U.S. Customs and Border Patrol has warned the migrant crisis at the southern border is spiraling out of control, citing astronomical numbers of illegal aliens and ‘families’ being apprehended by agents.

CBP has captured over half a million illegal aliens since October 1st alone – more than any entire fiscal year in a decade.

“Border Patrol’s apprehension numbers are off the charts,” CBP tweeted. “Nearly 520,000 people have been apprehended on the SW border this FY.”

“In the past 7 days, agents have averaged 4,500+ arrests per day. USBP has already surpassed the TOTAL SW border apprehensions of every FY since 2009.”

The agency also revealed that tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors are currently in custody, contributing to a large portion of total apprehensions.

“The number of family units & unaccompanied children has skyrocketed to 64% of SW border apprehensions,” CBP announced. “So far this year, USBP has apprehended more than 285,000 family units & nearly 50,000 unaccompanied children. In the month of April alone, CBP had 42,000 children in custody.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently disclosed findings that a stunning 87 percent of purported family units are ignoring court orders to attend hearings to determine the legitimacy of their asylum claims.

Additionally, border authorities have released new data indicating that agents are detaining some 2,400 families daily – while discovering more than 25 percent of family claims are fraudulent, as Infowars reported last week.

Alex Jones breaks down how the mainstream media is attempting to make President Trump’s businesses look like they’re losing money, when in fact, he has made great sacrifices to save the United States.

Dan Lyman:

A large group of African migrants has gathered at the U.S.-Mexico border where they are demanding asylum hearings so they can enter the country.

Hundreds of Africans protested at a Mexican customs office near the Laredo International Bridge, local outlet KGNS reports.

One man told reporters that he and fellow Africans have been in Mexico for a month, and are frustrated that officials are not doing enough to facilitate their entry to the U.S., alleging that priority is being given to Cuban migrants.

“We are worried because at the shelters, the Cubans are paying and us Africans, we can’t,” the man said. “We don’t understand what’s happening.”

“There are so many people, not enough space. If you take your camera, you’ll see – it’s so bad,” he said of the migrant facilities in Mexico.

Customs and Border Patrol issued a statement on the matter, saying, “The number of inadmissible individuals CBP is able to process varies based upon case complexity; available resources; medical needs; translation requirements; holding/detention space; overall port volume; and ongoing enforcement actions.”

“Port of entry facilities were not designed to hold hundreds of people at a time who may be seeking asylum. And we are also charged with keeping the flow of legitimate trade and travel.”

One America News Network (OAN) cites National Border Patrol Council VP Art Del Cueto in confirming that there is indeed a surge of Cuban nationals at the southern border, along with a swell of Chinese and African migrants, although it is unclear how they are traveling to Mexico.

“About 4,500 Cubans are staying in Juarez, Mexico, as they wait for their asylum claims to be heard, but Cubans are just part of the story,” OAN reports.

“Agents in the Rio Grande Valley sector are coming in contact with increasing numbers of Chinese nationals and even migrants from a number of African nations as the word gets out about what some, including President Trump, would call America’s ‘weak immigration laws.’”

Alex Jones breaks down how the mainstream media is attempting to make President Trump’s businesses look like they’re losing money, when he has made great sacrifices to save the United States.

Dan Lyman:

The vast majority of migrant families are skipping their deportation hearings, as the crisis at the southern border reaches epic proportions and a quarter of family claims are proving to be fraudulent.

A stunning 87 percent of purported family units are ignoring court orders to attend hearings to determine the legitimacy of their asylum claims, according to the Washington Times.

“Nathalie R. Asher, the acting chief of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s deportation branch, said those numbers come from a new pilot program in 10 cities where her agency has tried to speed hearings for new migrant families that have shown up at the border this fiscal year,” the Times reports.

“ICE and the Justice Department tested out a last-in, first-out model in the pilot program, hoping to see if faster deportations could stem the flow of migrant families.”

Those who miss their hearings are ordered “deported in absentia,” however, resources to locate them and enforce the law are virtually non-existent.

