Teens Kill Robbery Victim, Grab Fast Food After Dumping Body – Police

Victim met teens over fake marijuana deal

Image Credits: Portage Sheriff / Portage Police.

A group of teens is suspected of luring an Indiana woman into a fake marijuana deal before executing her and heading on a fast food binge, according to reports.

Police in Portage, have arrested three males, aged 15, 16, and 17, in connection with the death of 27-year-old Adriana Saucedo.

“The three juveniles involved, whom victim Adriana Saucedo met through Facebook, dumped her lifeless body at an abandoned school and went to McDonald’s and Pizza Hut to eat, according to new details that surfaced Monday with the first charges filed in the case,” the NWI Times reports.

Two of the suspects, Shaun Thompson, 16, and Jonathan Brown, 17, have been charged with murder and felony robbery, according to police.

The third suspect is also expected to be charged as an adult pending a waiver hearing in the juvenile justice system.

Saucedo had reportedly become acquainted with the 15-year-old suspect after they discussed selling an iPhone via Facebook, and later arranged a marijuana transaction.

“While on the way to Saucedo’s residence, (the 15-year-old) made a plan with everyone in the vehicle that they will be ripping Saucedo off and robbing her of her money,” Brown reportedly explained to police. “Jonathan Brown said that no one in the vehicle had any marijuana with them to sell to Saucedo.”

After the teens brought Saucedo to a gas station, where she paid for their fuel, they drove to a parking lot, where Thompson allegedly executed her using a pistol.

The group then dragged her body into an elementary school and rolled it in a carpet for authorities to discover later.

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