Tennis Legend: Trans Athletes in Women’s Sports ‘Insane, Cheating’

Martina Navratilova blasts trans activists for silencing dissent

Image Credits: Roland Harrison/Action Plus via Getty Images.

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova has written that transgender athletes competing in women’s sports is “insane,” sparking outrage from left-wing media and trans advocates.

Navratilova, who is gay, penned her thoughts in an op-ed for the Sunday Times titled, “The rules on trans athletes reward cheats and punish the innocent.”

The article functioned as a follow-up to comments she made in December.

“You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women,” she tweeted at the time. “There must be some standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard.”

The ensuing backlash prompted her to conduct more research on the topic.

“Well, I’ve now done that and, if anything, my views have strengthened,” Navratilova wrote in her Sunday piece. “To put the argument at its most basic: a man can decide to be female, take hormones if required by whatever sporting organization is concerned, win everything in sight and perhaps earn a small fortune, and then reverse his decision and go back to making babies if he so desires.”

“It’s insane and it’s cheating. I am happy to address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers, but I would not be happy to compete against her. It would not be fair.”

Navratilova also hit back at those who attempt to silence all dissent, pointing at “what seems to be a growing tendency among transgender activists to denounce anyone who argues against them and to label them all as ‘transphobes.”

Dan Lyman:

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