Texas Woman Shoots, Kills Violent Home Invader

Police say suspect may have been on drugs

Image Credits: Piotr Kopec / EyeEm / Getty Images.

A 19-year-old intruder was shot and killed by a female resident after he attacked her fiancée inside their home in Fredericksburg, Texas, according to police.

Homeowner Curtis Roys, 73, was reportedly awakened late at night by loud noises on his back patio, where he encountered Cleto Neri Solorzano, 19, who allegedly “pushed his way inside through the patio door and began to assault Roys with a blunt object. Reportedly, he then put Roys into a chokehold, causing him to lose consciousness,” KVUE reports.

“Deputies say Roys’ fiancée, 65-year-old Melody Lumpkin, pled several times for the man to stop assaulting him, but the man did not comply. She then retrieved a handgun from the bedroom and fired a warning shot, but deputies said the alleged intruder continued his assault.”

Lumpkin says after she realized Roys was not moving, she discharged the weapon again, this time hitting Solorzano in the head.

Roys and Lumpkin called 911, and Solorzano was treated for his wounds but later pronounced deceased.

The sheriff’s office says they believe the suspect may have been on drugs at the time, and it is being treated as an “isolated incident.”

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