“Family units are not appearing in great numbers,” Asher told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Meanwhile, the tide of migrants arriving at the southern border is only growing.

“In the last week, Border Patrol had the highest single-day total of apprehensions in FY19—over 5,200—and the single largest group of 421 illegal aliens,” Customs and Border Patrol announced on Thursday.

Additionally, border authorities have released new data indicating that agents are detaining some 2,400 families daily – while discovering more than 25 percent of family claims are fraudulent, as Infowars reported earlier this week.

“Tom” from Texas calls the Alex Jones Show to give a boots-on-the-ground update of the growing scourge of MS-13 violence now being committed on the U.S. side of the border.

Dan Lyman:

In the fiscal year of 2019, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has already apprehended more migrants attempting to illegally enter the United States than the entirety of FY2018 – with over five months still to go.

The agency made the announcement on social media, revealing that last year’s totals were surpassed last week, with the vast majority of captures occurring at the southern border.

“As of last week, Border Patrol apprehensions for FY19TD (418,000+) surpassed total apprehensions for FY18 (404,142),” CBP tweeted.

“Along the Southwest border, there have been 414,000+ apprehensions so far this year, compared to 396,579 total in FY18.”

Additionally, CBP revealed that officers have rescued over 1,700 stranded migrants this year, including a 3-year-old child who was discovered abandoned in a field in Texas.

“In FY19TD, Border Patrol agents have already rescued more than 1,700 people,” CBP wrote. “With unforgiving heat on the horizon for much of the country, CBP will rescue thousands more before the end of the fiscal year.”

“Early this morning, USBP Agents found a 3-year-old boy alone and crying in a corn field in TX. He had his name & phone numbers written on his shoes. CBP is attempting to reach his family. We believe the boy was with a larger group that ran when they encountered Agents.”

Mark Morgan, who led Customs and Border Patrol under President Obama, recently warned the illegal migration catastrophe on the southern frontier is the worst in American history.

“This is a question that people really need to pay attention to: I am saying, based on 30 years of public service, that the crisis we face right now along the Southwest border is actually the worst we’ve ever experienced in our history — the worst,” Morgan said.

“We’re going to reach a million this year — that means we’re going to allow 650,000 into this country, much of which we don’t know who they are and we’ll never hear from them again.”

Owen Shroyer delivers an epic rant about the U.S. soldiers who were disrespected at the southern border in Clint, Texas, by members of the Mexican army.

Dan Lyman:

A previously-deported illegal alien was arrested in Louisiana and charged with 100 counts of possession of child pornography, one count of production of child pornography, and one count of sexual battery of a juvenile under the age of 13.

Miguel Martinez, 44, had been deported in 2005 and is a registered sex offender in the sanctuary state of California, according a press release issued by the Louisiana Department of Justice.

“Internet crimes against children continuously inflict damage,” said Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. “Every time one of these videos or images is viewed, the child is re-victimized.”

Homeland Security has reportedly placed a detainer on Martinez and it is expected he will face additional charges pending further investigation.

AG Landry used occasion to issue a distress signal to Washington and voice his support for the building of a wall on the Southern border.

“This arrest should serve as a wake-up call to Congress,” Landry said. “By not securing our borders and properly vetting those coming into our Nation, we have seen lives lost and destroyed.”

“Illegal immigration has real-life consequences – countless numbers of needless crime victims, including too many Louisiana families and children. For their sake – I again urge Congress to realize the national emergency we have at our Southern border, support President Trump, build the wall, and help us make our communities safer.”

In this exclusive video, border patrol vans are seen pulling up to a Catholic respite center near McAllen, Texas, where a worker then warns that shooting video endangers the illegal aliens in the vans because they could be recognized and extorted by human traffickers or anybody they “borrowed money from.”

Dan Lyman:

Americans living roughly 75 miles north of the Mexican border are being terrorized by foreign gang members and illegal aliens, according to a resident of Encino, Texas, who says a border wall is needed to protect U.S. citizens.

A woman identified only as “Soila” told NBC affiliate KVEO that “hundreds” of illegal aliens pass through her neighborhood on any given day, while Mexican cartel members threaten her family and friends — and even attempt to invade her property.

“We no longer can go out without a gun; you can’t go for a walk,” Soila said. “My neighbor and his daughter were chased by men with masks. She was riding her 4-wheeler down 281 — they saw her and they jumped the fence and started chasing her.”

“Huge groups — and we’re not talking 10 or 15, we’re talking about 40, 70 — and the last few months it’s getting worse. They really need to go after the coyotes because we have seen so many abandoned families, women with children just left out there. These people are not educated — they don’t know east or west, they don’t know where the sun rises and sets. You ask them, ‘Have you ever seen a map of Texas?’ They don’t even know how big Texas is.”

Soila tells of multiple confrontations between her husband and gang members who use intimidation to silence and control opposition, adding that her neighbors are scared to call Border Patrol due to threats.

“12 young men dressed in black — my husband automatically stops, and they just put a finger to their lips and it’s like, ‘You better not say anything,’” Soila said. “They know what we drive, they know where we live.”

“There was a young man, [my husband] kept telling him to stop right at the gate, but he kept coming. My husband cocked the gun, and right on his left-hand side, 12-15 more pop out. They were trying to get in towards the house.”

Soila says a border wall is desperately needed, and that those who oppose it are foolish or protecting their short-term financial interests.

“Whoever tells you there is no danger out here and we don’t need the wall, they have no idea what they’re talking about,” she said. “They don’t care as long as the businesses keep thriving in McAllen or Brownsville.”

In this exclusive video, border patrol vans are seen pulling up to a Catholic respite center near McAllen, Texas, where a worker then warns that shooting video endangers the illegal aliens in the vans because they could be recognized and extorted by human traffickers or anybody they “borrowed money from.”

Dan Lyman:

The driver of a vehicle allegedly attempting to run down a Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officer was shot and killed at the U.S.-Mexico border, according to reports.

The DeConcini Crossing at Nogales, Arizona, was the scene of the incident at approximately 7 p.m. on Thursday night.

“A CBP Officer conducting outbound operations at the port attempted to stop a vehicle before exiting the country,” CBP announced in a press release. “The vehicle fled south, subsequently stopping several yards into Mexico. During this encounter, the officer discharged his firearm.”

Momentum reportedly carried the vehicle across the border into Mexico-controlled territory, where a passenger was apprehended, unharmed, and the driver was transported to hospital.

Local media later reported that the driver was discovered deceased by Mexican authorities.

“Officers of the Mexican equivalent of U.S. Customs and Border Protection reportedly surrounded the truck and discovered the driver dead,” Fox 10 Phoenix reports.

Southbound traffic at the DeConcini Crossing was reportedly rerouted for approximately four hours following the incident.

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Dan Lyman:

There is a plan by the left to allow illegal immigrants into America in order to destabilize the country and eventually allow them to vote.

President Trump can immediately order the military to build a barrier along the southern border under existing laws, according to analysis presented by Congressman Mo Brooks (R-Ala.)

Rep. Brooks made his case during a hearing of the Armed Services Committee, citing U.S. Code pertaining to “Support for counterdrug activities and activities to counter transnational organized crime.”

Rep. Brooks laid the foundation for his argument by pointing to the loss of American lives at the hands of illegal aliens — roughly 2,000 in fiscal year 2018 — as well as internationally trafficked drugs, which contribute to a “substantial portion” of some 70,000 overdose deaths in the U.S. every year.

“In terms of lost American lives, our porous southern border, combined with the homicides of illegal aliens, far exceeds the loss of lives caused by 9/11,” Brooks said. “With that as a backdrop, I want to direct your attention to 10 United States Code 284 which authorizes President Trump to deploy the military to the southern border to build fences.”

“For clarity, if you look it up in the dictionary, the word ‘fence’ includes the word ‘barrier,’ and the word ‘barrier’ includes walls made of a variety of different materials. So that having been said, it seems to me that 10 U.S. Code 284 can be used by the President of the United States to direct the United States military to build the wall.”

Rep. Brooks followed with a line of questioning directed at John C. Rood, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, who effectively agreed with Rep. Brooks’s reasoning and confirmed his interpretations of the Code’s provisions.

According to Under Secretary Rood, President Trump has not yet utilized 10 U.S. Code 284, but can do so without declaring a national emergency.

“If President Trump were to direct the Pentagon, the United States military, pursuant to 10 U.S. Code 284, to build such barriers as are necessary to secure our southern border from drug trafficking and international crime cartels, would the United States military obey that order?” Rep. Brooks asked in conclusion.

“If we judged it to be a lawful order, yes sir,” Under Secretary Rood responded. “And I assume it would be.”

Dan Lyman:

Will Ann Coulter run against President Trump for the 2020 election to drum up support for the policies and causes true conservatives care about?

Farmers and ranchers on the U.S. southern frontier are finding Islamic prayer rugs on their properties, according to a new report.

An anonymous New Mexico rancher interviewed by the Washington Examiner shed light on the crisis unfolding at the U.S.-Mexico border, asserting that many migrants illegally crossing into the U.S. are coming from much farther away than Mexico or Central America, and that the situation has grown increasingly worse in the last six months.

“There’s a lot of people coming in not just from Mexico,” she said. “People, the general public, just don’t get the terrorist threats of that. That’s what’s really scary.”

“You don’t know what’s coming across. We’ve found prayer rugs out here. It’s unreal. It’s not just Mexican nationals that are coming across.”

The rancher, along with other residents from the small New Mexico town of Animas shared additional tales of their plight, made all the more complicated by the fact that there is no local police department and the nearest sheriff’s headquarters is some 40 miles away.

“I’ve talked to several agents that I trust. There’s not a lot that I do trust, but the ones I do trust, I talk to them,” the woman said. “What Border Patrol classifies as OTMs (Other Than Mexicans) has really increased in the last couple years, but drastically within the last six months.”

“Chinese, Germans, Russians, a lot of Middle Easterners, those Czechoslovakians they caught over on our neighbor’s just last summer.”

One cattle rancher says a group of 18 women and children from the Philippines recently turned up on his neighbor’s property, where they were eventually collected by Border Patrol.

Meanwhile, Democrat lawmakers and mainstream media continue to claim President Trump and proponents of border security are merely promoting a “manufactured crisis” for political advantage.

Dan Lyman:

The United States is at risk of collapsing if the southern frontier is not secured and a barrier built, says former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

Brewer delivered the stark warning during an interview on Breitbart News Tonight, asserting a “crisis” has been unfolding at the border for a “long time.”

“I often used to say, a country without a border secured is like a house without walls, it collapses,” Brewer said. “You have to have your houses protected or it will collapse. And if you don’t have a wall on the border, our country is going to collapse. It’s as simple as that. And it doesn’t seem to be something that’s very hard to understand.”

“The Democrats — the left-leaning liberal Democrats — just want open borders. I think that’s very plain.”

“We’ve had a crisis for a long time. It’s ruining our country. Illegal immigration is wrong,” Brewer continued. “If I go to Mexico, I have to go through the Port of Entry, I have to show my ID.”

“Mexico, Canada they all have these rules, but no we can’t do that because we have to be what, compassionate? Well, let’s show a little compassion for our fellow citizens.”

In another recent interview, Brewer offered her encouragement and support for President Trump and his mission to fulfill a critical campaign promise to secure America’s borders.

Brewer believes the President will stand firm in a withering storm of international criticism over the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.

“From all those drugs come all these other problems,” she told America Talks Live. “We’ve got to get a handle on it. We need to get our border secure and we need a barrier.”

“I don’t think the president is going to blink . . . he’s going to solve the issue.”

Dan Lyman: