The Meme Economy Is Real: Memes Explode After Wall Street Melts Down Over Populist Gamestop Bull Run

Image Credits: @BridgetPhetasy/Twitter.

Wall Street speculators are melting down over the populist takeover of the market through the Gamestop bull run triggered by an army of Redditors.

Hedge fund billionaires, regulators, and financial “experts” are livid that the retail day trading mob are running circles around them, causing them to lose billions after getting squeezed on their Gamestop short bets.

The organized economic populist revolt has resulted in a deluge of spicy memes that are permeating social media.

Likewise, the mass triggering from the Wall Street side is equally entertaining.

Hedge fund billionaires are fuming as a Reddit-driven populist takeover of Wall Street sent shockwaves through the financial establishment!