The Tyranny Seen In Australia Is Coming To Nations Across The Globe

People around the world need to defend the Australians

Image Credits: infowars.

Australia has become ground zero for Great Reset tyranny.

The free people of Australia are under total assault by power-mad tyrants hell-bent on returning the heart of Oceania into a third-world prison by spreading the great covid lie throughout its federations.

Australian politicians within the bubble of its constitutional monarchy have revealed over the years that they are not exempt from the criminal perversions of the global elite.

And so it is the message of the Elite that is dominating Australia. The edicts of social engineering waged upon the once free isolated nation as the proving ground for the Great Reset.

The United Nations defacto Imperialism has even managed to threaten the very lifeblood of the Australian economy…..coal.

If we stand up for Australia, we stand up for our own sovereignty, and in the long run deliver the global elite, the true enemy of all free peoples on this rock spinning on the same polar axis around the same sun a defeat they will never forget.

We the people are the true masters of the Universe.

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