The Democrat Smackdown In The Senate

President Trump's legal team shredded the left's entire impeachment argument

For the Democrats, the question to Bork or not to Bork now stares them in the face as plainly as Adam Schiff’s beady eyes.

To Bork or Not to Bork, a reference to Ted Kennedy’s vilification of Ronald Reagan’s Supreme Court Nominee Robert Bork. Even as far back as 1987, the Democrats used fear tactics and public humiliation to defeat an opponent. And now in the Age of Impeachment, that strategy is the Democratic Party’s modus operandi.

The Impeachment managers held the Senate hostage for a week. Hakeem Jeffries accused them of pushing conspiracies while detailing his own concocted Trump Derangement Syndrome Madness. While Zoe Lofgren declared that a global pandemic resulting in full blown chaos and Economic Collapse are a back burner issue to the Democrats’ rabid Borking of our duly elected President — especially now that there is a new case in the Bay area crap hole and we are finding out that Coronavirus may be spread by feces.

Schiff’s bold-faced lies aggravated the Senators to the point that Lindsey Graham had given up on any sense of decorum. But when the vote to end the Democrats insistence for more witness came to its inevitable conclusion of failure, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer demanded that Justice Roberts vote on the resolution, and was handed his lunch.

Now, as the Brits celebrate their long-fought battle for Brexit, America prepares to watch the revenge of the Senate as the impeachment managers will endure their well-deserved scolding by a captive and insulted Senate on Monday and Tuesday. And President Trump will most certainly address the elephant in the room on the eve of his acquittal.