‘These Numbers Are Daunting’: DNC Chair Panics Over Trump Campaign Raising $200 Million

President's fundraising machine hauled in more donations than every Democrat candidate COMBINED

DNC Chair Tom Perez sent out a panicked fundraising email urging supporters to donate in the face of President Trump’s reelection machine raising over $200 million so far in 2019.

“Donald Trump’s reelection campaign and the RNC are raising record-breaking sums of money — with July’s massive haul, they’ve surpassed $200 million just this year,” Perez wrote.

“These numbers are daunting. We don’t have to match Trump and the RNC dollar for dollar in order to beat them, but it’s clear that we urgently need to turn up the heat on our fundraising to keep our eventual nominee and Democrats nationwide from being overwhelmed by the GOP’s money machine in the general election.”

Perez’s concern isn’t without merit.

The top 2020 Democrats have collectively raised about $100 million, meaning Trump has raised almost DOUBLE the amount of the candidates’ COMBINED donations so far this year.

In July alone, the Republican National Committee tripled the DNC’s donations, raising $20.8 million while the DNC raised just $7.7 million.

The Democrats are so underwater that Perez resorted to fundraising in MEXICO this week.

They’re even rolling out the highly-unpopular and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to hold an elitist $50,000-a-plate fundraising event at her private residence in Washington, D.C. in October.

Meanwhile, the RNC remains debt-free, according to FEC filings.


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