesla police cruiser ran too low on battery to continue pursuit of a ‘felony vehicle’ in California.

During a chase in Fremont that reached speeds of 120mph, the officer piloting the electric sedan radioed that his Tesla was running out of juice, requesting replacement as ‘number one’ chaser, according to dispatch recordings.

“I am down to six miles of battery on the Tesla so I may lose it here in a sec,” said Officer Jesse Hartman.

“If someone else is able, can they maneuver into the number one spot?”

The suspect reportedly “began driving on the shoulder of the highway as traffic was thickening, prompting police to call off the roughly eight-minute chase at that moment for safety,” the Mercury News reports.

Officer Hartman guided his Tesla to an electric vehicle charging station before eventually returning to headquarters.

The Tesla had allegedly not been properly charged after the previous shift, resulting in reduced battery longevity for Hartman’s patrol.

Fremont police became the first department in the U.S. to use a Tesla as a patrol car earlier this year.

“The department spent a tad over $61,000 to buy the car from Tesla in 2018 — which has its main manufacturing factory in Fremont — and spent over a year modifying the car to get it ready for police use, officially rolling it out in March,” the Mercury News reports.

“The used Tesla cost approximately $20,000 more than a new Ford Explorer police vehicle that the department uses for its other patrol vehicles, though officials said they expect to save on fuel and maintenance costs over the long run with the Tesla.”

Fremont police say they are monitoring the energy and maintenance costs of the Tesla versus those of conventional gas-powered vehicles, and say, “So far so good.”

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Dan Lyman:

A Seattle police officer was exposed to an “an extremely dangerous man-made toxin” while cleaning up a homeless camp in the city, according to a $10 million lawsuit.

Timothy Gifford was reportedly assigned to assist city workers in clearing illegal vagrant encampments around Seattle.

He says he came in contact with “high concentrations of the toxic chemical compounds polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) during the Jan. 8 cleanup of the camp in a gravel lot along Denver Avenue South near First Avenue South,” the Seattle Times reports.

“As a result of the alleged exposure, Gifford claims, he has been diagnosed with early onset Type 2 diabetes and now generally suffers from poor health. The 5-foot-6, 159-pound officer previously had been in good physical health, managing a lifelong liver condition during his more than seven years in police work, said his attorney, Lincoln Beauregard.”

Beauregard says Gifford now “faces ongoing medical care,” as his susceptible liver has been further damaged due to PCB exposure.

Gifford’s suit says he “was neither warned or trained of the associated hazards or issued appropriate protective gear.”

Testing conducted at the site revealed that PCBs were found in concentrations as high as 40,300 parts per million.

The FDA considers concentrations above one part per million as a safety concern, according to an EPA toxic cleanup project coordinator.

“Now assigned to the police department’s Harbor Patrol Unit, Gifford was among the city’s Navigation Team of police officers and outreach workers assigned to coax homeless campers into shelters and remove encampments the city has deemed unsafe,” the Times reports.

“The city formed the team in February 2017 as it intensified efforts to clean up and remove dozens of homeless encampments — from small one- and two-shelter camps to those with multiple tents — as part of a strategy to address Seattle’s homelessness crisis.”

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Dan Lyman:

New York City’s largest police union has called for a vote of no confidence in Mayor Bill de Blasio amid a rash of attacks on cops and the controversial firing of an officer involved in the death of Eric Garner five years ago.

Three officers were injured during the latest anti-cop violence, which took place in Bedford-Stuyvesant during the weekend.

“Roving, cop-hating mobs erupted in violence, taunts and gunfire in Brooklyn overnight into Sunday, leaving three officers with minor injuries,” the New York Post reported.

“Bottles and other debris were also hurled at cops from above, but no one was hit by the projectiles that are believed to have been tossed out of windows or rooftops in the sprawling Marcy projects in Bedford-Stuyvesant, the NYPD said,” the Post explained in a later report, noting that a suspect later fired nine shots into the air from a rooftop.

“It was a ‘f**k you’ to the cops,” a source said.

Following the incident, the Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York (NYC PBA) unloaded on the failing presidential candidate on social media.

“How are cops supposed to do our job in this environment? When will [NYPD] or [Mayor Bill de Blasio] stand up & say enough is enough? Chaos is running the streets. This is outrageous — we’re lucky it wasn’t worse,” the NYC PBA tweeted along with an article about the Brooklyn mayhem.

“As a handful of shoppers in a New Hampshire bookstore mill about & pay little attention to [Mayor Bill de Blasio] NYC continues to devolve into violence and mayhem. Like no other time in recent memory, the City is rudderless, effectively without effective leadership at any level,” tweeted the union’s legal counsel.

Following the controversial firing of former officer Daniel Pantaleo on Monday, NYC PBA president Patrick Lynch called for a vote of no confidence in Mayor de Blasio.

