Thank You To My Listeners – In 30 Days, The Great Reset Has More Than 1,500 Amazon Customer Reviews!!!

I am deeply humbled by this generosity of spirit you are showing

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Sometimes I just don’t know how to find the words to express my appreciation for all of you.

In the midst of an unprecedented legal onslaught, so many of you are standing by me by purchasing a copy of THE GREAT RESET and putting a review on Amazon or some other site.

How is it that every day for the past month, (since August 30) at least fifty of you have been posting a review on Amazon or purchasing a copy from the InfoWars store?

I am deeply humbled by this generosity of spirit you are showing and want you to know it gives me great strength as I continue in this fight.

In the midst of this darkness, I have experienced such enormous joy from guests I’ve had on my show, like Dr. Judy Mikovits, Mikki Willis, Patrick Byrne, and others, who inspire me with the sacrifices they have made for truth and the betterment of society.

Even though this article is about the phenomenal number of Amazon reviews, I thought I’d give you three recent reader reviews from GoodReads:

Israel Garcia rated it amazing.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Alex Jones takes a deep dive into the minds and plans of the globalist elite. It’s hard to question Alex Jones when he literally shows you what the economic and political elites involved with the WEF and Davos group are saying themselves with quotes from books and speeches. This is a real eye opener and a quick way to be up to date on the facts that expose the mainstream media narrative and political propaganda. 

Shannon rated it amazing. 

I was initially skeptical to read this book, but I kept having it recommended by people whose opinions I trust. 

I didn’t finally have an urge to read it until I saw The NY Times censored it off of their best seller list, despite it selling almost double the copies of their #1 bestselling book, that caught my interest.

Short and easy read, very concise and to the point. I was surprised there is foot notes and references. I was also surprised it has a little bit of humor, despite the dark and disturbing subject matter. I devoured it because it was short and to the point. SO GOOD! I seriously read it in a day.

Once I finished it, I was so mind blown I had to fact checked all the claims. This was the most surprising part, all his references and citations are REAL, most of which are public documents, government policies and books written by the very people he’s talking about. So not only is what he says in this book true, it’s not even some tin foil hat “grand conspiracy” these people have been openly bragging about their plans for decades and publishing their plans themselves.

It’s so crazy to me that more people don’t see what’s happening. This book is phenomenal. I can’t recommend enough. Anyone whose saying it’s farfetched either didn’t read it or went into this with bias.

Skeptical to read because I don’t like AJ, but did anyway because of the NYT censoring that it’s the #1 best seller in the country. Easy, short read, completely cited and many references in the book. Fact checked everything myself…. All of it is true! Will blow your mind and change your life. I was so wrong about Alex Jones. 

Jean Reist rated it amazing.

I had previously read the books written by Klaus Schwab. I found his writings to be difficult to comprehend. This book reviews his written works to make it understandable.

Get your copy of The Great Reset now, or even consider purchasing an autographed copy!