A group of 2,000 migrants bound for the U.S. border was blocked and apprehended by Mexican authorities in the latest move indicating Mexico is delivering on promises to help defend North America from mass migration.

A large group of migrants from Africa, the Caribbean and Central America had begun a journey from Tapachula, which lies on the border of Mexico and Guatemala.

However, after only about 24 miles, they were prevented from continuing north.

“Around 500 members of Mexico’s National Guard military police in helmets and tactical vests blocked the highway on both sides, according to a Reuters witness, and some pursued migrants who fled into neighboring fields,” Reuters reports.

“Officials from Mexico’s national immigration institute detained most of the group, putting them on buses back to Tapachula. About 150 migrants decided to return on foot.”

Activists called the operation a “human hunt” and claimed it was an “exercise in cruelty” to wait until the migrants had become too tired to resist being loaded into transports and returned to their starting point.

In June, Mexico deployed thousands of troops to crack down on the flow of migrants in response to major economic penalties threatened by the Trump administration.

Since then, migrant apprehensions at the U.S. southern border have been falling rapidly.

In September, Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan commended Mexico for their cooperative efforts, but called on them to “do more.”

Morgan explained Mexico had created a “new national guard within their country,” deploying 10,000 troops to their southern border with Guatemala and 15,000 troops to their northern border with the U.S.

“Even though Mexico has… joined the United States, as well as our Northern Triangle partners, and really stepped up as true partners and really are really seeing this as a regional crisis, and they have stepped up in unprecedented ways — we need them to do more.  We need Mexico to do more,” Morgan stressed.

“Mexico needs to continue to work with our intelligence folks to use information, share intelligence, and develop target enforcement actions at strategic locations in their country,” he continued. “So they are stepping up in unprecedented ways, but we need them to continue to sustain that, and we need them continue to do more.”

At his recent MAGA rally in Minneapolis, President Trump identified China and their corrupt Democrat allies as Enemy Number One.

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Dan Lyman:

A Virginia police officer has been suspended and blasted by his chief for detaining a suspected illegal alien with an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) warrant who was involved in a traffic accident.

According to a description of events about the incident, which occurred on September 21, an unidentified Fairfax County Police Department officer discovered that a driver involved in a multi-vehicle collision did not possess a Virginia Operator’s license, and upon further investigation, learned the driver was wanted by ICE for failure to appear at a deportation hearing.

An ICE agent responsible for the case immediately dispatched to the scene, and the officer held the suspect until custody could be transferred to the ICE agent.

The officer has since been placed on administrative leave and is under investigation for allegedly violating department policy to not detain offenders solely due to their immigration status.

Police Chief Edwin Roessler Jr. issued an official statement about the matter, slamming his own officer and touting the ‘diversity’ of Fairfax County.

“As a matter of full transparency to our community – our police officer violated our longstanding policy and deprived a person of their freedom, which is unacceptable,” Roessler wrote. “We have been informed by ICE that the driver was released after three hours and issued an ankle monitor. When I learned of this event, I directed an immediate internal investigation to look at all factors in this matter to ensure that all are held accountable for this violation.”

“Our county is one of the most diverse counties in the nation and no one should have the perception that FCPD is acting as a civil immigration agent for ICE. This matter damages our reputation and the longstanding policy that I have stated many times that our officers shall not act as immigration agents. The officer involved in this event has been relieved of all law enforcement duties pending the outcome of this investigation. It is my duty to enforce our FCPD – and Fairfax County – policies and hold all accountable for their actions.”

Roessler offered additional comments regarding disciplinary measures being taken against the officer to the Washington Post.

“This is an unfortunate issue where the officer was confused,” Roessler said. “We have trained on this issue a lot. This is the first time we’ve had a lapse in judgment, and the officer is being punished.”

President Trump is taking action against the deep state operatives attempting to overthrow the will of the American people.

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Dan Lyman:

An Atlanta-based Uber driver was victim of an attack and vicious biting by a crazed woman described as a ‘zombie’ by onlookers.

Yasser Hadi says he had just dropped off passengers when the woman ambushed him on the street, climbing onto his vehicle and screaming at him while breaking his windshield wipers.

“She’s acting weird, she’s acting wild, and she’s on the car hitting it, telling me I need to die, to kill me,” Hadi told Fox 5 Atlanta.

The woman then forced her way into the driver’s seat of Hadi’s car and proceeded to thrash around while he dragged her back out into the street.

Enraged, the woman reportedly sank her teeth into Hadi’s ribcage.

“The pain, I said, ‘God, just let her take my flesh, I don’t care,’” said Hadi. “I want her to go away from me.”

“She was like an animal to me. A dog doesn’t bite like this.”

“Last night i witnessed the zombie apocalypse,” wrote Twitter user Rico, who originally shared video of the attack.

Hadi posted an image of his wound to a GoFundMe set up to alleviate medical bills and repair costs.

Police arrested Tasheena Campbell, 26, charging her with battery and criminal trespass.

Police say Campbell, who already had two probation violation warrants out, later urinated on the floor at the station, while also banging her head against the wall.

Hadi says he is disappointed bystanders did not intercede to help him.

“The people watching, they do nothing,” Hadi said.