“We are asking for a no confidence vote in the mayor and the police commissioner of the city of New York,” Lynch said during a press conference. “It’s absolutely essential that the world know the New York City Police Department is rudderless and frozen. The leadership has abandoned ship and left our police officers on the street alone, without backing.”

“Have you ever seen a time when police officers were getting abused and didn’t enforce the law?” Lynch asked reporters. “You have to ask yourself, ‘Why?’ Well, I will give you the answer: we have no confidence that when we do our jobs, when we do as instructed, when we follow the law — that at the end of the day, we won’t lose our jobs or lose our lives.”

A video shows cops being pinned down and attacked in a Phildelphia no-go-zone, and the media celebrated it.

Dan Lyman:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is blaming NYPD policies for officers being doused in water by emboldened youths without fear of consequences or arrest, as recent viral videos have demonstrated.

Cuomo addressed a specific incident and subsequent similar attacks during an appearance on The Roundtable talk radio show.

“Walking away was one of the most disturbing and embarrassing actions I’ve seen. I don’t blame those officers, I believe they were relatively new,” Cuomo said. “I look to the training and the policies of the police department that would’ve instructed them to act that way.”

“The training has to be that you don’t turn around and get back in the car and drive away. You literally make law enforcement ineffective and impotent and that hurts everyone. You’re assaulted, you take the perpetrator into custody, that’s what you do.”

Cuomo indicated the officers’ refusal to take action against their aggressors could lead to de facto anarchy.

“If a police officer is being assaulted, the police officer has to do something. If the police officer is not willing to defend himself or herself, how are they going to defend me?” he asked.

“If that ever happened to the State Police, I would bet you my bottom dollar that you would not see State Police officers assaulted and they turn around and get back in the car.”

The videos document symptoms of “lawlessness” breaking out across the city due to a less stringent approach to law enforcement, as prescribed by top officials such as Mayor Bill de Blasio, according to reports.

“Everybody’s outraged,” an NYPD source told the New York Post. “It’s disgusting, embarrassing. There’s lawlessness around here now.”

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Dan Lyman:

An 11-year-old girl is recovering from severe injuries after a man intentionally hit her with his car because she is white, according to police.

Steven Ray Becky, 19, was charged with attempted homicide and DUI with serious bodily injury by authorities in Draper, Utah.

Becky was driving a Volkswagen Jetta in a residential neighborhood when he appeared to “intentionally” swerve to hit the young girl, who was riding an electric scooter, before he careened into a decorative boulder and flipped the vehicle onto its roof.

Becky, who told police he was under the influence of marijuana, mushrooms, LSD, and Xanax at the time, reportedly charged up to the girl and told her, “We all have to die sometime,” before attempting to flee the scene.

Police say Becky acted “non-sympathetic towards the child victim,” eventually telling them he targeted her “because she was white.”

The girl was reportedly taken to hospital with head injuries and a fractured hip.

“This is not what I would describe as someone that had veered into the gal or drifted into the gal,” said Draper Police Chief John Eining. “My description would be that this is somebody that turned into the gal.”

“Mr. Becky is staying in the area with an aunt and uncle. The aunt and uncle have a daughter that is the same age as our victim and they are friends.”

A local reporter who has seen home security footage of the incident describes it as “extremely graphic, disturbing, and hard to watch.”

This latest alleged anti-white attack comes just days after a man was beat up and thrown onto live railroad tracks in Pittsburgh by an assailant who reportedly chose his victim “because he was white.”

America’s Blue Cities Have Become Cesspools Of Filth And Disease

America is now witnessing the spread of once-rare diseases due to piles of garbage and the homeless epidemic now plaguing Democrat-run major cities, such as L.A. and New York City.

Dan Lyman:

A Texas school district has announced a stricter dress code as a means to crack down on vaping by students, according to ABC 7 Amarillo.

Officials at Channing Independent School District in the Texas panhandle have determined that students use long sleeves to conceal e-cigarettes and are introducing new restrictions on what pupils may wear at school.

“We found a couple of Juuls that are like vape pens and confiscated them,” said Channing ISD Superintendent Robert McClain. “We went to the internet trying to figure out, ‘Okay, how big a problem is this?’

Upon discovering that students may be using sleeves and hoods to disguise smoke exhalations, administrators decided to impose clothing regulations.

“If they’re wearing long sleeves of any sort, they got to pull them up or roll them up basically two or three inches above the wrist,” said McClain. “When they put their hands to their face, we know it’s not going on.”

“We considered doing away with hoodies completely but some of our kids are cold-natured. Some of our kids like the hoodies. I don’t want to punish our kids but I want to keep our kids safe.”

While some parents disapprove of the move as an overreach, others are comfortable with the plan.

“As a parent, I want my kids to know that everybody is watching out for them because it takes a community to raise a child,” said Renee Miller. “I feel the staff is watching out for the kids and that’s the best interest.”

Dan Lyman:

Alex Jones delivers a special message on the globalist attempt to demoralize America. Alex offers his solutions to this authoritarian future.