An armed suspect was shot dead by a homeowner during a burglary in Pascagoula, Mississippi, according to police.

The suspect, identified as Walter Williams, 31, is believed to have been involved in other home invasions in the area, local media reports.

“Williams, who is a resident of Pascagoula, allegedly broke into a home on Nathan Hale Drive Tuesday morning just before noon,” WLOX reports. “The homeowner – who was later identified as a longtime employee of the Jackson County Coroner’s Office – shot the intruder, said police.”

“Williams was known to authorities due to being in trouble with the law before. In fact, authorities say he was suspected in more than one burglaries, including one just days before he was fatally shot.”

Officials in a neighboring county were asked to handle the death investigation due to a potential conflict of interest presented by the homeowner’s connection to the local coroner’s office.

The homeowner, whose identity has not been revealed, is reportedly in the process of being appointed as deputy coroner of the Jackson County Coroner’s Office.

The case will be turned over a Grand Jury for review, but the homeowner is not expected to face any charges.

Alex Jones reveals deep state operatives found inside the State Department are manipulating the U.S. media.

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Dan Lyman:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is calling on more law-abiding citizens to legally carry firearms in order to prevent massacres by armed criminals in the wake of Sunday’s tragic shooting at a church in his state.

Following the stunning gun battle that unfolded after a would-be mass killer opened fire at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, AG Paxton appeared on CNN to praise the “heroic efforts” of armed parishioners who confronted and killed the shooter.

“What I will say is they were heroic efforts,” Paxton said. “I have been saying this for years: we need to make sure that people can protect themselves because oftentimes law enforcement can’t react quickly. They can’t be there in seconds when these shooters are suddenly shooting.”

“It really is a remarkable thing these people reacted so quickly and saved the lives of the other 239 people in that congregation.”

In response, CNN host Jessica Dean pressed Paxton to discuss “what else can be done” to “stop gun violence in this country,” in an apparent attempt to shift the conversation to gun control.

“The reality is, I think our laws in Texas allow us to protect ourselves,” Paxton responded. “More people need to carry in our state — in our churches and places of business, so that if something like this horrible thing does happen, at least we have people that can react and save the lives of those around them.”

“There’s always discussion about imposing more gun restrictions. The reality is that somebody like this, who is willing to kill somebody, is unlikely to follow a gun law. So we need to continue to be vigilant and we need to allow our citizens to protect themselves — exactly what happened today, and I’m so grateful for the quick reaction because with what happened in other churches about a year ago, in other places around my state, when people were not armed, we had a lot more people die.”

Two church members were shot and killed before armed security guard Jack Wilson, 71, drew his firearm and killed suspect Keith Thomas Kinnunen with a single shot at considerable distance.

Wilson, who is a former deputy sheriff and current candidate for county commissioner, has been hailed as a hero.

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Dan Lyman:

An American tennis player has been fined $10,000 for using his racket to mimic shooting a rifle at a referee in a gesture he said was intended to be “playful.”

Doubles tennis star Mike Bryan and his twin brother Bob had just successfully challenged a poor call by a line judge during a match at the U.S. Open in New York.

“The duo had been trailing by a set and had just challenged a lob that had been called in by the line judge — in favor of their opponents, Roberto Carballes Baena of Spain and Federico Delbonis of Argentina,” the New York Post reports. “A replay review showed that the ball had in fact landed out, and Bryan chose to express his frustration with his racket.”

Bryan could then be seen pointing at the judges and aiming his racket at them like a rifle and mimicking a shooting posture.

Bryan was quickly hit with a code violation for unsportsmanlike conduct, which he contested on the court.

“Just tell me what I did real quick? What was the gesture?” he asked.

Chair umpire Mariana Alves responded, “The gesture that you did. You did it to the line umpire and did it to me. You did with your racket like it was a gun. I don’t think that was appropriate.”

The U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) later fined Bryan $10,000 for the gesture, which has been called “insensitive” and “poorly timed” by critics and mainstream media, in the wake of recent mass shootings, one of which had taken place hours earlier in Texas.

“We thought it warranted that amount,” said USTA spokesman Brendan McIntyre.

Bryan has since apologized profusely for the move, saying, “We won the point and the gesture was meant to be playful. But given the recent news and political climate I understand how my gesture could be viewed as insensitive. I promise that I will never do anything like this again.”

Carpe Donktum joins The Alex Jones Show to offer some insight as to why the left keeps projecting their issues on conservatives.

Dan Lyman:

An imminent shooting at a Florida church was foiled by vigilant parishioners who wrestled a loaded firearm away from a woman intent on inflicting harm, police say.

Ilena Munizpou, 33, reportedly arrived during a service at Redeemed by God Church in Orlando and told witnesses inside she wanted to “record something that was going to happen.”

Munizpou returned to her vehicle and donned a veil when she was confronted by churchgoers who physically engaged her and managed to wrestle away a loaded 9mm handgun after she told them “there was someone inside the church she wanted to kill,” according to a police report.

