These Videos Prove Australia Is A Tyrannical Police State

Police pull people over for not wearing masks, haul non-criminals to hospitals and more

Image Credits: youtube screenshot.

Footage coming out of Australia shows how the nation has rapidly turned into a totalitarian police state out of a dystopian novel.

One video shows a man traveling through Fairfield, a suburb of Sydney, when he’s stopped by police for not wearing a face mask while driving in his own car by himself!

“It’s crawling with military now,” the man said of Fairfield as sirens sounded off in the background.

A constable who pulled the man over told him, “All we’re asking for is to put your mask on.”

“Now you need to show me your medical exemption,” the police officer demanded.

After providing his exemption, the man filming told the camera, “Welcome to the police state,” and let the cop know he’s “wasting police resources” before going on his way.

Another video shows a man who was pulled over by police being forced to go to the hospital.

“This is becoming a police state,” said the man being interrogated by police on the side of the road. “Look Australia, this is what’s happening. I’m getting sent to hospital for something… What are you going to do to me in the hospital? Do you want to vaccinate me?”

The police officers insisted the man has to “speak to a doctor” while he asked them to give him his fine and let him be on his way.

“You don’t have a choice,” the officer told the citizen. “Let’s just make things a lot easier.”

The man behind the camera answered, “What do you mean make things easier man? You guys are making it hard, I’m telling you I wanna go home. This is a police state now bro, you guys are taking my freedom away from me.”

“We don’t want to,” the officer replied.

As four backup officers arrived on the scene, the officer tried to convince the man to go to the hospital willingly, saying, “You’re not a criminal, so I don’t want to put handcuffs on you.”

“Exactly! So, let me go if I am not a criminal,” the man pled before being taken away.

An Australian woman released a video this week relaying a story about a young man who came down with pneumonia and was put on a respirator and eventually into an induced coma.

After three days, the patient woke up from the coma and found out he was now in the Covid ward of the ICU.

In the Covid ward, hospital staff allegedly gave him medication against the virus even though he did not test positive.

At one point, the individual gained enough strength to open his door and peek outside to find people on the floor, people being restrained by police and given medication for Covid while screaming, “I don’t have it! I’m negative!”

Those who fought being restrained and shouted that they tested negative were supposedly taken to a psych ward.

The man claims there was a nurse who told him she saved his life, explaining he died while he was in the induced coma for five minutes and that the hospital even listed him as a Covid death on a death certificate after the incident.

The nurse said the hospital is being paid to go along with the scam and that nurses are too afraid to speak out.

The man also accused the nurse of asking him to “go along” with their treatments if he wanted to make it out of the hospital.

Before going public, the man is speaking with lawyers and preparing for the expected onslaught coming in response to his testimony.

As Alex Jones said Wednesday, “Everything we see in Australia is coming here!”