A man suspected of murdering three people in Virginia led police on a foot chase and attacked an innocent bystander all while naked, in one of the craziest videos you’ll see all week.

Dan Lyman:

Tufts University has announced it will host a temporary art project during which signs mimicking fire escape plans will be posted in buildings to inform illegal aliens how to flee potential Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids.

The “ICE Escape Signs” will be unique to each building in which they are placed, featuring floor plans and emergency exit routes.

Started by artist Jenny Polak, the project will be featured at Tufts during the coming school year as part of a broader year-long series designed to be displayed outside the art galleries called, “Walls Turned Sideways: Artists Confront the Justice System.”

“Polak will work with the Tufts community to create a series of site-respondent signs throughout campus beginning in the fall as part of her ongoing series – ICE Escape Signs. A decentered public art project, ICE Escape Signs are designed for specific floorplans and draw attention to the fact that people are living in daily fear of being caught in a raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement,” the Tufts University Art Galleries website explains.

Venues that have already hosted the project include NJIT School of Architecture, Newark, NJ; Tompkins County Public Library, Ithaca, NY; Seven Hills Conference Center, CA; Queens Central Library Gallery, Jamaica, NY; and the Copenhagen Central Library, Denmark, according to Polak’s website.

“She’s been doing this project since the late 90s, where she’s created ICE escape signs,” Chief Curator Dina Deitsch told Tuft’s Daily. “On the visual level, it looks like a fire escape sign, but talks about immigration politics and policies, and it’s just called ‘ICE Escape Signs.’”

“For populations that are not at risk, but then also for communities that are at risk, how do you create an empathetic or sympathetic, forward-thinking space about it?”

Asked for comment by Campus Reform, Tufts University spokesman Patrick Collins said the “exhibits that are highlighted by Tufts University Art Galleries are meant to provoke and encourage thoughtful, constructive dialogue, an important aspect of Tufts’ commitment to promoting civic engagement in the lives of its students and community members.”

“As a university, we recognize the power of art to stimulate conversation about difficult issues of the day. Inclusion of artwork for exhibition does not indicate university support for the views expressed.”

An AP report sheds light on the inner workings of the migrant camps where children are well cared for.

Dan Lyman:

Author and scholar Heather Mac Donald has warned that radical leftists are making a power play for control of the United States, and if successful, will bring about the end of civil society.

Addressing the insurgency by revolutionaries within the Democrat party and its broader implications, Mac Donald asserted that racial politics have been weaponized in academia and are now being deployed at full force on the political and cultural battlefield.

“I think what we are witnessing is the most dangerous import from the academy into the real world,” Mac Donald told Tucker Carlson on his television show.

“Students are taught from the moment they arrive on campus two things and two things only, which is that the most important thing about themselves is their group identity, defined reductively by gonads and melanin, and that racism and sexism based on those defining features are the basis of American society.”

Mac Donald cited examples in the corporate, academic, and political spheres where mere accusations of racism and bigotry affect massive financial and policy responses.

“The question is, is it going to work on the rest of us? And if it does, civil society is over, because this is a totalitarian power play,” she said. “It is an attempt to shut down any kind of dialetical search for truth and to occupy the sole allowable ideological ground, and that is a recipe for a society to halt dead in its tracks and go in reverse.”

Asked how average people can fight back against totalitarian thought and speech policing, Mac Donald said, “The average person has to simply reject the ‘racism’ charge.”

“Racism is no longer the predominant characteristic of America – if it ever was,” she concluded. “We have to fight back against this narrative, because if they win, we lose our civilization, we lose meritocracy, and we lose freedom.”

Lauren Chen of Blaze TV joins Alex Jones to discuss that data shows conservatives have stayed consistent while Democrats have moved too far to the left.

Dan Lyman:

Canada has assumed the leading global position for resettling refugees, taking a crown held by the United States since 1980, according to Pew Research.

The U.S. has outpaced the entire world – combined – in refugee resettlement since the passage of the Refugee Act of 1980.

However, in 2018, Canada surpassed the U.S. thanks to contrasting policies set forth by President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“Canada resettled 28,000 refugees last year, similar to its total in 2017,” Pew Research reports. “Meanwhile, the U.S. resettled 23,000, down from 33,000 the previous year – and a recent high of 97,000 in 2016.”

“The sharp drop in U.S. refugee resettlement is in part due to the Trump administration’s decision to set a considerably lower cap on the number of refugees allowed into the U.S. than in previous years. In the U.S., the number of refugees admitted for resettlement is set by the president.”

Pew finds that the U.S. has resettled some three million refugees since 1980, while the next most generous countries, Canada and Australia, have respectively welcomed 658,000 and 486,000.

As Pew explains, “Resettled refugees do not enter their destination country until they have legal permission to do so, because they apply for refugee status while in another country. Refugees are referred by UNHCR and other nongovernmental organizations.”

Roughly half (47 percent) of globally resettled refugees in 2018 hailed from the Middle East, while 32 percent came from Africa.

In the U.S., fewer than 1 percent of refugees were resettled from the Middle East, while 51 percent came from Africa and 27 percent from Asia.

African migrants crossing into the U.S. and Europe have been found to be carrying large wads of cash.

Dan Lyman: