Teen Hit With Large Fine For Playing Basketball Alone

Father slams officers for 'disgusting bullying'

Image Credits: Lynne GIlbert / Getty Images.

A Canadian teen was slapped with a large fine for unwittingly ‘violating lockdown orders’ while shooting basketball hoops alone in a park, according to reports.

William Vogelsang, 17, was by himself on a basketball court at Eva James Memorial Community Centre in Ottawa when he was approached by two ‘bylaw officers’ who told him he was not allowed to be there, according to the CBC.

“And I was like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry about that, I’ll be leaving,'” Vogelsang says he told the officers.

However, they asserted he must be cited and fined over $700 Canadian dollars (~$500 USD).

“I’ve never gotten in trouble like that before,” Vogelsang said.

“It was a big incident. Everyone was walking past with their with dogs. I was getting nervous and embarrassed.”

The officers reportedly demanded identification, which Vogelsang said could be produced by his mother via text or in person.

“Instead, the officers chose to confirm his identity by calling Ottawa police, who arrived about 20 minutes later,” CBC reports.

Vogelsang says the stress of the encounter brought him to tears when he relayed the tale to his mother.

“I get [home], I tell my mom and I start crying because I’m nervous and all this stress is on me,” he said.

“It’s hard times right now. I didn’t want my parents to pay it because I feel like it’s my responsibility.”

Vogelsang has Type 1 diabetes and exercises daily to maintain his health, says his father, who slammed the enforcement as a “disgusting” act of “bullying.”

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