The UK Foreign Office has warned British vacationers to remain vigilant in Western European countries this summer due to a high risk of terrorism and other dangers, including violent protests and migrants.

Germany, France and Belgium have all been identified as countries where terrorist attacks are now “very likely,” with Islamic radicals specifically identified as the “main threat” in Germany.

“Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Germany,” the UK government warns. “Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in public places visited by foreigners. The German government has announced that increased security has been put in place as a precaution at public buildings, major events, transport hubs and large public gatherings.”

Similar alerts are in place for Spain and the Netherlands.

France, Spain and Greece have been recognized as places where demonstrations could quickly escalate into dangerous scenarios.

“Protests linked to the yellow vest (gilets jaunes) movement continue across France, generally taking place on Saturdays. A number of previous demonstrations have led to violence and extensive damage to property in Paris and in other cities across the country.”

UK authorities also caution those traveling in the Calais region of France to regard migrants who are known to attempt illegal entry to England and also wreak havoc in the roads in order to climb aboard vehicles bound for Britain.

“There remain some migrants around Calais, who may seek to enter the UK illegally. There have been instances of migrants seeking to slow down traffic on approach roads to ports, including by placing obstacles on the Calais Port approach road.”

France is currently hosting the Women’s World Cup, and will host the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Interestingly, there are virtually no known threats currently recorded for countries such as Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, or Slovakia.

Multiple reports indicate Border Patrol is overwhelmed and migrants that may have serious diseases such as ebola have now crossed over America’s southern border.

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The wave of incoming Brexit Party representatives in EU Parliament should wage political war on the establishment, says prominent UK MEP Janice Atkinson.

Pro-Brexit MEPs are in a position to drive globalists crazy, thus potentially paving the way for their welcomed departure by the next Brexit ‘deadline’ of October 31st, she says.

“My advice to Brexit Party MEPs: be militant, be saboteurs, disrupt and be a royal pain, they’ll be desperate for a deal by 31st Oct. (UKIP MEPs should have been more militant but they were divided),” Atkinson tweeted, also sharing a link to an op-ed she published at Voice of Europe.

“How many more times do we have to vote?” Atkinson asks in her piece. “How many more times must we debate, argue, go to the polls and vent our anger? How many times must Nigel Farage rise like the Phoenix and win? How many times must the Conservative party damage itself, maybe beyond repair?”

Atkinson asserts that the class of 2014 UKIP MEPs were betrayed by globalists in UK and EU government, but also sabotaged their own cause via infighting and backstabbing.

She urges Brexit MEPs not to make the same mistake, but instead to seize the opportunity afforded them by UK voters desperate for a break from the authoritarian EU superstate.

“The media and the EU expect them not to take up committee positions and not to work effectively with other Eurosceptic parties, because they believe nationalistic parties only worry about national interests,” Atkinson says. “Wrong. I proved this in the [Europe of Nations and Freedoms] where we worked extremely effectively together.”

“They should stage sit-in protests, disrupt all proceedings in committees and in plenary. They should work with Eurosceptic parties to stop and block legislation. This, together with a real conservative heading up the Conservative party, will mean that the EU will do a deal to get rid of us and we can Brexit on 31 October.”

Jean-Claude Juncker and other EU leaders are admitting the weak state of the EU now that people across Europe have voted for populist candidates who promote nationalism.

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The winning team of the Football Association Challenge Cup will no longer receive a celebratory champagne gift at the end of the game in deference to players whose religion forbids alcohol consumption.

The FA Cup, the oldest football competition in the world, has traditionally ended with players joyfully spraying sparkling wine on the pitch and drinking it in the clubhouse, but those days have officially come to an end.

“Winning teams will be awarded with non-alcoholic ‘champagne’ for their celebrations in all FA competitions, starting from this year’s Emirates FA Cup Final,” an FA spokesman told the Daily Mail.

“This is to ensure that we are as inclusive as possible to players and communities who may be prohibited from alcohol, as well as any players who are under 18.”

The Mail reports that the decision was not a result of complaints or outside pressure, but an internal one that has been planned for some time.

“FA chiefs had considered implementing the change sooner but were concerned that they would be branded as ‘party-poopers,’” the paper was told.

Representatives of British Islamic groups praised the decision in statements provided to Sportsmail.

“Such a move can only be seen as a positive step in the direction of inclusiveness and opening the game to everyone whilst accommodating for their different backgrounds and beliefs,” said Anas Altikriti, president of the Muslim Association of Britain.

“We have all recently seen high profile discriminatory incidents in men’s and women’s football towards players from many diverse communities, including those from the Muslim faith,” the Muslim Council of Britain announced.

While many media outlets have tip-toed around the implications of the policy change, Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes published a grim headline that could prove unwittingly prescient down the line:

“Out of respect for Islam, champagne disappears.”

Could the Notre Dame cathedral fire signal the grand finale of the Islamic takeover of France?

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A female repeat drunk driver was spared incarceration by a fellow woman judge who said a man would have been sent to prison for the same crimes, according to reports.

