Texas Border Patrol Agents Save A Woman Smugglers Left For Dead In Winter Storm

The same people rescuing illegal aliens are constantly demonized as racists by the left

Image Credits: infowars.

Texas Border Patrol Agents in Big Bend found a woman clinging to life during the state’s historic winter storm last week.

After receiving a tip from a family member that the woman had been abandoned by human traffickers who were supposed to get her into America, agents launched their search.

Border Patrol agents had no luck locating the woman in the middle of the snowstorm, but a rancher eventually provided the tip they needed to find her.

It turns out, the 43-year-old Mexican national hid among a cluster of large rocks for three days during the storm and found her way to an abandoned shack once the snow subsided.

She stayed in the shack for three more days, sitting in freezing temperatures, before leaving and coming upon fresh tire tracks.

It was then that she talked to the rancher who ultimately helped Border Patrol pinpoint her.

As Emergency Medical Technicians cared for the woman, they found she was suffering from a near-fatal level of hypothermia and her fingers had turned black from frostbite.

Graphic image warning:

(Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Big Bend Sector)

An EMT Border Patrol agent raised the woman’s body temperature to a healthy level and transferred her from the remote Marfa area to a regional hospital.

“It’s unfortunate so many people place their lives in the hands of unscrupulous smugglers, which often results in a tragic situation like this,” said Big Bend Sector Chief Patrol Agent Sean McGoffin. “For smugglers, it’s a business and they will leave you behind if you cannot keep up with them.”   

Over 200 individuals were rescued by CBP agents during the Texas winter storm, four of whom died from the cold.

“For us, it’s about a precious life lost,” Chief McGoffin added. “Our greatest concern is the preservation of life. Our agents go well beyond the normal requirements of the job to help others. They know in these situations, there are no second chances.”

Meanwhile, the courageous heroes working for CBP are constantly demonized as “racist” by the Democrat Party, and the Biden administration is even considering dismantling Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Ironically, President Biden is dealing with his own border scandal as his administration is opening a migrant camp for children.

Yes, the exact same type of facility the Trump administration was criticized for operating during the “kids in cages” political stunt.

Apparently the left only cares about illegal immigrants when a Republican is in office.