Thanks Biden! White House Brags About Saving Americans 16 Cents on July 4th Cookout Supplies

Tweet boasts average cost of sliced cheese, potato chips down 1% compared to last year.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

A tone deaf tweet from the official White House account actually brags about saving the American people an average of 16 cents ($0.16) on their Fourth of July party supplies over prices last year.

According to the tweet, disseminated Thursday afternoon, prices are down on basic July 4th cuisine ranging from ice cream to pork chops, adding up to a whopping 16 cents in savings for Americans.

The tweet claimed the 16 cents is evidence “the Biden economic plan is working.”

The embarrassing tweet boasts that the average cost of ice cream is down 5%, while prices on staples like sliced cheese and potato chips are down 1% compared to last year.

The paltry amount was met with sarcastic reactions on social media, with many pointing out the rising cost of gas counters any perceived savings.

In an astonishing find, several keen Twitter users noted the same Farm Bureau report the White House quoted from shows current food prices are actually 8% higher than in 2019!

Thanks Biden!

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