‘The Border is Secure,’ DHS Secretary Claims As Record Numbers of Illegals Invade US

Alejandro Mayorkas' oblivious comments come as data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in June alone showed agents encountered a staggering 239,416 immigrants.

Image Credits: Aspen Security Forum.

The US border with Mexico, where thousands of immigrants illegally cross into the nation each day, is secure, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas would have you believe.

Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado Tuesday, Mayorkas severely downplayed the overwhelming amount of border-crossers reportedly caught by Border Patrol agents each day.

“Look, um, the border, the border is secure,” he claimed when asked by Aspen Security Forum presenter and MSNBC correspondent Trymaine Lee if the border is safe, or if an “invasion” is afoot.

Mayorkas continued, stammering, “Uh, the border… we’re working to make the border more secure.”

“That has been a historic challenge,” he added, understating the problematic issue that’s been plaguing border communities and federal agents alike.

If the border’s secure someone should let federal statisticians know, because data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in June alone showed agents encountered a staggering 239,416 illegals.

In fact, CBP reports they apprehended over 200,000 illegals each month this past March, April and May – record-setting numbers eclipsing data from previous years.

Image credit: DailyMail.co.uk

And that’s just people that were caught – no one can actually put a figure to the number of illegal crossers who traverse the border undetected, or who evade apprehension.

Contrast those numbers with the 33,049 apprehensions that occurred on President Trump’s watch in June 2020.

The “invasion” mentioned by Lee, to which the audience in attendance guffawed, refers to pronouncements from the leaders of six Texas counties, not to mention the City of Uvalde, that wrote Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas) earlier this month telling him their counties were experiencing unprecedented invasions.

“We’re being invaded. The facts are there,” Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan stated. “This is real. We want America to know this is real. America doesn’t know what’s happening here.”

Likewise, Kinney County Attorney Brent Smith addressed the situation in his border community to reporters at a press conference last Sunday, stating:

“As (was) mentioned earlier, we had a county resident, she called me, she has 10 bullet holes in her vehicle after a smuggler shot repeatedly into her car while trying to avoid the DPS. I’ve had ranchers call me. A mother was inside of her house while several illegal aliens were trying to break in. They attempted breaking in until the sheriff arrived 15 minutes later. We’ve had ranchers out on their property with young children discovering dead bodies. How do you explain to those kids why those dead bodies are there?”

If the border’s so secure, someone at DHS should also inform the families of the 51 illegal immigrants who died inside a sweltering tractor-trailer near San Antonio late last month, victims of human smugglers that took advantage of lax security at the border

Mayorkas’ “secure border” comments also come as Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, as well as New York City Mayor Eric Adams have both called on Joe Biden to stem the flow of illegal immigrants being bussed into their cities, as coordinated by Gov. Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R).

With Mayorkas so disconnected from reality he audaciously claims the “border is secure,” it’s no wonder DHS can’t mobilize a viable solution to the ever-growing crisis.

Here’s the full Aspen Security Forum interview with the Homeland Security Secretary:

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