The Trouble with Giorgia’s Melonis: UK Guardian Seethes over Next Italy PM ‘Sexualising’ Herself, Opposing Gender Quotas

Image Credits: Screenshot.

The Guardian is upset that Giorgia Meloni, very likely set to become Italy’s first woman prime minister, is opposed to gender quotas and “sexualised” herself during the election.

In an article harping on the fact that the national conservative leader “posted [a] sexualised clip of herself during [the] election campaign, favours curbs on abortion and is against ‘pink quotas’” by Rome correspondent Angela Giuffrida, the British newspaper appeared irate that she believed “roles should be achieved through merit, not gender”.

The “sexualised” video — a joke social media post uploaded after electioneering was officially closed of a fully-clothed Meloni holding two melons in front of her chest and saying “September 25th [election day], I’ve said everything” — was “a further indication that Meloni would not be carrying the torch for feminists as prime minister” for “those who found the clip distasteful”, the leftist news outlet suggested.

Giuffrida appears to have gone so far as to contact Meloni’s team for a statement on the video, and was “told [that] the melons were simply a play on the surname Meloni” — which means melons — and dismissed any suggestion that she was “a woman against women” as “distasteful” and “outside of reality”.

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