The Ballad Of Alex Jones & JK Rowling – Accelerating The Death Of Free Speech

Watch and share this epic video exposing the truth behind the establishment's war on the First Amendment

Image Credits: black pigeon speaks

The YouTube channel Black Pigeon Speaks published a video Monday praising Alex Jones as a martyr for free speech.

The YouTuber explains how the “boisterous” Jones has a weaponized judicial system being used against him in order to set the precedent to take down more outspoken individuals in the future.

The video’s narrator states, “This case against Alex Jones, along with many that preceded it… well, they are waking up millions to the fact that so-called freedoms are an illusion and they are temporary. And, that the so-called justice system is just as corrupt as every other institution in the country.”

The Sandy Hook lawsuits aren’t about holding Jones accountable or getting the families millions of dollars, the video explains.

Instead, the YouTuber suggests the establishment’s goal is “ritual humiliation.”

“What they are really about is the justice system being weaponized for the purposes of ritual humiliation,” the video says. “Destroying Alex Jones publicly and using him as an example for questioning official narratives is what this is all about. But the problem is, it’s backfiring because as I said previously, millions of people are beginning to notice.”

Meanwhile, the narrator points out Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is jumping on the attack-Alex-Jones-bandwagon when they are both being targeted by the same globalist elites pushing a Maoist cancel culture.

“It could be her head next on the chopping block of a weaponized justice system,” Black Pigeon Speaks warns.

If people don’t stand up now, free speech will soon be a thing of the past.

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