During the struggle, Munizpou claimed there was another person on the way who intended to “do more shooting.”

Munizpou also claimed she was a police officer when a responding deputy attempted to arrest her.

She was transported to a local hospital after alleging she had been injured during her apprehension, and continued to attack officers as they worked to restrain her in a hospital bed.

“While placing [her] into the bed, she grabbed a hold of my keys on my gun belt, breaking them from my belt. I attempted numerous times to break her grip free from enclosing the keys in her right hand,” an officer wrote in a report. “While trying to gain control of her, [she] kicked me in the head.”

Munizpou has been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, impersonating a law enforcement officer, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting with violence, resisting without violence, and battery.

Also this week, mass at a church in Riverside, California, was thrown into chaos when a man rushed in and threatened to “shoot everyone,” according to CBS Los Angeles. He was later arrested and found to not be in possession of a firearm.

And in Caledonia, Missouri, a 22-year-old man was arrested after allegedly firing a round towards a Baptist church after driving recklessly in the parking lot and being confronted by the pastor.

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Dan Lyman:

A 72-year-old man was shot in the stomach during a carjacking in Welkom, South Africa, according to News24.

Security camera footage shows a 72-year-old man sitting in his own driveway as an armed man approaches the parked Land Rover.

The motorist appears to be ordered out of his vehicle by the assailant.

After a brief negotiation, the driver attempts to disarm the hijacker when he is shot in the abdomen.

The suspect then commandeers the Land Rover and drives off, leaving his victim crawling on the ground.

“We confirm that a case of car hijacking was registered after a 72-year-old man was shot by [an] unknown person while exiting his residential home,” said Welkom police spokesperson Constable Kethabile Mofokeng.

Constable Mofokeng says an investigation has been opened, but no one has been arrested at this time.

The victim is reportedly recovering in hospital.

Another recent attempted home carjacking was captured on dramatic security footage as a mother rammed her armed attackers while her young daughter sat in the front seat.

The hijackers piled into their vehicle and were attempting to make a getaway when the woman delivered a series of decisive strikes, forcing the men to abandon their car and flee on foot.

Carjacking has become a significant problem in South Africa, with 16,325 such crimes committed in 2018 alone, according to the South African Police Service.

A group of admitted racist bigots known as the black “Hebrew Israelites” were filmed hurling comments of white genocide toward Infowars’ Kaitlin Bennett.

Dan Lyman:

A man opening fire on a busy sidewalk in New York City is seen in harrowing CCTV footage showing pedestrians running for cover, including a young girl.

The incident unfolded on Gerard Avenue at approximately 2 pm on Friday afternoon, according to police.

NYPD posted video of the shooting as well as an enhanced screenshot of the suspect’s face.

A girl who appears to be very young can be seen walking towards the shooter before realizing he has a gun and desperately running for cover.

“According to police, the suspect approached a 19-year-old male who was with four other people,” News 12 reports. “It’s unclear what led up to the shooting, but investigators say the suspect proceeded to fire three rounds at the 19-year-old victim and the group he was with before running away.”

Police are still searching for the suspect.

In early February, an MS-13 militant who was in the United States illegally shot a rival gang member to death in broad daylight on a subway platform in Queens.

New York City is regarded as having some of the most restrictive laws on gun ownership in the nation – a fact to which Donald Trump Jr. once attested.

“Between myself, my brother, my father, and my wife, we have four of the 1,500 concealed carry permits for New York City, which is one of the most difficult carry licenses to get anywhere in the world and certainly in the United States,” Trump Jr. said in 2016.

Dan Lyman:

A new report exposes that MS-13 members are now targeting NYPD officers and Owen asks, “How did MS-13 get this information?”

A suspect has been apprehended in the death of a man on a New York City subway platform in what police are calling a “gang-related” shooting.

Police sources have reportedly indicated the suspect is a member of MS-13 while his victim was a member of the rival 18th Street gang.

Video of the midday shooting was shared to social media and depicts multiple men scuffling on the ground outside a subway car before a series of shots are fired.


“We have a person in custody,” a police source told the New York Post. “Motive is gang-related.”

Former NYPD officer and talk show host John Cardillo reports that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office is “preventing ICE from confirming” the suspect’s immigration status.

“This incident is beyond horrifying,” said MTA spokesman Max Young. “While our system and the city are safer than ever before, we have zero tolerance for any violence on our subways and buses, and the safety of our customers and employees will always be our number one priority.”

New York City is regarded as having some of the most restrictive laws on gun ownership in the nation – a fact to which Donald Trump Jr. once attested.

“Between myself, my brother, my father, and my wife, we have four of the 1,500 concealed carry permits for New York City, which is one of the most difficult carry licenses to get anywhere in the world and certainly in the United States,” Trump said in 2016.

Dan Lyman:

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a disgusting new abortion law in New York that allows abortions up to the 9th month of pregnancy.