Victoria Parry, 30, was admitted in a U.K. court to ‘dangerous driving’ following a fiery crash in which she smashed multiple parked vehicles after drinking at least a bottle of wine.

Parry “ploughed into three vehicles before crashing into a ditch where her car burst into flames,” the Daily Mail reports. “She was dragged from the burning wreck by other drivers after she crashed on the A46 near Stratford-upon-Avon on May 23 last year shortly before 7pm.”

Parry reportedly had two prior drunk driving convictions at the time of the accident, with one resulting in a three-year license suspension.

However, Judge Sarah Buckingham opted to defer a prison sentence for Parry, while asserting that a male would not be shown the same leniency.

“If Miss Parry was a man, there is no question it would have been straight down the stairs, because this is a shocking case of dangerous driving against a background of two previous convictions for excess alcohol, but this offense was committed in May, 2018, and she has not been in trouble since,” Buckingham said. “She has clearly got an alcohol problem. She is, whether she admits it or not, an alcoholic.”

“If you succeed, I will not make the custody immediate,” Buckingham told Parry. “If you don’t comply, I will conclude that you are not worthy of the chance.”

An investigation has been launched into Judge Buckingham’s conduct, according to a breaking update provided to the Daily Mail.

“The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office confirms it has received a complaint in connection with remarks attributed to HHJ Buckingham today,” a spokesman said. “Complaints to the JCIO are considered under the regulations.”

A masked criminal shot bleach at Michael Knowles while he delivered a speech called, “Men Are Not Women.”

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Brexit architect Nigel Farage blistered European Parliament in a scathing rebuke of the “betrayal” of Brexit, comparing Prime Minister May’s current deal to the Treaty of Versailles.

Farage slammed the sabotage of Britain’s exit from the European Union, which has dragged on for over two years and has now been extended to at least April 12 – some two weeks past the original March 29 deadline.

“We have in Mrs. May a prime minister who hasn’t got the courage, who hasn’t got the vision to carry out her many repeated promises — namely to take us out of the European Union this Friday, March the 29th,” Farage said. “It is not happening, and we’re witnessing a slow-motion betrayal, perhaps the greatest betrayal of any democratic vote in the history of our nation.”

“The reason, of course, is this withdrawal treaty. And I’ll go back to the First World War: We won the war, but we have the Treaty of Versailles, and this treaty is the modern day equivalent.”

Farage supplemented his speech with a follow-up tweet, writing, “This WA is the modern day equivalent of the Treaty of Versailles, it guarantees future conflict and it is not Brexit. The shame is not on [EU head Brexit negotiator] Michel Barnier but British Prime Minister Theresa May for agreeing to it.”

Many historians, Farage included, believe the Treaty of Versailles laid the groundwork for the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

“The consensus is that the treaty of Versailles was too punitive,” Farage is quoted as saying. “It led directly to German hyper-inflation, which in turn led to seven million unemployed, and which in turn led to National Socialism.”

“But I don’t actually think Versailles was the mistake. I believe the real mistake, the anniversary of which we remember today, was the armistice.”

Paul Joseph Watson breaks down how the European Union has officially voted to adopt the Article 13 provision into law which would govern the production and distribution of online content under the presumption of copyright protections, but what this really means is no more creative memes.

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A UK fire department is actively discriminating against white male candidates in an effort to hire more females and minorities, according to a whistleblower.

White males hoping to join the West Midlands Fire Service are required to score at least 70 percent on a verbal and numerical reasoning test in order to advance to the next round, while minorities and women can qualify with a 60 percent grade, the Daily Mail reports.

A leaked memo provided to the Mail indicates the department, one of the largest in Britain, hopes that by 2021, women will constitute 60 percent of new recruits, and blacks and other minorities 35 percent.

The source claims the recruitment program costs roughly $130,000 per year, with some $3,300 going monthly to Facebook ads specifically targeting women.

“This directly discriminates against white men,” the source said. “Not only are they discriminating against large parts of my community, but they are also using huge amounts of public money to do so.”

“It’s not fair on the members of the community who rightly expect the best people for the job will be selected to serve on the front line. It’s difficult to swallow knowing people have not been able to achieve their dream careers because they are too white or too male.

When asked for comment, a spokesman for West Midlands Fire Service seemed to indicate the policies may very well be in effect.

“The approaches we take for recruitment and selection are carefully considered to ensure that they are appropriate, balanced and, above all, legal,” the spokesman told the Mail. “West Midlands Fire Service is committed to having a workforce which reflects the diversity of the population of all our communities, and one that is welcoming to all.”

“We are working hard to break down barriers faced by people who could bring so much to our service and to their community.”

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Modern feminism has morphed into an ideology where all men are portrayed as predators. Andrew Tate joins Alex to break down the lies used by the left against straight/white/Christian/conservative/males.

A British Muslim convert pleaded guilty to planning a terror attack involving him ramming a truck into a crowded London street with the intent to kill “nearly 100.”

Lewis Ludlow, 27, wrote notes detailing ideal times and locations he would use a truck to ram into pedestrians, according to evidence recovered by local surveillance teams.

“Crowded London Areas: Oxford Street – long road with no bollards or barriers preventing a van mounting the pavement,” wrote Ludlow. “Busiest time is between 11 am – 12 pm with Saturday being the busiest day.”

“[I] should either use a ram attack or use the truck to maximize death. It is a busy street, it is ideal for an attack. It is expected nearly 100 could be killed in the attack.”

Ludlow, who is autistic, reportedly converted to Islam when he was 16 after years of bullying.

Not long after that, Ludlow attended demonstrations by Islamist Anjem Choudary where he allegedly felt “accepted.”

Choudary is infamous in the UK for his radicalism and was arrested in 2016 after being linked to 15 terror plots dating back over 20 years as well as encouraging Muslims to join ISIS.

Islamist Anjem Choudary (Photo by Barcroft Media / Contributor via Getty Images)

Choudary was released early from jail in 2018 and is considered “genuinely dangerous” by government officials familiar with him.

“[Choudary] was not given a sentence of enormous length but is somebody who is a genuinely dangerous person,” said one official. “Even if [Islamists like Choudary] are not themselves making bombs, they are a completely pernicious influence on the people they come into contact with and they need to be kept away from them.”

On another note, a newly surfaced ISIS directive was released imploring wannabe jihadists to engage in “the technique of the run-over.”

“Trust in Allah, you do not need to complicate… you do not need to look for materials to make a bomb, nor look for weapons, you do not need any of that, the technique of the run-over is devastating and simple, nobody can detect you,” reads the message according to PJ Media. “When attack[ing] remember that the first moment is the most important, and this is because when you start to run over the other people understand that it is an attack and hide so you must try to hit with all the force at the first moment and with the goal of getting the most deaths possible.”

“Think that this road has no return, you will not go back, think that when you leave your house for the attack you will return to your home but in your house in paradise, where Allah has prepared it for you, Alhamdudillah.”

The on-going Brexit fiasco is “about as bad as it gets,” according to Peta Credlin, an Australian political analyst and long-time chief of staff to former Prime Minister Tony Abbot.

During a monologue on her eponymous Sky News Australia broadcast, Credlin skewered globalist politicians and “Remoaners” who have spent more than two years thwarting the will of the British people to break free of the EU superstate.

“This whole shambles shows what happens when the people in charge don’t believe in what they are supposedly trying to do,” Credlin said.

“The British people voted to leave the European Union because, on a 52 to 48 percent result, they didn’t like the Eurocrats in Brussels calling the shots over Britain’s trade, Britain’s immigration, and Britain’s economic regulation. And quite rightly, they expected their politicians would then work out a credible plan that Britain was, once more, fully self-governing.”

“It shouldn’t have been this hard,” Credlin continued. “With Britain entirely in charge of everything, all it had to do was decide the kind of future relationship it wanted with the EU and offer it to them on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis, given that Europe has always needed Britain far more than Britain has needed Europe.”

In conclusion, Credlin seemed to allude to the sabotage of Brexit as a microcosm of a broader global battle being waged by elites against the general populace and freedom itself.

“Britain will recover from this, but only with a leader who treats her country and her party with more respect,” she said. “Let’s hope the people of Britain are a wake-up to what’s really going on.”

Dan Lyman:

Tommy Robinson foreshadowed a possible run for UK Parliament during a demonstration against “Brexit Betrayal” in London.

The anti-Islamization figurehead and newly-appointed UKIP advisor delivered a rousing speech to a large crowd while hinting at possible aspirations to serve as a Member of Parliament to raucous cheers.

“Let this be the start of a political mass movement in this country to represent every single one of you that feels voiceless, that has no representation,” Robinson said following a call upon his audience to join UKIP alongside him.

“When I went to the House of Lords with Lord Pearson and I saw the reaction, and I saw MPs, whilst under Parliamentary privilege, saying disgraceful lies about me, I sat for the first time and thought: ‘One day, I’ll be sitting in there amongst you.'”

Robinson had been welcomed by Lord Malcolm Pearson and UKIP leader Gerard Batten as their guest for lunch at the House of Lords following Robinson’s release from prison in what many believe was a targeted attempt by the British government to silence one of their most ‘troublesome’ thought criminals.

“I keep hearing them talk about the economy, and fear-mongering about it,” Robinson said of politicians and the media in regards to Brexit. “I think most people I know who voted didn’t think about the economy — they thought more about their culture and their identity.”

“There’s no one who speaks about the issues that affect me and my town and the issues that are going to affect my children’s future.”

A hero to the British working class, Robinson could serve as a galvanizing force for a party that has seen its ups and downs, recently with the departure of its most well-known figure, Nigel Farage, who opposed Batten’s recent appointment of Robinson as an advisor on matters related to ‘grooming gangs’ and corruption in prisons.

“When I take my advice from people, whether they be prison officers or police officers, I like to get it first-hand from the people on the front line,” Batten said in recent interview defending the move to bring Robinson aboard.

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